Cargo shipments down at Toledo port

Officials at the Port of Toledo are blaming record-low coal business and a drop in salt shipments after a warm winter for a nearly 13-percent decline in cargo traffic last year.
Associated Press
Jan 23, 2013


Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority's year-end statistics show ships loaded or unloaded just more than 10 million tons of cargo in Toledo last year, down 12.95 percent from the 11.5 million tons that crossed the docks in 2011.

The Blade newspaper ( ) reports that coal led the decline. Coal shipments dropped to around 2.4 million tons — the lowest volume since the port started keeping records in 1947. Officials say that's because electric utilities facing clean-air mandates are using less coal.

An increase in the grain business was among the port's bright spots in 2012.




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Ooops! An unintended consequence of Mr. Obama's global warming campaign.

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More like there is global warming so people need less coal to produce energy for heat and less salt to melt snow.

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Not to worry, Marcy will save the day by rewarding Toledo with plenty of free government money


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Give credit to Obama, looks like one promise he plans to keep; bankrupting the coal industry. They already know that 4 jobs will be lost per one green energy job, and that utility cost will increased. Already happened in Europe. Don’t you worry, Obama and big nanny will take care of you.


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