Health department raises OK'd

SANDUSKY A Scrooge-like economy couldn't steal away the giving spirit at Erie County Health Departme
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



A Scrooge-like economy couldn't steal away the giving spirit at Erie County Health Department, where board members approved raises of up to 6 percent for administrators and 4 percent for rank-and-file workers.

"They've been financially responsible in spending the money, so we thought the raises were appropriate," said Linda Miller-Moore, board president.

Nine of 11 board members were present, and they unanimously approved the increases to kick in with the new year.

Three administrators' salaries were increased 6 percent, two increased 5 percent and one increased 4 percent. Non-administrative employees will receive wage increases up to 4 percent, depend-ing on performance evaluations done by one ofthe six administrators who oversee them.

Topping the list of the six administrative earners is health commissioner Pete Schade, whose $110,780 annual salary will jump 6 percent, to $117,416.

Also receiving a 6 percent raise was Joe Palmucci, director of administrative services, whose salary will jump from $65,624 to $69,555, and Janet Mesenburg, director of nursing, whose salary will increase from $60,236 to $63,856.

Receiving a 5 percent increase was Robert England, director of environmental health, and Scott Thom, construction programs administrator. England's annual salary will jump from $61,443 to $64,521, while Thom's will go from $60,819 to $63,856.

Community health director Sharon Schaeffer received a 4 percent increase, bumping her yearly earnings from $61,651 to $64,126.

Schade said he asked board members to approve the increases for management and staff based on objectives the employees completed throughout the year. He asked board members for a 4 percent increase for himself, but after a brief closed-door meeting without Schade, the board opted to give him a 6 percent raise.

Erie County Health Department employs 56 full-time workers and 48 part-timers, all of whom will be given raises of up to 4 percent.

The health department projects an $80,000 cash carryover from 2009 to 2010, and its annual budget is expected to increase about $300,000, from $6.2 million to $6.5 million.



It kills me, why do the FAT DOGS @ the TOP always get a much bigger percentage of a raise than the people actually DOING the WORK? They are already making MORE than anybody else, so give them an even bigger raise! Yes, I guess it is hard to sit on your fat butt and watch somebody else WORKING!

Won't be long before the Health Dept. puts a levy on the ballot, say in May, probably?

I think wealth is a wonderful thing! I just don't like seeing MY wealth disappearing into government-assisted programs!! Raises of government workers should be approved by the taxpayer! And tax issues should be voted on by the people that are affected by the taxes! To rent a home and then say you pay sales tax and income tax is not the same thing as paying property tax! Yes, if you rent, your landlord raises your rent--that's a given! But what about the poor people who own a home who cannot afford repairs because taxes are so high? They don't have the benefit of rental income that your landlord does (which not much goes into repairs in that case either because you know it's just padding his pockets!) So as a renter, when you vote on property tax issues, you are only hurting the owners who are STRUGGLING to hold onto a home for their families!


Oh, so Schade asked for a measly 4% raise but then the Board Members, behind CLOSED DOORS AGAIN, decided what? he might up and quit a $115,000 job unless we bribe him with another 2%? Seriously! These board members need to GO!!!! BTW, what do board members make in the way of a salary as a board member? I was thinking of replacing one of those cushy jobs that were just vacated with the city, but I'm rethinking that decision now. I want a cushy job with the health dept!!

Jack Imhoff

give em more... they look underfed .

6079 Smith W

@ Jack Imhoff:

Better watch it, that astute observation got me censored. LOL.

6079 Smith W

Quicksand wrote:

'I want a cushy job with the health dept!!'

You’re on the right track.

According to the Ohio Dept. of Jobs and Family Services for Oct., 2009:

Ohio's nonfarm wage and salary employment totaled 5,098,400.

Service-providing employment was at 4,293,600, (an increase of 2,200).

Of the 2,200 new jobs in the Service sector – 1,300 (59%) of ‘em were in govt.

The remaining 900 (41%) were most likely temporary retail jobs.

Obama and Strickland ARE helping lower the unemployment rate – by hiring more govt. workers!

Come on county! Do your part! Hire, hire, hire…


You have got to be kidding me! Other county services must make 10% cuts and the administration of the health department get 6% raises. Does anyone in this county have a clue? You all need to be replaced. The county has no money. What are you thinking? Where are the commissioners and the county administrator says "NO"?Does the health department have their own rules?

I will personally spend my own money to defeat any health department levy. I will not forget this insult to the taxpayers at election time.

Am I upset? You betcha!


Lets see. We could have saved a couple county family services employees. Or maybe kept a deputy sheriff. Why keep the people who do the actual work? The administration of all the other county departments must be fuming. They have to lay off employees and the health department gets raises. Who is in charge? Mr. Monahagn? Mr. Shenigo? Mr. Ferrell? Mr. Bixler? Guess not! You are all just speaking bobbleheads?


