Border patrol sued, accused of profiling, harassment

NORWALK A class-action lawsuit filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Toledo alleges U.S. Border C
Cory Frolik
May 24, 2010


A class-action lawsuit filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Toledo alleges U.S. Border Control agents at the Sandusky station and police officers in Norwalk, Plymouth and Attica engaged in discriminatory and illegal racial profiling.

Without reasonable suspicion or probable cause, the suit contends, police officers and border patrol agents restrained, interrogated and arrested people solely because they looked Hispanic.

"In none of those local cases were the people ever ticketed or arrested for anything," said lead counsel Mark Heller


brutus smith

Stop it goofus, I am agreeing with you to much. You are hurting my image.

brutus smith

Ahhh, just saw your last post. You were doing so good sticking to the facts and then you fall off the deep end again.


How do you think you would like it if there was no BP. I would much rather have them here doing their jobs then to be without them. If you are legal or an American Citizen and do not try to show up the BP when and if stopped you have nothing to worry about. When that Pastor refused to do as told by the BP person he put himself in the light as doing something wrong. I have been stopped before and followed their instructions and nothing happened. It is when you try to show them up or refuse a command that they will put you through the wringer. Keep up the good work BP and as far as I am concerned you are more then welcome to continue to do your jobs. Those who make all these claims against the BP usually do not tell the whole story. They think they did nothing wrong.

Chung Lee

Chung Lee hear another story about border patrol have training exercise in San Diego. Area agents involved had to drive out with their dogs and did not fly. Apparently it took some 3 days to drive there for the 3 day training and then 3 more paid days back. How much money wasted on gas, hotel and food. Chung Lee think they not too bright and no care about wasting money. These people are worse than drunken sailors. This type of waste is criminal.......and they are responsible for catching criminals? Why not let child molesters into schools to find child molesters?

j o r d a n

Let them do their job, the less illegal immigrants in this county-the better

La Mafia

@ jordan u forget u are the illegal in this MY native land!!

Truth or Dare


Hey Chung; I'm to understand the BP is receiving temporary (supposedly) housing at the Chessie, of which is being paid for them, their spouses and children by we the Taxpayers.

Had an interesting conversation w/a Border Patrol officer one evening, about a month ago. He flashed his badge and I thought he was a U.S. Marshall, so I asked, that's how the conversation started.

He commented that it isn't like it was when his Grandfather came over here from Ireland. Well, no duh! It isn't early 1900 anymore either! However, the reasons haven't changed as to WHY most come here, to escape poverty, war, threats of violence, suppression, to get an education, the ideals of FREEDOM! He stated that "these people" want to bring their culture here with them, rather than "assimilate" to the American culture. He was referring to Mexicans, South Americans, Latinos in general. As if they're the only foreigners, or things coming across our borders. Hmmm. My Grandfather came here in 1913, becoming a citizen in 1932. My Grandmothers' family even earlier, as she and her siblings were born here. They certainly didn't give up their entire HERITAGE, culture, call it what you will.

I asked this man to explain American Culture to me, he looked at me kinda wierd. He either couldn't or wouldn't answer, I don't know which. I then commented regarding the principles this Country was even began upon, cause many people came from many places, although there were many RACES, ETHNICITIES already here and for centuries at that!

Then I questioned him regarding the illegal substances that are flowin across our border from Canada into the U.S., or visa-versa, like illegal drugs, weapons, laundered money, etc., and what they're doing about that"? He stated " because it becomes political, their hands become tied". Nice, eh? I told him that only makes one wonder how much $$$$ is going into the pockets of our political powers. He agreed!

Not everyone void of blonde/light brown hair, blue or green eyes, fair skin and speaking English only, is an illegal alien, or a terrorist from abroad. They may want to SERIOUSLY start paying closer attention to the Domestic (homeland) Terrorism that is going on right within our own borders, from east to west, and north to south? Seems they've been being warned, AGAIN, for about 10 years now, as there has been a huge resurgence right here in America!!

Just a tad food for thought; The Volume Library #1- copyright 2001 by the Southwestern Co., Subject: Social Science; Science of Sociology/Social Problems, ie: Social control; Social Stratification; Classes in the United States; Poverty; Racial and Ethnic Inequality; Prejudice-discrimination......due to copyright infringement, you'll have to do tad bit of research yourselves if you wish.

