Perkins police: You can't have your pot back

If police catch you carrying an illegal drug, you can’t have it back — not even if you ask nicely.
Tom Jackson
Jan 22, 2013

A security guard at the Perkins Township Walmart stopped Michael Brown, 45, of the 2600 block of Pioneer Trail, shortly after 7 p.m. Sunday, according to a Perkins police report.

Brown allegedly took $63.60 worth of clothing, including socks, underwear and T-shirts. He placed the items in his coat and tried to leave the store, but a security guard stopped him, the report said.

Perkins police Officer Joe Bauman, dispatched to the scene at Walmart’s behest, noted in his report that Brown smelled like marijuana. When Bauman searched Brown, a clear plastic bag of marijuana fell from Brown’s pants pocket, the report said.

Bauman cited Brown for theft and possession of marijuana.

Before leaving, Brown asked, “Since you’re giving me a ticket for the marijuana, can I have the weed back?”

“I advised Mr. Brown he could not,” Bauman wrote.




since he was charged with a misdemeanor on the pot according to law the officer would have had to give back the weed if the person or persons could prove that it was medicinal and possession was under an ounce and in one bag only...get used to it folks legalization is the only thing that is gonna save the casinos that the state seems to gotta is all about revenue.if the guy smokes what ..lot more around smoking it too..they should take away cigarettes from people who get caught smoking in a non smoking area no there is a fine for that too. One thing that is defined in this world we live in ....Death and Taxation

Big R


It doesn't matter if you have a medicinal card. It doesn't carry over to other states. So no....he loses it.

Ellis dee

I smoke weed and i have a job. Who cares about pot the people commenting prob take govt pills that are worse than weed. I will smoke illegal pot before i take addicting prescription pills anyday.


Great point.


That's it...We should ban pot AND shoplifting...everybody turn in your pipes, bongs, papers, hookahs, jackets, pants, fanny packs, and hands.


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