Can everyone say 'greedy'? There is no excuse for this to be allowed and shame on those who are being greedy in these tough economic times. Just say no for crying out loud and at least you'll get some respect.

On a side note, I called the Social Security office on Friday to see how to get another card and they have a recorded message that says there will not be any Cost Of Living Adjustments for 2010. That means that those on Social Security have to live on the same amount of money for another year. Let's see these self-serving, hoover dam administrators do that, too!

Jack Imhoff

wait til the government goes to tally the 2009 tax revenues next year... and there aren't any.

6079 Smith W

Here's another one for ya:

Did you know that the $1.1 trillion spending bill that the Dems are about to pass after overcoming a Repub filibuster, gives Federal employees a 2% wage increase?

Local employees are losing their jobs left and right and local and federal public employees are getting wage increases – that seems fair doesn’t it?

On Dec. 8, Obama said that we '...had to spend our way out of this recession...'

Doesn’t it seem sensible to assume that by passing out raises from taxpayers to public employees that we’ll get country, state and counties back to prosperity and increase economic growth?

Can you say voodoo economics?

6079 Smith W

gryphyn wrote on Dec 13, 2009 10:01 AM:

‘…there will not be any Cost Of Living Adjustments for 2010.'

The last I heard, Obie was gonna try to swing a flat $250 increase for ya.

He wants to keep people votin’ Democrat.


Oliver Hardy

When the next tax levy comes up, the voters will forget all about the raises. Give it a few months and the health district will plead for more money while cutting back on services and staff workers.

Vote For 1
FOR THE TAX LEVY . . . . . . . . 22,408 57.31
AGAINST THE TAX LEVY. . . . . . . 16,690 42.69
Total . . . . . . . . . 39,098

The health department projects an $80,000 cash carryover from 2009 to 2010, and its annual budget is expected to increase about $300,000, from $6.2 million to $6.5 million.

bill ney

"Rank and file" employees. That's the lowly message sent out to those behind-the-scenes individuals who make "administrators" successful.

In my more than 30 years of being responsible for the welfare and quality-of-life for hundreds of "employees," THIS PERCENTAGE OF INCREASE by this board is just the opposite of what it SHOULD be.

Let's look at this, making an assumption that "administrators" have an salary of at least $35,000, and the "rank and file" make $8 per hour. There are 2080 hours in a fulltime work year. That's $16,640.

So, the chiefs have an increase of $2,100 annually, while the "rankers" receive an annual increase of $665.60, OR, a weekly raise of $12.80. Does that piddling amount mean anything Vs. today's cost of living?

I'm sure some blogger will have correct information on WHAT the "Rankers" are paid per hour. If it goes up to $12-$15 per hour, do your own math.

Also, it is possible that "administrators" have fully-paid-for benefits, while the "rankers" may pay a percent of the "ranker" premium.

I would like to know the names of the board members, and The Register should ask those who were absent just how THEY feel about the "unanimous" decision.


I'm sure all of you would say "no" to a raise, right? Of course all of you would just hate to make that much money too. No, I don't work for the HD or make anything close to that amount. Jealousy is a b***h and it just makes your life miserable.



I will not forget. And at levy time I will remind the voting public of this with my own money. We are all in this together. Oops, I'm sorry, the health department doesn't have to live under the same county mandate as the other departments. I can see lawsuits or some type of work stoppage by the non-administrative employees. I am struggling not to call our county leaders some appropriate names.


%7,000 per year increase is roughly $ 3.50 per hour, the equivalent of one half worker making minimum wage.

Taxpayers foot the bill for this giveaway.


I will not forget this at election time either. I have always voted yes for Health Dept. levies. NOT AGAIN! I don't use it, why should I keep funding raises for fat administrators? There are people layed off from the county, and they are giving raises? Totally out of line. Bad timing in a bad economy. BAD DECISION!


Dumb move people.

OMG I agree with the wingnuts on this one.

Oliver Hardy

To Cobbwebb:

Info about the Erie County Health Board:

Board of Health
Linda Miller-Moore, President
Ms. Miller-Moore was appointed to the Board of Health by the District Advisory Council in September, 1996. Her Current term ends on March 31, 2012.

Charles G. Adams, MD, President Pro-Tem
Dr. Adams was appointed to the Board of Health by the Vermilion City Council in August, 1980. His current term ends on August 31, 2013.

Dr. Marsha Cooper
Dr. Marsha Cooper was appointed to the Board of Health by the Sandusky City Commission in May, 2008. Her current term ends on December 31, 2010.

Thelma Darden
Ms. Darden was appointed to the Board of Health by the Sandusky City Commission in January, 1994. Her current term ends December 31, 2013.