This country believes in "Social control" through encouraging conformity and discouraging deviance. Example; Prison is referred to as a "total institution", others included are mental hospitals, MILITARY TRAINING INSTALLATIONS and RELIGIOUS ORDERS. Their purpose? To strip initiates of their old identities and taught new roles. Kinda like brain-washing!

Social Stratification; "When a Society is structured so that inequality affects whole categories of people". There are three componants of which this is based upon; wealth, power and prestige. White, middle-aged Protestant males, about l/20,000th. of our population wield a great amount of power within our country, controlling most American institutions, including corporations, GOVERNMENTS and education.

Classism in the U.S.; Although our Declaration of Independence states that "all men are created equal", depending upon what CLASS you are born into, equality ends at BIRTH! Today we still fight many obvious inequalities found in the U.S..

Poverty in America; The most stricken groups are racial minorities, women and the elderly. You can include CHILDREN along with them! There is a huge misconception that it's due to laziness, idleness, but the real FACTS are the majority of the poor do work and there are many other factors that play into why the poor remain so, such as unemployment, discrimination, etc.. Poverty in the Modern U.S. is one of our nations' most intractable problems we face, and we're suppose to be the richest, most powerful nation!

Racial and Ethnic Inequality; Classic definition of a minority (formulated by Louis Wirth): "a group of people which are singled out by others in society becuase of their physical and cultural characteristics, for differential and unequal treatment".

The American Experience regarding Racial and Ethnic Inequality; As I said, the U.S. before being settled and TAKEN OVER and re-settled again, already had a racially and ethnically diverse population. However, the NEW America hasn't learned the concept of TOLERANCE, as you can see by what has happened to the following in this country;

Native American Indians; dispossessed, displaced (both territorially and culturally), as well hunted and exterminated!

Blacks; Kept in slavery (until mid 1800's), also dispossessed, displaced, hunted and exterminated, and to this day still systematically deprived of basic civil rights, especially within the U.S. Judicial System, most all states, Ohio included having a major problem w/this!

Asian-Americans; arbitrary exclusion during WWII by being placed in internment camps.

Latinos (Spanish speaking peoples), whether Puerto Ricans, Mexican-Americans, or others found that because of their brown skin their opportunities would be very limited. They to experience unfair treatment regarding basic civil rights.

Jews; anti-Semitism (not anti-semantic) kept them out of certain neighborhoods (blacks as well), schools and professions. Our U.S. Govt. even tried to limit the immigration of certain "white ethnics" from Eastern and Southern Europe. Had they been completely successful, I and my family wouldn't exist.

Now we scrutinize anyone that may have a name that sounds like it may be Middle Eastern, or observes the Islamic Faith. Funny thing is, if people really study the origins, the history of the faith, it's a peaceful one, just like Christianity is to be!

Sex Discrimination; (especially regarding women and now the Gay Community, who face discrimination and violence, as well denial of basic civil rights in this country). I find it rather interesting that "the Judeo-Christian TRADITION is patriarchial, anti-female". It explains alot in regards to what's going on in our country, and it makes me wonder, are males truely the stronger of the sexes, or are they just a buncha bullies, selfish cowards, who'se only desire is to be in control of all things, especially SOCIETY as they see fit?!


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@ cashdummy.........Last two words in the last sentence. Or can't you read English?

You obviously have a computer. Google the name Mark Heller.

Sounds almost like the guy that got booted from the library.

Mrs. Smith

Truth or Dare: Thank you. Finally, someone that get it.

To the rest of you, unless you're a Native American, your ancestors weren't born here either.


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If there are so many of the Migra and they are so powerful and intrusive how do we have so many illegals left running around. And illegals, thanks to Cedar Point and the hoteliers in the area, can come in very european hues.


Sounds like 1940 nazis Germany to me. Just shut up and do what you are told to do. It's for your own good.All undesireibles will be deported and or put in jail.Learn from the past or be doomed to relive it.

brutus smith

Grayghost said: "If you are legal or an American Citizen and do not try to show up the BP when and if stopped you have nothing to worry about".

Somewhere I thought you innocent until proven guilty in this country. Oh well, must have been a bad dream.


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and all i asked 4 was the lawyers name


Doesn't really mattter who was here first, fact is it's not like that anymore. There are laws in place regarding illegals.

Mexico is pretty strict with their own immigration laws, ironic isn't it?

