Sandusky Bay agents profile Hispanics, use slur 'wetbacks'

Three very large corporate farms in Huron County "harbor wets."
Jessica Cuffman
Jan 19, 2013

So said Agent in Charge of the Sandusky Bay U.S. Border Patrol, Cory Bammer,  according to court documents filed in federal court Thursday.

"Wets" is a shortening of the term "wetback," a derogatory racial slur used against people of Hispanic or Mexican descent.

In the email reviewed by attorneys suing the Border Patrol and Bammer, he allegedly told his agents in an email that cooperation with Huron County law enforcement is important because of the three large farms — and the people who work there.

"That doesn't meet my view of the way that we should be in the United States of America," said attorney Leslie Murray, one of several lawyers representing five individuals and two organizations in a lawsuit filed against the agency in 2009.

To read a copy of the brief filed in an appeal to keep courts from dismissing the case, click below.

To read more about the history of the case and Murray had to say about the appeal, pick up a copy of Saturday's Register.



Ok, sorry.

The Big Dog's back

I'm just saying illegals wouldn't be here if no one would hire them. There are plenty of companies right here in NW Ohio who employ them.

Swamp Fox

dog breath and the party line of class envy, surprising since the illegals have taken jobs from union members/middle class in the construction industry....

The Big Dog's back

And who is hiring them?

Swamp Fox

dog breath, The employer should forfeit their business if convicted of hiring an illegal worker, and the illegal should be jailed and deported after serving their sentence, both would serve as a deterrent. What we are doing isn't working, lets try really enforcing the law with real penalties.....


They don't TAKE the job, they are willing to do the job. Everyone gets HIRED in some form. The blame goes to the employer!


@ deertracker:

Your info is grossly outdated. Mexico's current economic growth rate is "stellar" compared to the U.S.', slowing down the desire for both legal and illegal immigration.


The General Law on Population enacted in Mexico in April 2000, which mandates that federal, local and municipal police cooperate with federal immigration authorities in that country in the arrests of illegal immigrants. Under the Mexican law, illegal immigration is a felony, punishable by up to two years in prison. Immigrants who are deported and attempt to re-enter can be imprisoned for 10 years. Visa violators can be sentenced to six-year terms. Mexicans who help illegal immigrants are considered criminals. Now the big kicker: The law also says Mexico can deport foreigners who are deemed detrimental to the economic or national interests or violate Mexican law, are not physically or mentally healthy or lack the necessary funds for their sustenance and for their dependents. So why does Mexico criticize the USA, when it is tougher to be undocumented in their own country? I agree with Dog though, if corporations here would just stop using them.

On a brighter note I was reading that the economy has been so bad in America that Mexicans are returning to their homes for lack of work. They can make more assembling Big Three Automotive components such as Lear Mexico or Government Motors Ramos.


That needed to be known. Thank-you and well said!


To apply for and be granted this visa, the applicants must have certain family connections in Mexico, or apply for retirement status and prove they have sufficient monthly income (or substantial assets) to support themselves, or meet a minimum score under the Points System, or be granted political asylum. A corporation that meets minimum point scores may sponsor a worker(s). The financial requirements have been tightened up following the introduction of the new immigration law in 2012. What the heck, you mean one cannot just go to Mexico without job nor money. I was hoping to go there, weave baskets and live on welfare until Ford hires me at $5 a day?! American auto components coming from Mexico is predicted to increase by over 20% over next several years. Nice to know the bailout benefited Mexican and Chinese workers as American non-union Delphi workers got crapped on.

John Harville

"This is my command. I command that you love one another as I have loved you."
- Jesus Christ

Go douche (French for 'shower', Sarah) your souls,Folks.

Swamp Fox

LUKE 8:39 "Return home and tell how much God has done for you."


Leviticus 19:33-34

I real border patrol program established in 1954. Calling it "Racist" While neglecting to know whether it was real protocal is jumping the PC gun. Somthing alot of liberal are obviously good at.


Really, is this news worthy?

Much ado about nothing.


Geez, keine Knappheit am Hass hier.


You sprechen Deutsch pretty gut.


We had a "meeting" with the head man over at Sandusky Bay station. He was an arrogant arse until we didn't back down. (we reported one of his little rookies)

I can believe they do this sort of thing really easily with the attitude HE had.

The "sticks and stones" rhythm comes to mind but its more the attitude that would get me going. Makes you want to slap em hard right in the kisser.


My Hunky dad used the term, "Pepper belly".

It appears to me it's not so much in the "name" as it is in the attitude of the individual using the "name".

Like any pitch, it's all in the delivery.


Warhrer dat Shizzle Mann.


"Warhrer" does not compute.
Maybe " wort " ?

The General

Mexican chicks dig my "mooseknuckle"


Maybe these guys need to go back into hiding and lay low to keep themselves out of trouble. What a waste of money. Being a charter captain, I have seen them at their best. Running a night trip out of Lorain, I saw a reflectors on the end of a wall there at 230am. I shine my spot up to the lights and what is it??? A Border patrol agent camped out in his suv! I am sure watching for illegals stealthly sneaking into the US via the port of lorain in October.
Then recently I see another agent camped out in the middle of the day at the entrance to the old bay bridge on the danbury side in the old bait store parking lot with his phone up on the wheel texting away. I am sure texting his crew about more possible illegals squatting in the old bait store or something.
I am all for law enforcement and homeland security and support them as much as possible. However, this gov't waste is insane. The huge new building and fancy tahoe's and boats is just over the top.
This is what you get from "idle hands"


"True dat shizzle playa, "True dat." Ja!



Ja. Wahre = true

zwei zu viele r