COUNTDOWN TO 2010: Political power swings to Democrats

SANDUSKY Enter the donkeys. Exit the elephants. A decade of political upheaval that b
Tom Jackson
May 24, 2010


Enter the donkeys. Exit the elephants.

A decade of political upheaval that began in controversy ended with a major partisan shift as Republicans -- once in charge of the nation, the state and Erie County -- wound up handing power over to Democrats.

1. The decade began with the election of George W. Bush over Al Gore.

Gore, despite being part of a Democratic administration that presided over years of prosperity and relative peace, lost anyway.

The victory left Republicans in control of the White House, both the House and the Senate in Congress, and the Supreme Court.

GOP ascendancy in the High Court was underscored when the justices voted 5-4 for a decision that essentially halted the Florida election recount, handing the election to Bush.

2. Bush won a second term in 2004.

Bush's win was aided when a key state, Ohio, entered the victory column.

Although the election result in Ohio was not as disputed as the 2000 election in Florida, the outcome generated criticism and conspiracy theories.

The long lines of people waiting to vote helped generate a change in Ohio's elections, with absentee balloting opened up to all Ohio voters during the second half of the decade.

3.) The political winds shifted in 2006, when Democrats took control of the U.S. House (installing Nancy Pelosi as speaker, the first woman to serve in the post) and gained control of the Senate, which after the election had 49 Democrats, 49 Republicans and two independents.

Democrats defeated six incumbent Republican senators in 2006, and nowhere was the shift of fortunes more dramatic than in the swing state of Ohio, where Sherrod Brown gave up a safe U.S. House seat representing Lorain to run for the Senate. Brown won, defeating incumbent Republican Mike DeWine, who held office in various government posts for 30 years.

4.) The national shift was confirmed in the 2008 election, which not only saw the election of Democrat Barack Obama over Republican John McCain in the race for president, but which gave the new president a Congress he could work with. Democrats cemented solid majorities in the House and Senate.

The national trend also played out on a much smaller stage in Erie County.

1.) In 2000, the county commissioners were Republican Harold Butcher, Republican Nancy McKeen and Democrat Tom Ferrell Jr.

"That was very unusual here. It is such a Democratic county," said clerk of the commissioners Carolyn Hauenstein.

2.) Republican fortunes were aided when they persuaded McKeen to run. McKeen never lost an election, defeating Democrats Natalie Mosher in 1996, Deborah Alex-Saunders in 2000 and Bill Kimberlin in 2004.

3.) Ferrell, meanwhile, proved equally efficient over the years in holding his seat for the Democrats. He won in 1988, 1992, 1996 and 2000 (defeating Leroy Silvani), 2004 (beating Joe Hayberger) and 2008 (Michael Printy was the Republican nominee).

4.) Butcher chose not to seek re-election in 2002 after a scandal stemming from a drunk driving arrest. Republican Sparky Weilnau of Milan held the seat for the GOP, defeating Brent Gardner in the primary and Leroy Sizemore Jr. in the general election.

5.) But in 2006, as Brown defeated a Republican incumbent in the Senate, Democratic businessman Bill Monaghan mounted a campaign against Weilnau. Monaghan won, giving Democrats a 2-1 edge on the county commission, with McKeen serving as the lone Republican.

6.) In 2008, as Ferrell won his match-up with Printy, Democrat Pat Shenigo edged Republican Hayberger in a narrow race, giving Democrats 3-0 control of the county commission.

The political changes in Columbus also proved dramatic.

1.) In 2000, Ohio had a Republican governor, Bob Taft, and held many state offices, including both U.S. Senate seats and control of the Ohio General Assembly.

2.) Democrat Ted Strickland won the 2006 election for governor, defeating Republican Ken Blackwell. And in 2008, Democrats captured control of the Ohio House, although Republicans retain a majority in the Ohio Senate.



I found on AOL

The Real
DEATH PANEL. these people want to Deny 50 million people to LIFE?
(R) Michael Stephen Steele (R) Orin Hatch, Charles Schumer, (R) John Boehner, (R) Ben Nelson, (R) Jerrold Nadler, (R) Jon Kyl, (R) Michael Bennet, (R) Kent Conrad / (R) Charles Grassley (D) BLANCH LINCOLN, (D) Kit Bond, SARAH PALIN, (?) Joe Lieberman, (R) George Voinovich? (R) Mitch McConnell? (R) John McCain?
And STOP millions of JOBS this Public Option will produce?
All the time sending 10 BILLION dollars to Israel, that has Nationalized Medical Insurance? Well these people Surpass HILTERS NuMBERS?


Just for purposes of clarification, Jerrold Nadler is a Democrat. Perhaps he switched last night since AOL is never wrong. For purposes of editorializing, Erie County has certainly thrived under its political leadership over the years, hasn't it?


