Perkins police: You can't have your pot back

If police catch you carrying an illegal drug, you can’t have it back — not even if you ask nicely.
Tom Jackson
Jan 22, 2013


A security guard at the Perkins Township Walmart stopped Michael Brown, 45, of the 2600 block of Pioneer Trail, shortly after 7 p.m. Sunday, according to a Perkins police report.

Brown allegedly took $63.60 worth of clothing, including socks, underwear and T-shirts. He placed the items in his coat and tried to leave the store, but a security guard stopped him, the report said.

Perkins police Officer Joe Bauman, dispatched to the scene at Walmart’s behest, noted in his report that Brown smelled like marijuana. When Bauman searched Brown, a clear plastic bag of marijuana fell from Brown’s pants pocket, the report said.

Bauman cited Brown for theft and possession of marijuana.

Before leaving, Brown asked, “Since you’re giving me a ticket for the marijuana, can I have the weed back?”

“I advised Mr. Brown he could not,” Bauman wrote.




Mikey obviously doesn't understand the law(s) at all. I can't believe he asked that.


Me and the boys are gonna split it up, you can't have it back.




Give it time and eventually the laws will change where he can get his weed back. Sad but true. The only crime left will be working for a living.


The SAD underlying story is that This Man was stealing necessities... socks, underwear, and t-shirts... not electronics n videos to sell. It's hard to find a job these days - even for those of us with an education. I feel bad for him and his situation!!!


Really you feel bad for him???? He had money to buy WEED!!!! There are people and shelters that could help him with necessities. Maybe if he didnt BUY WEED he could buy new underware!


This story didn't comment on how much weed he had... Maybe it was a $5 bag... how many socks, underwear and t-shirts can You get for $5???
I don't agree with or promote stealing yet its the people who have never been down and out with no support system who cant see the sadness of this story!!!


Don't matter how much it was. There is absolutely no excuse for stealing.


Since you seem to be into it - how about you buy his little bag of weed. Then, he can buy his socks and undies. Everyone's happy.


Lawgirl, if serious you need to become more active in the Democratic Party - you'll advance quickly.

Stealing necessities while possessing illegal drugs....Yep, worthy of sympathy. Amazing how some want to create victims out of worthless POS. There are jobs available, just not the jobs some may they smoke weed and steal. Cool.


ALOT of them can NOT get a "crappy" job or any job for that matter because they can NOT pass a P*ss test! I have seen it, heard it and know many others who have seen it too. They fill out an application, they get an interview, and then when asked to take a test, they never show up again.

tell it how it is

OH NO! It was we better let him keep it!!! Because even though some of us are expected to find jobs to pay for that stuff, we can let some people go.
It's actually quite easy to find a job, even if it's factory, if you can take a clean drug test. Which this man obviously can't.

Feel bad for yourself and society for thinking for even an instant that this man was in the right. Not for him.


Where did you get your facts to prove your statement that the man paid with currency to "buy" the weed?

Please share with us how you know this because you state very clearly he bought weed.

Or, is that just a simple comment sorta based on no facts at all?

Did it ever occur to you maybe the man didn't buy the weed and he bartered for it? Are you even remotely aware that many people barter goods and services all the time? And are you even remotely aware THAT THEY DON'T GIVE A RAT's PATOOTIE if its illegal or not?

And maybe for all we know the man grew the weed, good for him and his horticultural skills if he did.

You're very typical of many trolls on this website that are full of themselves and their righteousness. You think you know it all, but really you live in your little safe bubble that protects you from the unclean who don't conform to your "worldly" knowledge.

tell it how it is

Do you realize you just defended the man with the weed that was stealing? It doesn't matter HOW he got the weed, he got it. Maybe if he didn't smoke weed, he'd have a job.

That was the most retarded rant I've ever read. I have a lot of other things I'd love to say, but my comment would be removed.


Maybe he should have bartered his weed for socks and underwear instead of stealing them. Don't feel sorry for shoplifters.


