Inauguration brings thousands to Washington D.C.

Friends and fellow Alabama residents Glenda Givins and Lois Davison trekked about 750 miles Monday to witness history in the making.
Andy Ouriel
Jan 22, 2013
And they weren't just bystanders. Both women gleefully partook in all the Inauguration Day hoopla, along with at least 500,000 other attendees.

They frantically waived tiny American flags high above their heads, and they chanted along as singer-songwriter James Taylor, a five-time Grammy Award winner, sung a melodious version of "America the Beautiful."

They also shrieked with delight as President Barack Obama officially accepted a second term in office.

"This is my first inauguration and I'm excited," said Givins, sandwiched between supporters at The National Mall, the open-park viewing area stretching a mile from the U.S. Capitol to the Washington Monument. "This is a once-in-a-lifetime historic event that I needed to be here for."

For more local coverage of Monday's inauguration festivities, pick up a copy of Tuesday's Register.

Read the up-to-the-minutes blog from Register reporter Andy Ouriel and photographer Jason Werling HERE.




And only 6 of them missed work....


Pres. Obama:

"America's possibilities are limitless, for we possess all the qualities that this world without boundaries demands:"

Unfortunately, economics tells us that resources are not "limitless."

The GOA recently issued a press release which went unreported by the Liberal Media Network:

“...the comprehensive fiscal projections in the 2012 Financial Report make clear that our federal government’s long-term fiscal path remains unsustainable without further policy changes.”

Ignore the warning signs, believe in Mr. Obama and go back to sleep lil' Buckaroos.


Wow, another article by the Sandusky Register about the inauguration. Can't you guys just stick to one article? You print the same stuff over and over and over again. 5 topics, all related just on the first page. How you guys stay in business, I will never know.


Yea, I already saw a black man inaugurated as POTUS four yrs. ago. What's the big deal? :)

Heck, we had an Amerind VP back in 1920s.


Do you ever pay attention? It was more about democracy and history not a black man. The SR is doing its' job! More Kesslers for the pooh bear at the end of the bar please!


If you're buyin' bambie - Dewar's neat.

So other than borrow, tax, spend, plus more complex and onerous govt. regs what's this guy's deal?

Kinda funny that he left his crumbling foreign policy outa his rambling, disjointed and forgettable speech.

The Big Dog's back



@ Dog:

No, Pres. Obama won. He doesn't need you anymore.

And the "unbelievers" still have the freedom of expression.


Actually, we ALL won. Everyone except the 1%, of course.


@ coasterfan:

"We ALL won."? Reads like post-election giddiness.

Let's give it a few yr. and see how the electorate responds to all his new taxes.


History in the making? It's not like there was a transfer of power. It was a re-election year. They shouldn't even waste money on those. Just swear him in & get it over with.


I wonder if anyone was invited or were they hand-picked by the Democratic party...or does that only happen in Sandusky?


All symbolism and no substance; the foundations of a socialist regime.


So the SR sends its reporters to DC, when they can't even figure out what is going on at Meigs Street. What a waste !


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Wow, Obama sure inherited a mess, wonder who he'll blame this time around.


No mess. Things are wayyyyyyyy better than they were in 2009 when he took office. And in 2016, when he leaves office, they'll be better than they are now. This is what we call improvement, and by the way, it's the exact opposite trajectory of the last Republican presidency.


Yep, it will be definitely better in 2016. 20 Trillion in debt, 140 Trillion or so in unfunded liabilities. Sorry, I don't like the so called "trajectory" of our nation.


coasterfan writes:

"Things are wayyyyyyyy better than they were in 2009 when he took office."

Keep those Obama-tinted glasses on.

National unemployment, labor participation rate, food stamp, welfare and disability enrollments are all WORSE.

What are you a "retired teacher" of?


Kind of fits with his coronation:

The Big Dog's back



And the United States of America lost.


Not really. I remember Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh wringing their hands 4 years ago about "the end of the world as we know it". They, of course, were wrong, as the country is in a better situation than it was at the end of 2008. Are the problems fixed? Of course not. Are we on a better path? Of course, we are.

tell it how it is

How in the world do you figure we're in a better place?? Do you not live in the Sandusky area, like everyone else on here? If you did, you'd see first hand how much we're NOT better at all.

I think you live in a fantasy world.


@coaster. Stats don't lie. All important figures are worse since he took office. Facts please or just don't comment.


I heard it was so cold, the democrats had their hands in their own pockets!!

dont get it

I keep praying that this sickness will stop.Rarely do i look at the comments,because of such disrespect for our president. Two things i know for certain, none of you a...s, have ever stepped inside a church, or even believed anything the bible says, and u are all racist...for sure....why when John McCain ran for president, not one questioned where he was born, even if you knew it...not the USA....Sandusky is filled with a lot of hateful people. I also know it is filled with people who believe only what they hear on Fox news, because you are to lazy to look up the real facts.I am afraid of people like you, not the thugs...well maybe u are the same. I know God is watching me, and i will not worry about when i die, I do not...hate a person because he is black,I know it is because his hair is not blonde and his eyes are not blue,is the only reason you hate OUR President.You wonder why the kids now days, have no respect,and don't care who's feeling they hurt, and are stupid......they hear it from you. I don't go to church, but I pray, and thank God for all i have.....I am afraid because of this, our children, are going to be worse than you are....and i don't need to read that my spelling is wrong etc. You are a bunch of bullies.

tell it how it is

I've gone to church my entire life, am a Christian, and am in fact not racist.
But, I don't like our President. I did not vote for him, I was actually a very strong advocate against him.

BUT, the democratic party played on his being colored. So if that's how they want to play it, I feel that as a Republican, I can too.

When there's someone so idiotic running my country, I'll be as disrespectful as I please to everyone who screwed up MY future.


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tell it how it is

They'll only become extinct when people like you stop reproducing. It's really just not good for our world.