Perkins High School is 'serious health and safety hazard'

A third independent assessment of Perkins High School echoes the first two: To keep the building safe, modern and efficient, it's cheaper to rebuild, not renovate.
Alissa Widman Neese
Jan 24, 2013

The building, constructed in 1905, is a "serious health and safety hazard" in need of speedy replacement, according to a recent report from the Ohio Schools Facilities Commission.

Asbestos, flooding, inadequate fire alarms and a crawl space covered in raw sewage are just a few reasons the facilities commission is urging Perkins to construct a new high school as quickly as possible. 

"Essentially, the report says 'What are you waiting for? Build,'" superintendent Jim Gunner said. "I'm waiting for money, for the right financial alignment to make it happen."

A new building and its landscaping would likely cost $50 million, Gunner said. It would be used for both junior high and high school students.

For more on the report, pick up a copy of Thursday's Register and look at the PDF below.


Also, stop back at noon today for Between the Lines, a live public affairs program, with guest Jim Gunner. There will be a live chat room where viewers can ask questions about the building project and proposed levies. We will get to as many questions as we can during the duration of the show.




Just say no.


EHOVE is funded or not by the voters of Erie, Huron and Ottowa counties. I do not believe open enrollment enters the picture.
An "emergency" levy does not indicate a fiscal crisis. A $2.15 million emergency levy for 8 years (which I thought 5 was the max) GUARANTEES the school district that much money per year regardless if your property value again decreases by 25 percent in Perkins Township. The tax rate is adusted by the County Budget Commision to maintain that revenue and it is not subject to HB 920.
I have no problem with open enrollment, however, those properties real estate taxes outside the township will NOT increase to support the $2.15 million per year.
Perhaps it is about political-economic gentrification.


HOW Bout this,tear down the oldest part of the school, add on what ever you need to the building on the south side going into the south parking lot, move the parking lot over in front of the new stadium. Just an idea.


Not big enough for Gunners ego. He needs much more than that to put on his resume.


Jim Gunner is an idiot. Making a arrogant comment like "I'm waiting for money", is not a way to win over the public about building a new school. Why doesn't the Sandusky Register do a story on how long Gunner has stalled on actually moving to Perkins Township. Living almost an hour away and happily collecting the gas money to drive back and forth goes along way in budgeting for a new school. Besides, not being a resident in the district of the school system you are managing shows everyone how serious you really are about committing to the education of this city's children.


Wait a minute. We pay this guy mileage to drive to and from his home? Are you kidding me?


I'm not sure if this is true or not, but there is a rumor that Gunner was given a certain amount of time to move to Perkins over a year ago by the board. Yet, still no move.


I agree with many other posts...the school did NOT become so UNSAFE in a day or two. How long has this been a problem and why wasn't it take care of. And if it is so unhealthy and unsafe for children call the health department and have it condemned?


I watched the interview. I'm concerned about the safety of the school also. Like the rest of you, I just dont trust the guy!


Doesn't Gunner live in Oregon, Ohio? He would pay no property taxes towards the school.

What about the school board members and those who want to vote in more taxes? Check out their property taxes. Did their property valuations and taxes go down? What about the others who want to vote in more taxes.


Don't leave out all of the paid "consultants".


I agree with Goodtime. The south end was built in the 1960's to accommodate any future additions (reason for low bldg... they could build on a second story). Improvement levies have been passed over the years why have things gotten so bad, i.e. sewage problem, outdated fire alarm system, exit signs, etc??? Or did all this just happen since the milage was transferred? Scare tactics once again. Does it mean the children will have to endure all these issues for three years should the levy pass waiting for their CASTLE to be built? How much will it cost the taxpayers to maintain a new school bldg.? More levies eh? We are voting NO !

God Of Thunder

All I can say is this school system used to be the best in the surrounding counties. Then you have Gunner come in and eventually screw every Perkins taxpayer over, and of course, Gunner isn't in this alone.. The elected board members went right along with this.

