Perkins father threatens to kill boy

An angry Perkins father allegedly threatened to kill a boy Monday for spreading rumors about having sex with his 16-year-old daughter.
Emil Whitis
Jan 23, 2013


The boy’s mother refused to press charges against the girl’s father, 47.  

The boy, 16, told police he did have sex with the girl, but he didn’t spread any rumors, according to a Perkins police report.  

The girl’s father called the boy four times Sunday night, and early Monday morning the boy decided to call the man back to clear things up, the report said.  

“When the conversation started (the girl’s father) stated, ‘I will have you killed by tomorrow morning,’” the boy told police, according to a Perkins police report. “(The boy) advised he did have sex with (the man’s) daughter (but) … was not the one telling people.”

The boy blamed the rumors on the girl’s friends. When officers talked to the girl’s father, he didn’t remember threatening to kill the boy.

“(The father) advised the conversation became very ‘heated,’” the report said. “He advised (he and the boy) were swearing at one another throughout the conversation.”

The father wanted charges against the boy for filing a false report. He also told police he planned to sue the boy for slander. Police told both parties to stop calling each other.



he said she said he said she said he said WHO CARES??!!


Thats it Ban the Phones!

Most Wanted

And this needed to hit the paper, why? Dad should sue the Register for spreading the story. This is disgusting that the Register finds this newsworthy. It's embarassing and humiliating to a 16 year old girl and it's pretty normal that a dad would go off the deep end finding this out.

Kenny V

Glad I don't have a daughter. Altho if I did the boy would fear me that's for sure. I'll just be sittin right over here cleaning this here gun. :o)


So it's the boys fault she had sex with him? It take two to tango, agreed, this didn't need to hit the papers but if the father threatened to kill the boy, I believe the boy had every right to call police.


Give us names...............


Pictures, videos, selfies, all the dirt!!!


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I hear chastity belts are coming back into style ; ))))


Way too many pronouns for one story...

Taxed Enough Already

this story was very difficult to follow.


Let this be a lesson to all you Dad's out there! Don't threaten the boy with murder...unless you want the SR to pick it up on the police reports and have it spread all over town. Just keep the anger to yourself and don't yell at your DAUGHTER either.

I have to give the boy credit for at least TRYING to talk to the dad calmly, man to man. Shows some level of maturity at least.

While I don't condone this, I think I would have stayed a little calmer and made the tough statements: Are you practicing safe sex? Don't EVER do it without a condome? Please be careful !!!! Why at age 16? THINK about this carefully instead of your hormones getting to you.

You the communications lines. Be an adult about it.

Then, walk to your own room and SCREAM into your pillow, hit the mattress with your fist. Beat you head against the wall, down a few Jack and 7's if you have to.

But don't call the boy and threaten a thing. Or threaten you daughter. You just threw up the biggest boulder between communication with your teenager you could throw up. NOT GOOD.


Amen, wiredmama.