Ohio gas prices continue to tick up

Ohio gas prices are still creeping up.
Associated Press
Jan 22, 2013


The average price for a gallon of regular gas in Ohio was $3.29 in Tuesday's survey from auto club AAA, the Oil Price Information Service and Wright Express. That's 8 cents higher than a week ago.

Experts say prices are rising because of solid economic recovery in China and the U.S. and other factors.

Ohio's prices are slightly below the national average of $3.31, which is a penny higher than last week.

The lowest average price in Ohio Tuesday was $3.26 in the Akron area.




Experts say .................Expert (the Word ) gets used more than the word (the) .


Doesn't take an expert to tell, "other factors" good old capitalistic GREED! GREED is good.


I concur.


So what is your alternative to capitalism and free markets coasterfan? Do you prefer socialism? Or do you prefer Fascism...seems we have it right now, our government is picking winners and losers in the markets already with bail outs


@ coasterfan:

So, got any retirement investments? Betcha there's some oil co. stocks in there.



Got any retirement investments? If so, I'll bet there's some oil co. stocks in there.

Why would anyone put money away for retirement? Greed is good - right?


Obama's fault here.


Wow...wasn't it just a week or so ago the headlines read that gas was going to be LOWER in the new year. Natural gas prices were going to go down. Then the next story said gasoline prices would go down. Here we are and they are not GOING UPPPPPP UPPP UPPPP. Just quit reporting on it.

Phil Packer

The way it goes down, and then jumps back up again...it's kind of like, terrorism.


Three things move markets: Supply, demand and speculation.

China is now the second largest importer of oil. Twenty yrs. ago they were small players.

Buy oil co. stocks.


I have oil company stock....had it for OVER 30 years and the worth of it is CRAP now!


@ ladydye_5:

Know when to buy and know when to sell.

I've had XOM for decades - great stock!


Hey everyone. Listen to Contango. Every time you do, his portfolio jumps up.


@ luvblues2:

It ain't the "listening," it's the "buying." :)

Actually, the S&P is up almost 5% YTD. You're better off in a diversified index, but many like to b*tch about oil while missing the forest for the trees.


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Bad investment.

You priced out the ever depreciating U.S. currency lately bambie?


Money has NO value until you spend it. Take your gold to the gas station next time you fill up and see what happens. Show them your portfolio at the grocery store or doctor's office. Don't worry, when the new and improved thieves on Wall St. get their hands on it and make it disappear AGAIN, the government you all despise will be there to pick up the pieces and make you whole AGAIN.


@ deertracker:

You're rambling.

"Money" is "whatever" it needs to be. It's a medium of exchange, nothing more.

"Thieves on WS"? Not to worry, I don't "play that game."

Try gettin' a mortgage, the lender wants to know what you own.

Nah, the gubbermint (taxpayers) have never reimbursed me for any losses directly; but the kleptocrats in charge sure do want my profits. :)


@ deertracker:


A downloadable (pdf) publication from the Federal Resv. about money:


Pretty interesting if you care to read it and learn.


I don't! You enjoy it!


@ deertracker:

Go ahead and enjoy the price and poverty of financial ignorance and rely on the crumbs and handouts from kleptocrats in your "golden yrs."


LOL, don't expect deerpoopoo to read anything informative. If he did, he wouldn't be able to continue passing off his opinions as facts.


Govt. loves me yes I know, 'cause Obama tells me so. :)

The Big Dog's back

'bout time you saw the light! :)


Got it: Just believe, don't "ever" question.

"WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?" - Hillary Clinton, Jan. 23, 2013


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deertracker writes:

"The Dragqueen speaks."

Prejudice? And you "dare" to call yourself a "liberal"? :)

You know, we're "actually" writing here, you hear audio? Very weird.


Q. Why is Barack Obama so thin and scrawny?
A. If he were any heavier he wouldn't be able to walk on water


Deertracker....3 posts, 2 of which are rude jabs. Signs of someone who cannot debate, or hold a conversation.