Does that make it acceptable? Non the less he still broke the law, and not just one! If he needed "necessities" there are plenty of places he could go to get the help. He obviously has priority issues. If he had something to trade for weed, he surely could have traded the person for their shirt. Just saying...


Moral of the story:

Don't try to steal from stores. They have cameras EVERYWHERE. If you do want to steal from stores, LEAVE your weed in a safe place if you want to keep it.

Phil Packer

Also, WalMart sucks.

2cents's picture

In today’s entitlement society some people do not think that stealing from a company is wrong. He did not say he was sorry, just “can I have my weed back” we know he was only sorry that he was caught. I am not getting down on him because he wanted clothing, because even those who have clothing steal from stores. I was in Lowes one day and asked the clerk in the hardware section how much of these loose fasteners get lifted into pockets. He told me that they have figured maybe 50%, my mouth dropped!


Wow! That's a really high number! It's sad that it has come to that. Maybe if we went back to cutting off a persons hand when they take something illegally people would think twice before committing the crime. Same thing with murder, if "an eye for an eye" was brought in.


Regardless if he bought, grew, or bartered the weed. Read the Controlled Substances Act of 1970.


I have zero sympathy for folks that abuse, use, buy, sell, or have drugs... but yet can't manage to find a job. It ranks right up there with food stamp recipients having iphones. Someone created an ap so those on assistance can check their balances... come to find out that Ap wasn't affiliated with the Job and Family Services Department... I say to everyone "WORK FOR A LIVING LIKE THE REST OF US".

P.S. Walmart does suck. I'll take Meijer every day over Walmart


You can get free clothes at Care and Share-no need to steal. As a matter of fact, you can probably get free food and other necessities too if you contact the right agencies. I guess his dealer did not refer him.


They have socks, undies, and t-shirts in the military.


He may not have bought the weed...may have stolen that too. Why he would keep it in his pocket knowing he was risking his freedom is beyond me(as is risking ones freedom) he's stealing taxpayers wages sitting his a** in county. Three hots and a cot should be charged for...instead its becoming a vacation spot.


The guy got caught shoplifting. Happens everyday and not all people are caught with weed when they get caught stealing. Big deal. Some of you are so judgemental and self righteous. Get over yourselves....PLEASE!

tell it how it is

You seem to be on every story defending all ridiculous liberal ideas.
It's not about the weed, it's about the stealing and how many people seem to think it was OK that he was stealing because the items were "necessities." The fact that he had weed on him just helps to prove that if he wasn't so worthless he might be able to pay for those items.


How is this a ridiculous liberal idea? How? My comments did not mention anything about necessities. I prefer to let the justice system handle it. You can judge and be all self righteous if it makes you feel better but it really speaks volumes about your character or lack thereof. In the future, if you don't or can't read and comprehend my comments don't respond. Your comments only prove my point.

tell it how it is

No, because I'm not only speaking of this story. Every story I look at has at least one comment from you that I read and say "Really?!?" because it is so ridiculous.
I'm not being self righteous at all. I don't think it's right that this man stole, but you're right, it's up to the justice system. However, we can make comments on stories for the purpose of sharing opinions on what happened.
If you don't like reading opinions that are different from yours, stop reading the comments.

tell it how it is



since he was charged with a misdemeanor on the pot according to law the officer would have had to give back the weed if the person or persons could prove that it was medicinal and possession was under an ounce and in one bag only...get used to it folks legalization is the only thing that is gonna save the casinos that the state seems to gotta is all about revenue.if the guy smokes what ..lot more around smoking it too..they should take away cigarettes from people who get caught smoking in a non smoking area no there is a fine for that too. One thing that is defined in this world we live in ....Death and Taxation

Big R


It doesn't matter if you have a medicinal card. It doesn't carry over to other states. So no....he loses it.

Ellis dee

I smoke weed and i have a job. Who cares about pot the people commenting prob take govt pills that are worse than weed. I will smoke illegal pot before i take addicting prescription pills anyday.


Great point.


That's it...We should ban pot AND shoplifting...everybody turn in your pipes, bongs, papers, hookahs, jackets, pants, fanny packs, and hands.


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