Oak Harbor crash victim sues ex-firefighter's wife

The surviving victim of a car crash that killed her boyfriend is suing the ex-wife of the man who caused the crash for making defamatory statements about her.
Jessica Cuffman
Jan 21, 2013


Olivia Duty, 22, was driving her car north on Ohio 19 in Ottawa County on July 16, 2010, when a pickup slammed into her car at Oak Harbor Southeast Road.

Her boyfriend, Ian Huffman, 24, of Elmore, was killed on impact.

The driver of the pickup, Timothy Johnson, 43, was charged criminally in Huffman’s death, and for injuring Duty. He had been answering an emergency call as a volunteer firefighter for Portage Township Fire District when the crash happened.

More than two years later, after a mistrial and months of litigation in a civil lawsuit, Johnson pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide and attempted vehicular homicide. He was sentenced to nine months in jail.

His pickup reached speeds of up to 98 mph only seconds before the crash, experts said at the trial.

In October, Duty and Huffman’s parents, Maureen and John Huffman, agreed to a $1.57 million settlement in their lawsuit against Johnson.

In the comments section of a newspaper article posted online by the Toledo Blade about the settlement, Johnson’s ex-wife, Christina Kinsler-Johnson, contributed several posts through her Facebook account.

In a lawsuit filed in Erie County Common Pleas Court this week, Duty alleges Kinsler-Johnson’s comments were false misrepresentations of fact — especially when she asserted that Duty caused the crash and lied to the Ohio State Highway Patrol about it.

Duty contends Kinsler-Johnson intended to cause her emotional distress by posting more than a dozen comments about the case with misleading information.

“Johnson’s conduct was so extreme and outrageous to go beyond the bounds of decency and was such that the conduct can be considered utterly intolerable in a civilized society,” according to the lawsuit.

Now, under allegations of intentional infliction of emotional distress and defamation, Duty seeks more than $50,000 in damages against Kinsler-Johnson.

Ian’s father, John, is representing her in the lawsuit.



ahhhh, was just a matter of time.


well, she pulled out in front of him, didn't she?


Careful. She'll sue you next. Whatever happened to free speech?


Regardless if she pulled out in front of him and even though he ad lights and sirens on he is only supposed to be 10 miles per hour over the posted speed limit not 98mph. They are also supposed to slow for intersections and watch for oncoming traffic, even LEO's slow at intersections when on a call and watch for other traffic, no excuses for safety.

Rod Farva

Ohio revised code does not state any speed limit. Though when using red lights and siren, one must operate with due regard to public safety.


and driving laws state you must pull over for all saftey, fire and police vehicle when they are running lights and sirens, does it not?

Rod Farva

Very, true. I was speaking to the statement above that stated emergency vehicles can only go 10 over posted limit.


Just on the guidelines alone, they got her by the throat on this one. OUCH! She may be guilty of what they are suing her for. Was the ex Mrs Johnson telling the truth? I wonder about this even now? She sounds really angry but you have to admit, she really let this girl have it...if I was in her shoes, I would have too. That was a fire fighter on route to a call with lights and sirens going. You would have to be blind and deaf not to hear that coming. (JUST MY OPINION).

I have to agree with jamo....what ever happened to free speech?


wow, really, are we back in 5th grade, "she said this and this on facebook" get a life and who the heck cares what someone says about you on the damn internet. If you were truly not at fault, why would you even give a damn. people are so pathetic sometimes.