Bottom line.. You deceived all of us tax payers and moved millage around to how you see fit, even though we told you no on the previous levy. If there is raw sewage floating around in the crawl space and basement as is stated in the report, then that building would be condemned by the health dept, of course here I go giving them ideas..

If you are letting raw sewage build up without getting problems fixed, then you are just as big of a slum lord as lot of the normal slum lords in Erie County...Fix the problems that exist and don't p*** everybody off more than you already have..


Just be sure to get out and vote no. Vote no even on the renewal.


Vote NO on all levies. Seriously, is there any government agency that doesn't lie? Even if it's a semi-reputable government body or agency if one person lies about anything then vote no. Shut them down!

Its time for taxpayers to rise up and take back their God given rights to keep their hard earned dollars!

Vote no on all levies and for government funding, especially for education, police, libraries, road crews and fire. It's all wasteful, and certainly not all the people that work in said departments are honest, no way are they all honest.

As I already stated, education is overrated. There are plenty of jobs to be had regardless if you've gone to school.


SOMEONE has to get an education so they can get a job that helps pay for your government checks


So you have a leaky sewer pipe and you need a new building. Makes perfect sense to me! By your own admission Perkins Schools fails to properly maintain their facilities and allowed them to become unsafe. What's next... the tires on the busses are getting bald so we better get all new busses too!!! LMAO at you fools!


Although Perkins Schools officials have done nothing illegal, what they have done gives the impression of impropriety and arrogance to the community. District officials often complain that the average person doesn't understand how "all of this works" and they would be right.

Perkins Schools officials would do well to recognize the previously mentioned phenomenon, and adapt to it. If they did so, the levies would likely pass.
These are very intelligent people who fail to recognize that what they are doing has a debilitating effect on voter confidence.


The school will have a couple levies on the June ballot. The township will have a couple levies on the ballot. The Metro Parks and the Health Department are always asking for new funds.

The golden goose (taxpayer) is finally seeing this trend. The insatiable thirst by government entities for more money.

Wake up. Most people are paying almost 50% of their income now in some type of tax. Federal, state, county, city,sales ,gas, ect., ect.


do you live in Perkins or Sandusky? I thought you lived in Sandusky?


Hey PerkinsRez77,
I've got a job, and it's in the free market. Thanks for asking though before you took the opportunity to be a rude jack**s.

Could you please state for the record why anybody has to be forced to get an "education"?

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were both college dropouts, proof that education, at least at the higher level, is not necessary. One has to wonder about how serious you people really are about voting down levies. Either do it right or don't do it at all. Many in this story's comment thread are in favor of preventing any education levies from passing, take it just one step further, vote NO on all levies!

Stop government spending! End regulation! End government intrusions into our lives. Don't do this half-a**ed like the gov't would, do it right!



I believe education is the most productive way to improve one's self. But, with that said, I don't believe bricks and mortar are that influential.

I am 100% behind stopping government spending, ending most government regulations and ending government intrusion in our lives.

The General

.....Chicks dig my "mooseknuckle"


I drove by today and teachers students and administration were filing in to this condemned school. A school with a crawl space reportedly covered in fecal matter. If this school is so bad, and conditions warrant a new school immediately why are the people in trusted with the safety of our children, teachers, administration, and anyone else who believes that these schools are this bad allowing the students enter the building. Would this not be considered a criminal act?


Has anyone been fired over the fecal matter? Obviously someone new about this and did nothing! The maintenance dept, the head of the dept or the person in charge of the head of the head of the department? These are the issues that need addressed immediately. These issues of neglect, issues that will not be fixed with a new school!


Love the priorities at Perkins: brand new football stadium first, then worry about the school. Nice.


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Just close the bathrooms so the flow of poop stops! At least keep Gunner out of the building so it doesn't get any deeper!!!


These levies will both go down in flames.

Just Saying

Has anyone else noticed the High School Office's atmosphere has deteriorated with Mr. Gasteier's removal and staff changes? It used to be a polite, friendly, helpful place. - No More.