JUST IN: Six arrested on drug-related charges in Port Clinton

PORT CLINTON Ottawa County officials arrested six men on drug charges following an investigation by
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Ottawa County officials arrested six men on drug charges following an investigation by the Drug Task Force, Ottawa County Sheriff’s, Port Clinton police and the Catawba Island Township police.

Joshua T. Large, 30, faces one count of engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity, a first-degree felony; two counts of trafficking in cocaine, a second-degree felony; and one fourth-degree felony count of trafficking in cocaine.

Kevin Curry, 22, faces one count of trafficking in amphetamines, a third-degree felony; and one fourth-degree felony count of the same charge.

George Curry, 23, is charged with one count of trafficking in hydrocodone, a fourth-degree felony.

Virginia Curry, 45, is charged with one count of permitting drug abuse, a fifth-degree felony.

Jonathon Ohm, 23, faces one count of trafficking in marijuana, a fifth-degree felony, and Michael Caldwell, 51, faces three counts of trafficking in Pentazocine HCI.


R U Kidding me

thats awsome but who woke the task force. I don't know if they know theres drugs everywhere. I see it at work I see it at parties I even see it at the local salloon. sorry thats a drop on the bucket to whats around us


The only way to stop the Drugs from hitting the streets is to close our borders and prevent other from traveling abroad as well as make the use or having drugs a capital affense .
Drugs are a big bussiness and is Killing our children , My god its even in the schools
Come on People lets get this out of our lives , once and for all


The only real way to stop drugs in this country is for Americans to stop the demand for them . If we weren't users there would be no demand thus no market for them here . I have seen people from every part of this areas social food chain taking part in this vicious circle, kind of life style and no matter if you're dirt poor, some bored rich kid , a politician , or a soccer mom from the so called good side of town . It is us demanding this crap and it will stay for as long as we call for it . It starts with a personal choice of which path we decide to take . This is personally a bitter subject with me because I've seen too many people choose the wrong path . I know it sounds dated but if we just say no it would be that easy . I know there will probably be smart @$$ remarks to this comment but that is the price of free speech everyone has a right to put their foot into their mouths .


Hey Bluto..make weed legal. I don't use it, but imo it isn't much different that drinking. Plus it was put on earth for a reason. Lets not kid ourselves weed is similar to booze during the twenties...the government couldn't stop it then, nor will they stop it now.


R u kidding me I agree. There are several druggies in my neighborhood in PC and heroin is one of the drugs. I don't care about a little pot if someone wants to do that. That's fairly innocuous, but coke and horse are something the people need to stay away from, especially when they have children. I think it takes the task force many months of investigation before they can get enough evidence to bring people in.

Oliver Hardy

The war on drugs is a total failure as was Prohibition.

I have to agree with kURT. Make weed legal. Control it by taxation and regulate it. Take it away from the drug cartels and gangs.

Instead of sending drug abusers to prison, treat them as victims. Ohio judges and lawyers view alcohol and drug abuse as a disease for themselves only.

During the early 1900s, many of the banned drugs were actually legal. Maybe that was national health care back then? Even Coca-Cola contained cocaine in those early years. Now the big drug companies took over the legal drug trade. Who are really the big drug dealers?

Treat the drug abusers as victims. Treat the drug cartels as the real criminals. The war on drugs will never be won with the current strategy.


The problem with pot is that it is no longer the same marijuana your father or grandfather partied with back in the day . It has been bred into a much more powerful creature . The argument back when was that it didn't even cause cancer , but now that it has been suped up by people looking for the bigger better thing- It does . The problem is people not the drugs - Cocaine was a plant that was chewed to help hunters with stamina and then some brainiac juiced it to create a more powerful effect . I don't defend drinking either , but it is legal now . We as a group seem to have a problem telling when enough is enough and not pushing things beyond their natural boundaries . Maybe there was a time when pot was no more harmless then booze or cigarettes but not any more . WE are the problem because we can't be satisfied with our own lives so we hide in drug or alcohol induced hazes . Everyone thinks they can handle it , but they can't . I have seen it up close and personal and it is horrible to watch someone you care about slip away . The answer is simple we don't buy it , it goes away . Simple supply and demand . Any first year business student could grasp this .


they ought to raid the trailers out on venice and greenfield aka "crackhead" village, there's scads of em out there.