About 61 officers in deadly Cleveland police chase

Cleveland police have updated the size of a chase which ended with 13 officers firing 137 rounds, killing two people.
Associated Press
Jan 24, 2013


Spokesman Sgt. Sammy Morris tells WEWS-TV that about 61 officers took part in the 25-minute chase on Nov. 29.

By earlier accounts, at least 30 patrol cars were involved, including Cleveland and East Cleveland police, sheriff's deputies and state troopers.

Some community leaders called the shootings a racially motivated execution of two people with no evidence they were armed. It's unclear why the driver didn't stop.

Some officers thought the two people in the car were armed, but no weapon or shell casings were found.

The police union says the shootings were justified because the driver tried to ram an officer.




"It's unclear why the driver didn't stop."......."were justified because the driver tried to ram an officer".....if they were doing NOTHING wrong, why didn't they stop???? And you try to ram an officer that is considered deadly intent, assult on an officer. Sorry no sympathy


Yeah, so lets kill the passenger too.....she did nothing here!


Lets see.. the driver tried to ram a cop... the driver did not stop... he caused the death of the passinger...


Oh, did I forget to also tell you that the vehicle that they said rammed them had no damage on the front of the car?


They didn't say rammed, they said TRIED to ram. You dont have damage if you tried to ram only if you did ram. Moral of the story, dont run from the police!


This was OVERKILL.. There is NO justification here! The police did NOT have to shoot that many times... and where is the weapon the police say was used to shoot at them? huh? NO REASON WHATSOEVER for those police to do what they did... no reason at all!! they got trigger happy...plain and simple!


Jjust maybe if they would've stopped they wouldn't have gotten shot.

Super Judge

The cops murdered yet two more unarmed civilians.

Super Judge

First reports of this story said that the police were shot at now they said they tried to ram the car we will never know the truth.


Overkill and lies to justify it. The police lie too!


"Overkill and lies to justify it. The police lie too!" I agree. Police do lie, even in court and are not charged with perjury. No guns were found and the driver tried to "ram" the police? I will try to find some dash cam videos to see what the police officers were saying to each other by radio. More than likely, the police lied about the gun shots and attempted ramming and are trying to cover their butts.


I bet the chase looked like the end of Blues Brothers.


No weapon found, no spent casings found, no gun powder residue on car or dead bodies, no physical evidence that they were gonna ram the police car. Yet two dead people because the driver decided to run from the cops! Mark my words, there will be a huge wrongful death lawsuit against the city.


Moral of the story....DO NOT RUN FROM THE COPS


"Resnick then got in her SUV and drove away as police officers waited for a supervisor to deal with the justice who refused a breath test. Stopped again six miles down the road, she blew a .21 reading on a breathalyzer, far above the .08 necessary for conviction."

Resnick drove away so she should have been shot?


Randleman tried to run and the officer didnt shoot first. remember what happened next


Oh my God, you can't compare this to the Dunn shooting! Nothing similar at all! Get your head out of.......


Police radio transmission at the 0:37 mark. "pointing the gun out the back window" ?? How could the police officer tell? Were the police officers given drug and alcohol tests after the shooting? The police union mentioned "driver tried to ram an officer" so why was the passenger executed by the police? What if the passenger was a hostage, a victim of an abduction?


Another cop caught telling a lie and the evidence shows it.

Check at the 0:15 mark. Does that look like the driver is trying to ram the police car? The cop lied as it appears that the driver cautiously and slowly drove around the police car. This in another example of execution by police if you pay attention to the rest of the video.


Give those officers a raise


The first story and what started all this was a person calling the police saying that these people in a white car SHOT out their window. The police gave chase. The car did not stop. More police followed them and the chase got larger. The police began firing guns at these people and tried to ram them off the road. I do not recall anyone....including the police at the time saying the car tried to ram them....that came much later....after the police shot these people dead. THEN the police claimed the two in the car tried to ram them.

The police tried everything to get them to stop. I have to agree, you stop when the police tell you to and why these two didn't, we will never know. But to shoot them dead is really overkill. It isn't the first time in a big city and it won't be the last.

But the two should have slowed down and stopped. Once the police get that adrenalyn flow going....all bets are off. Especially when they think the perps have guns. So heaven only knows what they expected. Its a sad but true fact that they thought those two were armed. Can you imagine how the cops felt when they found out the two in the car had no guns???

Sorry, but the two in the car brought about their own deaths in this case. They should have slowed down and eventually stopped. Put their hands up and calmed a very volitale situation. That would have been the right thing to do.

At the very first sign of a police officer coming up on them, that is when you stop. Not when you have a barrage of cops coming down on you.


Dont flee from the police...lesson to be learned.

Lisa Wobser

WOW!!! Stupid is as stupid does!


I don’t like wannabe gangbangers or thugs either; the only thing worse is crooked lying cops. These officers are a joke, and covering their –s. I don’t think necessarily running from the cops should end in execution. If so OJ Simpson and Al Cowlings should have been shot dead in a hail of bullets; they ran from the cops for about an hour.


Slowly! If that even matters!


From what I saw in the video of the dash cam, the car rolled forward after the guy that was driving was dead and could no longer hold his foot on the brake pedal. Something about being dead relaxes all muscle control. From that, they said he intended to ram them.


There isn't a chance in hell that 61 cops are gonna go down for this fiasco. I highly doubt that just one does.



Cleveland cops need to take a class from the Wakeman police in self control!