Live blog from the Register team at the 2013 inauguration

Click here for our live blog from Monday's inauguration events in Washington D.C.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 21, 2013


Pick up a copy of Tuesday's Register for complete coverage from Washington from Register reporter Andy Ouriel and photographer Jason Werling.  The live blog is below.




The Big Dog's back

What a wonderful event!



Taxed Enough Already



Even though I voted for Obama, I've thought for years that a 2nd-term President should forego a public inauguration event.

2cents's picture

I was thinking that as well. Lots of $$$ for a party.


The presidency and constitution are dead; all hail King Obama, more rules by Fiat, and his progressive minions………



Despite the misguided leadership of our federally-elected officials such as Obama & Boehner & Reed & Pelosi, our country still survives because of the system of Checks & Balances set up by our Founding Fathers.


Do you believe this level of spending can be sustained? As far as I can tell, there isn't anyone that has the either the power or inclination to stop it.
As to checks and balances I'll just mention the lack of a budget for three years. Isn't that considered one of the checks? Power of the Purse?

The Big Dog's back

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Finn Finn

Thank you Register. Frankly, that's the only type of comment Brutus ever makes.


I ___________hate the President, because___________________________________&_______________. He won fairly just accept it. No need to sulk.


I wonder why the press hasn't bash Michelle over her 9000 prive tag for her attire for the event, but when Anne Romney was in tv, the gloves were off. Thing is the liberal media was so dumb and didn't check their facts. They bashed Anne but Michelle's wear at the same event was 2x as much. Just more liberal reporting.


9000 prive [sic] tag? Nancy Regan only wore Oscar!!!


I had hoped that the sour grapes would cease soon after the election.. Apparently not.


I couldn't agree more. Such whinning and gripping.

bored reader

Might be griping. The only gripping conservatives want is their hands around the necks of loser liberals!!

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It is not the man; it is what he has planned and what he believes in that will take this country apart financially. You cannot continue to spend what you do not have, very simple!

Swamp Fox

Like watching the Hindenberg approach, lots of hot air and knowing a disaster is about to occur......


There are folks consistently contributing online remarks praising President Obama's past performance and projecting a positive future based on his outlook/plans, just as there are folks consistently contributing online remarks disparaging President Obama's past work and forecasting doom and gloom for the next four years. And I think this is pretty consistent with how our two major political parties operate, thus making it extremely difficult for any form of compromise or an attempt to reach middle ground.

Online here in SR comments, just as with our federally-elected officials, the central themes emerge in message after message. Both "sides" continuously focus on telling the other side they're wrong, with little attempt by either "side" to dispatch with the negative and focus on moving forward in a positive direction for the country. Talk shows and news channels seem to only fan these flames of difference.

I believe to move forward our elected officials need to collectively take a good introspective look at themselves, ask if they're doing everything they can to put aside differences and consider their opposition party concerns, and then reach across the aisle to see what they can do jointly to move our country forward. Both parties are right. Both parties are wrong. But we need them to put aside their differences and focus on We the People.


Well said and very true!