Greenway neighbors want MetroParks held in contempt

HURON Five Huron River Greenway landowners are asking the state's top court to find Erie MetroParks
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Five Huron River Greenway landowners are asking the state's top court to find Erie MetroParks in contempt of a judge's order to pay the landowners for property the park system took in 1999.

Property owners have said they've spent more than $1 million in their legal battle with the park system.

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boo hoo

Here is an idea, how about the metro parks cut their losses and just tell the land owners to keep their strip of dirt. Land owners won the case. As far as the legal fees, tell the land owners that is the cost of doing business, besides, I remember the CPPR (Citizens for the Protection of Property Rights)being set up and holding fundraisers for the legal fees anyway. Are these land owners going to reimberse the people who helped fund their cause or just keep their money as profit? Hmmm that seems a bit shakey.

Jack Imhoff

re boohoo;

if you ever move out of section 8 and own your own trailer your tune will change.

boo hoo

WOW! good one, this coming from such an intellectual, that he uses a name that refers to masterbation? I have a home in the B-M district the school needs my tax dollars more than a few people trying to profit from a lawsuit. Keep the land, just quit reaching into tax payers pockets. The Park district wasted enough money fighting with you. You won, the land was appraised at $11,560. take that amount or keep the land. Seems simple to me.


seriously? seriously? how much more time are we going to waste as a state on this stupid situation? WAAAA WAAAA WAAAA, Legal fees? that's what happens prop owners when you waste this much time in court. Time we get a final answer on this situation so the good people can walk and enjoy this stretch of land the way they want to. Metro parks, just even up w/ these people. You've prob spend 3 times as much in legal fees. Prop owners, quit your crying as much. You were wronged in a way, get used to it, that's life. now I do not know the complete story, but there had to be a plan way back when, when this project started. Oh I don't know, maybe maps, lines??, figures, footage measurements?, some kind of thing where if you read the original plans correctly, you'd have know what was going to happen??? Like I said, I don't know the whole story, but it seems like people scrrewed up and everyone wants everyone to pay.

This is why our legal system is flawed, so that people like this can go after others in court and waste so much time and money in our legal system. for whoever looses in this, i hope the judge makes the looser pay all the legal fees just to prove a point. And yes prop owners, that could be you.

I leave all with this question. Is this anything that could have been avoided or averted if we all used a bit of common sense when this project started? I tend to beleive so myself.

Jack Imhoff

re boo hoo;

don't pay your school tax, you were cheated out of an education, or you are just dumb.

Jack Imhoff

re boo hoo;

the BM district... that fits you.


With an all-new Metroparks Board and a new Director, too, still the same problems with this project. I should be obvious that the problem isn't Metroparks.


Why SHOULDN'T the property owners have a judgment for legal fees made in their favor? After all, if EMP hadn't effectively STOLEN their land, and then refused time after time to stop (and, in fact, continued to escalate the matter), none of this would have happened. What kind of an idiot blames the property owner merely for fighting to keep what's rightfully his, eh?

The REAL taxpayer waste is EMP. As far as I'm concerned, they should not only reimburse the legal costs (after the fundraising proceeds are applied, obviously) of the property owners, but should then have to reimburse the Erie County taxpayer. Again, this is EMP's bad, nobody else's.

Julie R.

The property owners might look into charging the Courts, too. If they went to Court 14 years ago with deeds in hand showing proof that they were the rightful owners to the property why is this case still going on? Seems to me it should have been over before it even began. I still say that the reason for this prolonged litigation is nothing more than legal abuse. It's being done to wear the property owners down and run them out of money to fight while making a ton of money for the Lorain County lawyers at the expense of the Erie County taxpayers.


This is all about EGO.

Nothing else.

Anyone who has a website devoted to himself is an egomaniac.

Google "retired mayor" and see for yourself.

boo hoo

Re: Jack Imhoff
You call me stupid, and then make fun of the school district that this land runs through. That is where all of the people who are crying about this land were educated. Like I said, if the land is that important to these owners, then EMP should just tell them all to keep it. We have enough parks already. As far as the legal fees go, the owners must have had the means to spend it in the first place for such important land, so why should that come out of the people of Erie county's pocket?

