Coast Guard warns of unsafe ice on Lake Erie

Don’t try walking out onto the surface of Lake Erie, the Coast Guard says. You’ll be on thin ice.
Tom Jackson
Jan 24, 2013


While the cold weather has caused ice to form, it isn’t thick enough to be safe for ice fishermen or anyone else thinking of venturing out, Coast Guard officials said Wednesday.

If you insist on going out, know the ice conditions and never got out alone. Wear a waterproof exposure suit and life preserver. Carry two ice picks or screwdrivers so you can dig yourself out if you fall in.

Carry a whistle or noisemaker, and take along a cell phone or a marine band radio in a waterproof container, in case you need to call for help.


Good 2 B Me

Common sense says not to walk on the ice. It is amazing how few people use or have common sense.


ain't that the truth!


If you insist on going out, you should flip the bill when the Coast Guard has to come rescue your as*.

Phil Packer

I guess my ice harvesting business was a bad idea...


It amazes me every year how many people go out on the ice after being told it is unsafe. Do these people really think this warning is issued just for kicks and giggles? I agree that when these idiots need rescued they should have to assume the cost of rescuing. Also, if these people have trucks, ATV's, or snowmobiles that end up on the bottom of Lake Erie after driving them out on the ice they should not be able to file an insurance claim. I can't even imagine making that call. "Yes, I would like to report an accident. My truck went through the ice about 3 miles west of PIB? Insurance agent,"Well, sir how did your truck get out there?" "I drove it out there to go ice fishing." Insurance agent (while laughing his as* off), "Sorry sir, but we don't offer stupidity clauses, especially for this type of stupidity."