Well, the good thing about 2010 is that we most likely see the Democrats lose power just as fast as they've gained it. With this we will likely see a repeal of all the ridiculous legislation they have pushed through in the last year. Ever wonder why the Dems have rammed so much legislation through before 2010? They know full well that they won't be in control of congress in 2010. If the polls are correct the Dems will lose control of the house and senate in 2010. Well over half of Americans did not want the health care bill in its current form to be enacted. What happened? The Dems pushed it through. Well over 80% of Americans do not want cap and trade legislation because they know that it will kill jobs in the US. What are the Dems doing? They are trying to ram it through before the 2010 elections. Americans will remember. I predict that the Dems are thrown out in a landslide.


And how well this decade is starting out under the tyranny of the Socialist....uh...I mean the Democrat party!!!

Zeich Heil der Furher Obama

Merry Christmas



The real death Panel is you

Jobs that this bill would create? The government doesn't create jobs it creates the destruction of wealth. Without wealth we have worse healthcare. This bill by now....will kill hundreds upon thousands of your country the means not least of which will be stealing the food from the poors mouth.

Merry Christmas
Goodwill towards men
and heres hoping the ignorant and misguided learn from their mistakes

digger nick

"You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred. You cannot build character and courage by taking away people's initiative and independence. You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves."
Abraham Lincoln


.................and Mr. Obama, you ain't no Abe Lincoln

brutus smith

So if the Dems lose in 2010 does that mean we can pick up where Bush left off and totally destroy the middle class? Does that mean that those who have jobs will make $5.00 an hour while the top 10% make millions? Where healthcare will only be available to the rich? Boy I can hardly wait. Seems like only yesterday.


I occupy the middle class, have health care, and wonder who you know that makes $5.00 an hour? That tired schtick got the Dems ousted in the nineties, although it seems like only yesterday, so generate some talking points more recent than the Carter administration. While you're at it, try contemplating the fact that blind allegiance to partisan politics is what has gotten us in this mess. Neither party will get it done unless and until we violate their comfort zone. Put the pressure on ALL of them, that's the only change we can truly count on. BTW, since you believe in benevolence, how much do you pay your baby sitter? I hope it's well above minimum, but I doubt it.

Man of the Republic

yeah, and this new decade will start with health care probably biting the dust somewhere...and congress becoming more centralized.


ref: man4451

I admit, you did your best in a effort to divert the arrows from your Commrade Obama, Reid and Pisoly. But it didn't work, we ALL know that he's a socialist pig, and this rag paper is close to his heart/views.

the REAL PROBLEM is now all these liberal Democrats are switching over to Rebublican without changing their political views.
WE DON"T WANT THEM!! They made their choice to MURDER MILLIONS Of babies, to support murdering 'worthless bread gobbling grandmas' as once acidently stated.

ANy democrats that switch over and run under the Republican title I will NOT vote for, they are no different than Nazi's trying to hide while they are being hunt down to be accountable for their sins

brutus smith

Ahhhh boys, the Republicans have abortions too, they just have private Doctors that do it, they don't go to the clinics.

brutus smith

So Wetsu are you saying our wages went up the last 8 years? That tired talk of the 90's? You think we are better off today? Oh boy.


et tu, Brute?

My wages did and I am better off today because there was a measure of planning and continuing education that apparently you opted not to engage in. As far as tired talk of the 90's, I tire of the same partisan rhetoric that has gone on ad nauseum for decades. The policies have clearly failed, quit trying to defend them and that applies to both (D) and (R). So, more to the point, what do you pay your sitter?

I am certainly not omniscient, but I can learn from the past. This is what I fear:

It has nothing to do with party for me. It has to do with failure.

brutus smith

wetsu, I guess if you think going from window order taking $7.00 an hour to burger flipping at $7.25 an hour is an improvement, then I'm happy for you.



I neuter you intellectually and you come up with that? Typical. I refute your every point and the best you can do is engage in nonsense speculation? You are far too easy and should count yourself lucky that I chose not to emasculate you factually prior to this thread. And quit avoiding questions. Did you read the article or did the fact that the writer is from San Francisco pull the rug out from under your baseless belief system?

This forum is for all, but at least have the decency to arm yourself with something of substance to offer. Pathetic.

brutus smith

Please wetsu, I am so waiting for facts to back up what you say instead of the useless diatribe you have put out.

brutus smith

Oh and why would I read anything from Rupert Murdock's Right Wing Journal, I mean WSJ.

So once again instead of telling us how smart you are prove what you say with facts.


It is only useless to the extent that you cannot respond to it rationally or factually. Typical. You cannot reason so you resort to disarmed bomb attempts.

Did you read the article? If so, what in it is not factual? If not, why not? Do you not have concern for the possible long-term ramifications of political fiat? Again, I have no dog in this fight politically. I washed my hands of both parties as viable leaders quite some time ago. I merely want people to take a hard look at those in positions of power.