Jack Imhoff

Your grammar, vocabulary, and syntax corroborate the quality of your BM education. You were shortchanged. Your line of thought seems to validate the dumb and dumber conjecture. The park nazis are in the wrong, plain and simple. Why should the taxpaying landowners have to pay a nickel to stave off the park nazis illegal aggression ? The entire county has been royally shafted by the park nazis... face it.


The Park System was ordered by the Court to pay the landowners two years ago. The Park System dragged their feet in starting any appropriation proceedings to abide by that ruling. They (EMP) are the ones that are keeping this fiasco going on and spending taxpayers dollars on this project that was started by the previous Board and Director. The current realm thought they could take over and finish this project. Maybe with some finagling from the previous board members?

This could have been avoided if EMP would have listened to the landowners at the very first meeting that was held to get the publics opinion back in the early 1990's. At that meeting, it was well known that the landowners did not want to have this in their backyards.

The fundraisers that were held were to help pay the attorneys fees to fight this battle to keep their property, so we as Americans can be proud of and keep what is ours.

Every time Erie Metroparks has land given to them or has a grant that is given to them to buy up land for a trail or park, we loose more tax revenue to the county which in turn raises your taxes to make up for all the property that they do not have to pay taxes on! Yes, I agree this fiasco needs to be resolved and they need to pay up and get out!

boo hoo

Re: Jack Imhoff
Sorry Jack I wasn't aware that the message boards were being graded by you. I agree that the land owners won, the land was appraised and from what I understand, the land owners did not feel it was enough. If the court ordered the attorney fees paid then follow the ruling, including the value put on the land. If they feel that value is not enough, then just keep the land. What more are the land owners asking for? Maybe the public should hear that side of the story.

Julie R.

Bottom line is----MetroParks never had the right to take that land to begin with. For some reason this county and that big law firm from Lorain County think they can do any illegal thing they want here in Erie County. Because of the judges, maybe?

Julie R.

I'm surprised the attorneys for MetroParks didn't request their favorite Erie County judges, Binette and McGookey.


Boo Hoo,

Your post reveals that you failed to study the constitution or bill of rights.

"""Government is instituted to protect property of every sort .... This being the end of government, that is NOT a just government,... nor is property secure under it, where the property which a man has ... is violated by arbitrary seizures of one class of citizens for the service of the rest." James Madison

Property is surely a right of mankind, as really as liberty. (John Adams)

EVERYONE should read the article/pamphlet below.


Lets have a law that states that those working for government and violated the RIGHTS of citizens, THEY PERSONALLY SHALL BE ACCOUNTABLE for damages!!!

Its terrible that WE should have to carry the burden for bums in EM Parks that thumbed their noses at the laws and constitution!

I say make a law that holds them PERSONALLY responsible! Years ago it would be acceptable and right to hang them all who violate the citizens rights in the name of the majority or convienence.

We ALL know that they sat in offices and KNEW they were violating the rights of these landowners, but they also knew that they personally would not have to pay a dime.



Yeah, the land owners really won didn’t they?? The only thing they have succeeded in is making their properties UNSELLABLE! Their properties are now stigmatized and nobody would buy them. Anywhere else, their property values would have increased being in such close proximity to a metro park. They have only shot themselves in the foot.

Oliver Hardy

I am curious if that agreement to dissolve the Milan Canal Company that was approved on or about March 28, 1904 was ever looked at more closely? The agreement was approved in Erie County Common Pleas Court on that date I believe.

Some documents from the Citizens for the Protection of Property Rights web site: (rent-a-judge request) (title search) (your tax dollars at work) (judge ignores petition) (SR Viewpoint 01/14/2004)


It appears that a roll of Charmin toilet paper has more value than legal documents in the courts of Eerie County and the chambers of the judges in Ohio.


When white man came here there were no taxes.
Women did all the work.
White man thought he could improve on that.

boo hoo

Why can't EMP just pay the legal bill, and you keep the land? The legal system worked, you kept your land. It was a strip of dirt from the rail road serving no purpose. It is still a strip of dirt and (since the park can't use it) and serves no real purpose. Please just keep it! Don't expect the rest of us tax payers to foot the bill for your expected profit.


This is just another abuse of the legal system in Erie County. The judges and EMParks should all be held accountable for trying to steal another persons land. This county is so corrupt I wish someone would come in and investigate and put some of the "want a be God's" in jail where they belong. There days of getting levy's passed is long gone.