Ohio begins training for cold-case investigators

The state of Ohio has started its first training session for law enforcement officers working on cold-case homicides.
Associated Press
Jan 22, 2013


The state Bureau of Criminal Investigation was hosting the Unsolved Homicide Investigative Strategies and Resources course Tuesday and Wednesday in the Cincinnati suburb of West Chester.

It's the first of several regional courses planned throughout the state.

Detectives will be trained on aspects of cold-case investigations, including unsolved homicide methodology, initial assessment and protocol.

A review panel will also look at evidence in a number of open homicide cases and make recommendations.




Get murdered. Wait 20 years. Then the police will nab your killer. Because justice is a dish best served cold. Also, it's like that bad a** TV show! Also, cops love spending tax $ on Task Forces because its way cooler than keeping communities safe.

So immature. Any typos?


You forgot the periods for... T.V. Just kidding. I do however agree with your comment. Well said!


I think its great! We owe it to our communities to get these criminals off our streets! Just because they killed 20 years ago doesn't mean they won't do it again. They got away with it once. We also owe the family closure if your father mother brother sister son daughter were killed you would want justice. Even if it took 40 years!


Go on youtube and watch the films on how they live in prison .
Some live better than they ever could on the outside.
Anything they want.