LETTER: Beyond the basics

The bell rings. Students rush through the halls to get to their specials. Music, art, physical education and more. Students love spe
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


The bell rings. Students rush through the halls to get to their specials. Music, art, physical education and more. Students love specials, and they can have fun. Eliminating specials has no positive effects. Students would have no way to express themselves, have fun and relax from hard work, or show what they like to do.

In other words, most students need to express themselves and realize their true potential. If they like art, they can relieve stress by doing abstract artwork. They can get rid of all their worries, forget about their problems, just be themselves and motivate themselves to get better. When they express themselves, they show their talents and abilities.

Aside from hard school work, during specials students can relax and have fun. During their classes, they work on schoolwork, but when they are in specials they have a break, apply their talents and have fun. In P.E., they can get some exercise and play fun games. When they are in art, they can be artistic, abstract, relieve stress and identify new things.

For the most part, children are usually listening for most of the day; they need to show what they like to do. Art can help produce well-rounded children. In music or art, they can get their hands on something. A school supplied instrument might just inspire a student to play in marching band, college or possibly for a living! Specials can help students discover what they like to do.

Children need specials to help them take a break from English or math work, relieve stress and just have fun. Eliminating specials might help with budgets, but not the children.

Jordyn Baker, grade 6

Perkins Middle School

Help others, help yourself

I think kids should be required to do community service because it would get kids off their couch and into some physical activities. It would also be a chance for kids to make new friends because of a common trait. Kids might also enjoy community service and join or even start a club.

Much of the community service done is cleaning up a local park. If you're picking up trash, you're moving around and being active. You could also arrange a sporting event for disabled kids and play along. Another community service activity kids enjoy is planting a garden for a nursing home or even around their school.

Generally, many kids are shy because of their likes or dislikes. If kids joined a community service club they might make new friends. Also, some kids might be concerned about homeless people. They could try to raise money for a homeless shelter.

Many kids enjoy groups that do community service, such as 4-H to make new friends and because they enjoy helping the community. Many kids enjoy 4-H and other clubs because after they finish their community service, they can show their work at local fairs. Some kids might even start a club and do a fun community service activity once a month. Also, many high-schoolers might join or start a club in order to graduate.

Many high schools require at least 60 hours of community service in order to graduate. Do you want to make a difference or stay that lazy, helpless couch potato?

Morgan Skaff, Grade 6

Perkins Middle School