Five share hopes, fears for coming year

SANDUSKY In 1989, Back to the Future II predicted we'd have video conferencing, flat screen TVs and
Sarah Weber
May 24, 2010



In 1989, Back to the Future II predicted we'd have video conferencing, flat screen TVs and a myriad of cable channels by 2015.

The '80s flick may have those things right, but it's doubtful we'll get a hoverboard any time soon.

That's the fun thing about predictions. You never know what might come true.

This year the Register quizzed local people on what they believe is in store for the coming year.

We'll revisit these predictions at the end of 2010 to see who was on the ball and who wasn't.

"I think this next year is going to be just as tough as last year if not tougher. I'm a little disappointed on how things are going at a local level. That's why I think things are going to be tough for the area... I have high hopes for the Indians though."

Nancy McKeen, former Erie County commissioner

"I think racial harmony will increase in the New Year. I think things are getting better, crime rates are getting better, the economy is getting better. I've had a better year this year than I ever have and that's proof things are getting better."

Johnny ReedCR Music Exchange


"I predict we, the United States, will begin to see a positive change in our economy. As the sheriff of Sandusky County, I cannot lose any more deputies. It does not only affect my office in a negative manner, but endangers the taxpayers of my county. I also predict there will be another cost-saving addition to the Sandusky County jail garden in 2010."

Kyle OvermyerSandusky County Sheriff

"The Cleveland Browns win the Super Bowl with Josh Cribbs as quarterback, gas prices continue to drop as technology increases and there is less demand for fossil fuels, Gov. Strickland gets re-elected in a close election, the walleye fishing season is one of the best ever, and Wylie the Walleye marries a fish called Wanda."

Jim SassOttawa County commissioner

"I hope things are looking up. The economy doesn't look great right now, so I hope things start looking better."

-- Josh Varney, Mr. Smith's Coffee House, Sandusky

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Any day spent above ground is a good day, considering the alternative.

I wish I could make people understand that whatever one fears is what one manifests because they are giving all their energy to the negative thoughts.

It's no different than film-makers who see the movie in their head and then go make the movie, or people who write books or draw pictures. They have to see the end result first and the rest will follow. Believing is seeing.

I see myself having another great year with more good things happening, more good health and more new friends.

May we all have a blessed and prosperous 2010.

Keep Focused

Well said Gryphyn!

Kottage Kat

I agree, and it is all in having your glass 1/2 full or 1/2 empty.
I too, am looking forward to the best in 2010.
Blessings to all.

hancrack me up

I wonder if Johnny Reed will start having racial harmony in his store by not ignoring or acting like he couldn't be bothered by white males coming to shop. Attractive white females, now that's a different story of course.

Desert Eagle true Hancrack


So true, Gryphyn. All it takes is faith, and that's one thing our government will never be able to take away from us. They can take Christ out of Christmas and prayer out of our schools and baby Jesus out of our schools' Christmas plays and the ten commandments and crosses off of our government properties and "In God We Trust" off of our currency and our guns out of our homes, but they can NEVER take away our faith in God, our maker, nor Jesus, the Son of Man, who is the author of our faith out of our lives nor the Holy Spirit out of our hearts! My wish for 2010 is that everybody receive an amplified version of the Bible and study it and meditate on it! Imagine the peace there would be in this country! It is time for the Christians to stand up to the few Athiests who seem to be running this country! When you get it in your heart and you speak it out of your mouth and you believe it is yours--you will have it, whatever it is! I'm with you on this, Gyphyn and all the others who agree. We should make it our purpose to make others see the light! Be Blessed and be prosperous this New Year! (That's a command, not a wish, for all those who are willing to accept it!)

brutus smith

It is good to see who we are dealing with quicksand.

T. A. Schwanger

Ms. McKeen What's not to like on the "local level"?

The Marina District debacle failed. A nonproductive City Manager was fired. Two new Commissioners were elected hopefully signifying a move away from special interest politics. Sandusky's witch hunt may end with the reinstatement of the fired police chief.

Things in Sandusky can't get any worse than 2009. Be part of the new direction Ms. McKeen or step aside


It will be great to watch Cleveland Browns, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.