Perkins High School is 'serious health and safety hazard'

A third independent assessment of Perkins High School echoes the first two: To keep the building safe, modern and efficient, it's cheaper to rebuild, not renovate.
Alissa Widman Neese
Jan 24, 2013

The building, constructed in 1905, is a "serious health and safety hazard" in need of speedy replacement, according to a recent report from the Ohio Schools Facilities Commission.

Asbestos, flooding, inadequate fire alarms and a crawl space covered in raw sewage are just a few reasons the facilities commission is urging Perkins to construct a new high school as quickly as possible. 

"Essentially, the report says 'What are you waiting for? Build,'" superintendent Jim Gunner said. "I'm waiting for money, for the right financial alignment to make it happen."

A new building and its landscaping would likely cost $50 million, Gunner said. It would be used for both junior high and high school students.

For more on the report, pick up a copy of Thursday's Register and look at the PDF below.


Also, stop back at noon today for Between the Lines, a live public affairs program, with guest Jim Gunner. There will be a live chat room where viewers can ask questions about the building project and proposed levies. We will get to as many questions as we can during the duration of the show.




Get ready for it. They are going to build a new building without public approval. The changing of outside millage to inside millage was the first step. Don't be surprised.

Remember the Ohio Schools Facility Commission only job is to recommend the building of new schools. Without new schools they would not have a job. Do you think they have a bias ?

The spin doctors are using the media to sell their voodoo magic funding. Don't believe you are not going to pay for this. A couple levies are coming up masked as as operating funds.


I agree. The board, and Gunner, don't care what the taxpayers say. They decided they are going to do what they want to do.


What is best for the children isn't always what's best for the taxpayers .Catch my drift ? ; )))


The Ohio Schools Facility Commission wreaks economic havoc wherever it get involved. You only get the "free" state money if you spend a $gazillion of your own and saddle your district with monumental debt. This system is just welfare for the building industry.

Tell it how it is.

What are your solutions?


Maybe the students would be safer if we armed all the teachers instead of building a better school. ; )))

my oh my

Of course they will say this and go along with it so they can shaft twp taxpayers as is a ritual in the twp not only with the school system but with twp board of trustees as well....And the beat goes on....


Nothing like a little bait and switch. According to this report the building was built in 1905. Yes, a very small part was built then, the section that is north of the athletic area, gymnasium, and the theatre area. The rest of it was built in the late 1950's and early 1960's. Before the main section was built the high school students went to Sandusky High School. The old section was used as a kindergarten area in the 1960's after Fury was built. Previous to that, the OLD section had been a grade school. Before these powers that be lead people to unintentional false statements, maybe they should have a dialogue with folks that have lived in Perkins Township for the last 60+ years and get the real history of the school. I may be wrong with some of the history however I'm sure someone with a better recollection will clarify it.


This man is a bully, He didnt get what he wanted the last time the Levy failed, so he went behind our backs, moved money around and now says they dont have the money to run the school. Now they are using scare tactics, isnt that what a bully dose to get there way? Like evryone knows, he dosnt even live in the Township.
Also if the school is SOOOOOOO unsafe why did they spend over $100,000.00 a few years ago to move the school board into the high school???
I do agree the old part should be torn down and new built, we DO NOT need this huge new school.
Oh and dont forget about the windmill great money maker idea.


You are right NOFUFUCAT and the SR makes no mention of the misstated facts. Maybe the SR is just ignorant of the facts or just going along with the lies. I went to Margaretta and their high school is about the same age and I haven't heard of any mention of replacing that school nor have I heard of any mention of replacing Sandusky High School built also in the 50's.

Living in Perkins Twp. I will have the pleasure of voting no on their levies.

Just Thinkin

Aren't some of the schools in Europe over 300 years old and still used,Come on I am so tired of this school board whining and crying, They are a bunch of small country bumkins wanting to run the system like a big city system. What they need to do is get rid of Gunner's post, and let the Board President take over, as Gunner only follow's what he's told by the Board anyway, give the Board President a little extra pay not much and save tons of money. also before anything else I would like to see an audit of the schools monies,

The New World Czar

Let's see...Perkins has what percent students from Sandusky City through open enrollment, and Sandusky High School's high school enrollment is only enough to fill half the school...and Perkins "needs" a new high school and NOT a new middle school.

Why not merge the two school systems? Oh that's right, one of the two superintendents (not to mention those within the administrative and teaching ranks) would be out of a job. Makes too much sense.


No matter WHAT the problem is, it seems the government answer is always to throw more money at it. Unfortunately, that money doesn't belong to the government. It's taken at gunpoint from the taxpayers. (Don't believe the "at gunpoint" part? Try not paying your taxes sometime...)

Maybe the building really does need to be replaced. Maybe it really is cheaper to build new than to renovate (that's frequently the case). But there are already some real doubters posting here, and that's due to one very simple reason: Officials have lied so much in the past, and have been so greedy for so long, that even on those rare occasions they DO tell the truth, it's pretty hard to believe!


We've got to get new BOE members in this school district.


I agree 150% !
We need one's that have the taxpayers and students in their best interest. NOT the one's we currently have that are on a power trip!! They make me sick!


In the real world you can't always have your cake and eat it to . I noticed you put taxpayers before students .

The Bizness

I am all for it...both Perkins and Sandusky need new high schools. Stuff built in the 1900's was built to last for 50 years...

The comment about 300 year old schools makes a good point, but those schools were built to last with thick stone walls and they were kept up well.


Hmmm , Perkins township , The next cancer cluster ?


Sounds like a lot on here are for renovating instead of the cheaper option of new construction . Must have some deep pockets .


This is terrible news.

Let's build a new football stadium.


Shame on those who ignored the problems....sewage seeping in the crawl space, etc.

You have to maintain your home with periodic maintenance and upgrades... school buildings are no different.


I don't know , there are some people who don't seem to mind living in some NASTY conditions .


Cant agree more Reader, Just like the football Field, they said they "HAD TO HAVE A NEW ONE,THE OLD ONE IS CONDEMED". Well they didnt get that way over night, not even in 5 years, its all about haveing to one up each other with tax payers money! One more time,How can he say he cares when he dosnt live here, he could give two S*@TS ABOUT Perkins, if he did he would have moved here. Its just a job he dose to get paid, thats it.

Perkins Resident

I urge everyone to vote no on the upcoming levies.


I urge parents to buy your kids HAZMAT suits ; ))))


I will DEFINATELY be voting NO on the levies!!!


I will be voting NO!

The Bizness

Don't you want your kids to have the best facilities possible? I don't get how you can just ignore reports like this. I guess if you want your school system to continue to degrade you can vote no?


Not Ignoreing the reports BIZNESS, just the spin they put on it,the main body of the school is fine, but they spin it tp make it sound like the kids are in huge danger. Again why did they move the school board there a few years ago if its sooooooooooo bad.


BINGO! They will say that the cost of operating the old building was too high so it was cost effective to move, but then why spend at least $200,00 renovating it when they plan to level the building. Wasteful. Also, when did they stop doing regular maintenance and where is that money going now?