Dawn DeMuth
Ms. DeMuth was appointed to the Board of Health by the District Advisory Council on March 27, 2001. Her current term ends on March 31, 2011.

Larry Holkenborg
Mr. Holkenborg was appointed to the Board of Health by the District Advisory Council in October, 1990. His current term ends on March 31, 2013.

George L. Mylander
Mr. Mylander was appointed to the Board of Health by the City of Sandusky in January, 1998. His current term ends on December 31, 2012.

Alice Roehrs
Ms. Roehrs was appointed to the Board of Health by the Huron City Council in February, 2004. Her current term ends on August 31, 2013.

George Steinemann
Mr. Steinemann was appointed to the Board of Health by the Sandusky City Commission on November 12, 2002. His current term ends on December 31, 2009.

Clifton Frisby
Mr. Frisby was appointed to the Board of Health by the Sandusky City Commission in January 2009. His current term ends on December 31, 2011.

Richard Bulan
Mr. Bulan was appointed to the Board of Health by the District Licensing Council on April 4, 2002. His current term ends on March 31, 2011.

My reply: What I question is that Mr. Schade asked for a "4 percent increase for himself, but after a brief closed-door meeting without Schade, the board opted to give him a 6 percent raise."

Money to burn? Do not blame Mr. Schade on this or the other Erie County Health workers.

bill ney

"To: Oliver Hardy:"

Thank you for the info. Printed, and I hope many other also do. Including the reporter.

Was George Mylander at the meeting? Know him well, and I suspect he was absent. Hope so.


Based on the information provided by Oliver Hardy this looks like an independent body that has no responsibility to follow the county commissioners or the county administrator. If I'm wrong please let me know. With that said the only recourse of the taxpayers is to vote down any and all levies this body requests. I will not forget this slap in the face of taxpayers. Is there any procedures to remove these individuals who are clueless to the taxpayers?


they need a fit challenge in that office fer sure

Wes Poole

Don't forget, Isn't this is the volunteer board, who also pay themselves a salary?

Edwin Ison

From the health Dep't web page...

As always, if there is ever a concern or comment about our services, please contact
me personally at 419-626-5623 ext. 112 or by cell at 419-656-2796.
Yours in Good Health!
Peter T. Schade, MPH, RS
Health Commissioner
Erie County General Health District

As Administrative Support, we look ahead to 2009 as a year in which we will be challenged
to maintain our fiscal responsibility while addressing the needs of the Health

Jack Imhoff

On the positive side; This wage increase announcement has triggered Tim Horton's decision to open a new location next to the Dept. offices...


How is this?

Just mail in your PAY Check to the Government, and what the Government does not use, they will send back?


If they can afford raises, can they start using the caravan again


"FLASH!" "Governmental workers pay is twice as much as the private sector and the health sector's pay is 10,000,000 times more." I wanna be a gastroentimalogist and be able to clean out all the bull for BIG bucks. (Dream on)


The guy in the photo looks like Jack Imoff's son!


Couldn't the money spent on raises have been used to keep the recycling centers open another year? The stuff placed in those centers will now go to the landfill, which in turn will create more revenue for the county from the increased charges to the haulers. Oh, now we see how their minds work!!!

dorothy gale

My mother received her "no raise" letter from Social Security this week. There's something wrong with this picture and it's NOT about jealousy as someone stated earlier.

Maxwell House

I have used the services of Erie County Health Dept. and appreciate everything they do for our community. But, when I voted for the tax-levy, I was under the impression the money would go for good causes such as breast pumps for nursing mothers, car seats for indigent parents, free immunizations, etc... I guess I was wrong. Never, Ever again will I vote for an Erie County Health Dept. Tax Levy.


It just doesn't sit well with taxpayers to give all 56+ employees a raise. Not when all you hear from the commissioners is how broke the county is. Not when people all over the county are losing their jobs and homes. This isn't to say that the health dept workers don't work hard. But so do a lot of other people who are not getting raises, some for the second or third year in a row. It just doesn't make for good PR for the health dept. And if Schade gets appointed to the new Farm Board, well, he won't care if another health levy passes or not because he won't be here to deal with the fallout of this bad decision.


Dear SamIAm- your posts make too much sense- very logical- something that the Health Dept. does not seem to have. And yes, they will pay for this poor decision they made. Many people have lost their jobs or taken pay cuts; yet the Health Dept. takes their extra money to give their boss a 6% raise??? Come on now= you could not use any of that money on direct services for the county? Hmmmm......


I never thought I'd see it but I think we finally have a topic that the lefties and righties all agree on!


I will remember. I will spend my own money to support the defeat of any health department levy. Renewal or new. I will not let people forget the 6%.