Voltz sues Erie County

Former Erie County Job and Family Services executive director Aaron Voltz has filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court claiming he was unjustly fired from his position.
Andy Ouriel
Jan 23, 2013


In the lawsuit, Voltz claims Erie County discriminated against him because of his Hispanic ethnicity and because of his male gender in what the suit claims was a female-dominated workplace.

Voltz is seeking in excess of $75,000 in damages, back pay and costs, among other things.

Erie County Commissioners fired Voltz in July 2011 after Voltz was charged with the rape of a Huron woman. A Huron police report contains a detailed account of the incident, but the charges were later dropped because the alleged victim refused to cooperate with prosecutors and asked that the case be dismissed.

Commissioners have defended their decision to fire Voltz, saying Voltz — at the time the newly named department director — was under a 180-day probationary period with a zero tolerance stipulation for any conduct detrimental to the department.

Pick up a copy of Thursday's Register for an analysis of the lawsuit, comments from board chairman Bill Monaghan and a timeline of events leading to the suit.

Click below to read the lawsuit.




Isn't he opening himself up for a lot of scrutiny through the discovery process?


OMG really he thinks he was discriminated against because he is Hispanic and male. Try because he is a terrible person who abuses women and continues to get away with it. This man makes me sick.


His last name isnt Roethlisberger


Your Quarterback is a rapist. LMFAO


Can all the families who WRONGLY lost custody of their children under his "leadership" counter-sue him?


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Do you know for a fact he's a terrible person that continues to abuse women and get away with it? If not, I'd be careful what you say. One must be proven guilty.


Yeah five of his ex girlfriends that didn't know each other just decided to randomly file sexual abuse/assault reports against him...So by your reasoning, if it looks like a turd, smells like a turd and sounds like a turd then it must be...Bush's fault and your a racist?

yea right

I remember i was discriminated against can i sue the state of Utah and the Mormon. Church


I hope he wins and does not have to work again.

"was under a 180-day probationary period with a zero tolerance stipulation for any conduct detrimental to the department."

I guess having a girlfriend breaks this stipulation

If he was such a bad person, how did he get hired in the first place? Do they not do background checks or call references?


How was Manuel Pardo able to be a cop didn't they do a background check? Background checks don't reveal the kind of person you are, nor expose the kind of evil you are capable of. How many times are people quoted saying "I can't believe (fill in the blank) could do something like that"?


I guess the first ammendment doesn't permit the words,Catholic,Fence Climber,and Air Force.Oh,and I said Wet People !


Imho, if he was under a probationary period, they had every right to fire him if they wanted, even if the charges were eventually dropped. There will always be a cloud of uncertainty around him as to whether he is guilty or not. I don't blame them for firing him.

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The probationary period was regarding his conduct, not that of people who might frivolously accuse him of something. As a government agency, his employer is a state actor and thus bound by his constitutional right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty by due process. This is why we don't have to live under the fear of inquisitions and witch trials where accusation is all it takes to establish guilt.


Good luck Aaron. My guess is the county will try and settle. Go for 7 figures.


well... a zero tolerance stipulation does mean zero tolerance... even if it was just an accusation, that means he was doing things to put himself in that situation to begin with... people can't justifiably pull this stuff out of thin air and an investigation gets launched because of it.

designer glasses, designer suit and tie, the reflection off the table shows what looks like a nice watch... im sure discrimination has always been a HUUUUGGGGEEE part of this mans life... c'mon now... really?


Hope his lawyer isn't a woman...lol


Well, he's not the only public servant that has raped a woman in Erie County and gotten away with it.


The Erie County Prosecutor, Kevin Baxter, was accused of having a non-consensual sexual relationship with a black woman, Krista Harris. I wonder what happened to that investigation of Baxter using public monies to move Krista to Cleveland, Ohio?


I wonder who handled the investigation brought by the ex-wife involving her minor son having been given a controlled substance that was not prescribed to him by the father?

Oh yeah, that case was handled in Lorain County due to all of the "conflicts".

Julie R.

I'm wondering if Kevin Baxter and the Erie County Probate Court have targeted any of their attorney buds yet for crimes against the elderly.


Well, having read what the attorney wrote on his behalf, I would have to say she has some valid points if ANY of it is true. But I would sure like to hear what the other side has to say before passing any judgement on this. Its a good thing they are asking for a jury trial. It will take 12 people listening to all this to decide...if they can find 12 who haven't formed an opinion yet. It seems the department of women don't like men there if you listen to him tell it. Now the women need to answer that if they can. Ouch! Talk about the good ole boy club....this sounds like the good ole girls club! Not familiar with that group. LOL


BW, most contracts state that an employee can be fired during the probationary period for ANY reason, not just due to conduct.


In almost every picture I've seen of him. He's always wearing that shirt. LOL. He must not make enough $$ working at the golf course.

Ellis dee

Rapists wear pink


Real men wear pink!
As for you Ellis dee you should be ashamed of yourself!!! People like you make me sick. All of you do on here. You as well as I don't know him but yet you talk and call names. If my comment on here wouldn't be removed I could say a few choice words & see how you liked it. I know you wouldn't because we don't know you. Charges were dropped. Have you not read any of the articles? But we are talking about this wonderful city paper which we all know Twist & Turns things around! Read the article of the young boy on here. They print with no regard to the families of individuals.