Areas of agreement/disagreement?

I am all for point/counterpoint and meaningful exchange. If you are honest you will engage in it as opposed to regurgitated swill. I will give you credit for loyalty.

brutus smith

Well c'mon, like I've asked people on other posts throw out some names who you support. And like I've said it can't be any current Republican Senators since they all voted in lockstep with Bush. Put same names behind all the rhetoric.


While I don't necessarily feel that voting with a president disqualifies a senator, I feel your pain. I use John Boehner as an example. When he first arrived on the scene I actually held out hope that he could make a difference; he was intelligent, sincere, fresh and passionate. Now look at what we've got. Almost as quickly as he rose into the higher ranks in the GOP he simply toed the party line. He is but another out of touch politico. My major beef in general is how often each party dismisses the initiatives of the other. How often has the public good been compromised simply because our elected officials have sacrificed good legislation for the sake of not wanting the other party to get a lick of credit?

For the life of me I know that there are good politicians but I wonder why people even bother? I confess to falling short. I don't bother to track possible candidates any more. I try to stay informed enough to have a rationale for voting on local/state issues, but when in November '08 I couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger for either ticket, opting instead to write a couple of guys in. Bush was too much a puppet of Cheney and I am still of the opinion that Obama is a figurehead for Axelrod and Emanuel. All of them are all to willing to gamble with our chips.



Make the last sentence "All of them are all TOO willing to gamble with our chips."

I apologize for the typo.


Thank you, Digger Nick, for the Lincoln quote. Where are all of America's brilliant leaders nowadays? This was very well put and very much the truth. Unfortunately, America's leaders seem h*ll-bent on "redistributing the wealth", making everybody in this country (except themselves, I'm sure) is equally poor!

I know quite a few people who feel that because they are lazy and uneducated with no desire to lead or own their own business, that people who HAVE MORE than them should GIVE them some of THEIR MONEY! Wealth is not an entitlement for the lazy! Why on earth would anybody WORK, if they are only working to support the lazy slobs who DO NOT WANT to WORK?

Our leaders will soon be APPOINTING JOBS to citizens and at wages they dictate!


So I think we can all now agree that Socialism doesn't work

and I think we can all agree Obama is our first Socialist President elect under false pretenses.

I think we can all agree that if Cheney was Bush's puppetmaster George Soros is Obama Puppet master.

I think we can all agree the world would be a much better place without Obama's teleprompter that has a direct feed from Soros and Rham Emmanuel.

I think we can agree the taste of pure unadulterated socialism is leaving a bad taste in the mouth of most Americans.

I think we can all agree Obama, Pelozi, and Reid will go down in history as traitors to freedom and prosperity.

I know we can all agree that I like using Socialist phraseology in this post.

I know we can all agree when the pendulum swings back it will do so in a very hard and swift manner....hopefully the Der Brutus is not standing in the way.


Jonp you typify America.."I" .......should be " We hold these truths to be self evident........" Or Voltaire - "The law in its majestic equality forbids the rich, as well as the poor to steal bread, beg, & sleep under bridges." When $$ help the wealthy it is called capitalism. When $$ help the average & poor it is called socialism.

brutus smith

Jon, I failed to see where you wrote Corporate Capitalism doesn't work. Just an oversight on your part? You sure got in all the right wing talking points.


We may well get the opportunity to see if wide-scale Socialism works in the United States. I think we lose sight of how excessive government tinkering sets the stage for economic failure. While I use Barney Frank as the odious figurehead in the recent and prolonged recession he was hardly alone both in terms of government and private sector cronies. Greed and vain pride went a long way toward this destination and I am dubious that massive government initiatives will stem the tide of greed and vain pride.

brutus smith

We are not even close to the kind of socialism you are referring to wetzu.


You may well be correct, brutus. I'm not sure how much Socialism you believe I'm referring to, but I will respectfully defer to you with regard to how much might be too much. I tried to parse the wording of that prior post since I am not versed enough in Socialism to make specific claims.


Wetsu, do not even waste your time with Brutus. All he spews is outdated liberal talking points. He believes everyone deserves to make $40/hr. It doesn't matter whether it is an unskilled, entry level job such as flipping burgers. Brutus and his ilk believe that they are owed a good paying job and that they shouldn't have to obtain the education and/or the experience required to make them more valuable to their employer. Their belief is that we should force business owners, "the rich," to pay even the most unskilled workers enough to put them in the middle class. Apparently Brutus hasn't studied the history of socialism. When you mandate a so-called, arbitrary living wage the only thing you do is force employers to cut costs by hiring fewer workers. Sure you may raise the standard of living for a few but you will in fact create a larger class of poor people.

brutus smith

rbeau69, what a stupid post. What, are you back in High school?