Chung Lee

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Un believable. A story about people's contitutional rights and they are pulling comments left and right. Just for the record, before someone says I am an illegal, I was born in Jelico Tennessee. Chung Lee was at Tienamen square and risked his life against commie tanks and he is not free to speak his mind in the USA


The point here Brutus is the minute you step onto American soil and do not have the proper paperwork you are guilty. It sounds like you think those that do break the law coming into this country are ignorant of this fact. There is no other country in the world that takes in as many immigrants as does the U.S. Try sneaking into other countries to live and find out what happens to you. So by your theory, when a person robs a bank or kills someone or rapes a young female the police should not go after this person because they would be committing a crime of profiling. It is people like you that cause many of the problems in this country. Wake up before your job is taken by an illegal or one breaks into your house and injures someone. We have laws and no one is supposed to be above them, or do you think we should not have laws and let everyone do as they please, or maybe you would like to pick and choose which ones you obey.


The Military could maybe learn from these illegals.
Last I read, President said there was 12 million in the United States, and Immigration can not find any. Or the people harboring 12 million Criminals. Giving them jobs outside the FEILDS. They know STELTH?


We need to fix the "leaking dam" before we start "scooping" out the water. Otherwise it is totally pointless!

Ned Mandingo

They should be profiling, it makes their job easier. Their is a problem in this country and its illegal mexicans, period. Not mass numbers of illegal africans or europeans. Its simple, if there is a APB out for a red van they look for red vans. If there is a problem with illegal mexicans they look for mexicans. Keep up the good work law enforcement and thank you for deporting these illegals.
Does anyone know what citizens can do to help? Who can you call if know where illegals are living at. Is there any groups like the Minutemen who volunteer to watch the mexican border around here?
Maby if you removed the mexican flag stickers and all the other stuff you people put on your cars you people wouldn't stick out.
I encourage all americans to watch the special this sunday by Lisa Ling. It is a documentary about the mexican drug murders how they are spilling over into our country. They call one city in mexico Bagdad of north america because all the violence.
People should look at how mexicans treat illegals in thier country. I don't think our officers beat them, rob them, merder them and rape the women do they. The mexican police do. Wow the U.S. Border patrol is all that bad after all

brutus smith

Being submissive like you grayghost is what is eroding our Constitution. People crossing the border illegally is one thing. American citizens who have done nothing wrong is another. People like you like to drape yourself in the flag, but in reality you would rather have it like Nazi Germany where only the s@ck butts can go about.


Border Patrol setting up roadblocks, the local police and Highway Patrol setting up roadblocks. How soon before we need papers to travel from one town to another?


The problem, as I see it, is that there is NO way to tell a criminal from an honest, law-abiding citizen, just by looking at someone. Criminals come in all colors and can be male or female.

The criminals take advantage of this and blend so well into the culture that they can go for years without being caught.

If I have to put up with a few more restrictions to feel safe in my life, then so be it, as long as we keep trying to catch the criminals.


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countrycowboy, excellent and high marks on your post, but it will not last long. You are absolutely correct about the proportion in the prison population. 69% are minorities. But, the response by the racist groups is the entire United States is racist. Imagine that? I always attributed people being sentenced to prison as an individual trial by peers, NOT a nationwide conspiracy. It is really the "crybaby" BLAME syndrome. If you run the statistics and conviction rates, you can almost predict, without racial profiling, who will be involved in violent crime, sneaking across the boarder, or involved in narcotics.


Mrs. Smith:

No, my ancestors weren't born here. But the difference between my ancestors and the criminal element sneaking across the border to day is a pretty obvious one: My ancestors came here LEGALLY. The fact that they then worked hard, learned to speak English, and ASSIMILATED didn't hurt their cause, either.

My Opinion Is:

The article quotes the lawsuit as ALLEGING "without probable cause." It doesn't say that there wasn't.

and to too many others:

All of the bleeding hearts who suggest that these people are "just trying to find a better life!" need to get a grip on the fact that these trespassers are committing a real crime. I mean, the truth is that if I had more money, I'd have a better life. So is it okay with you if I rob a bank? I mean, since it's only to give my kids enough food and keep the heat on? Is it okay for me to break in and steal your big screen TV to give my invalid father a better life? If not, WHY not? There's no difference... (And never mind the fact that 12 million or more working illegals are taking 12 million jobs at the height of the worst unemployment we've suffered here in decades.)

Just WAIT until the next terrorist attack on this country, and you had better believe that there will be one. We've already seen those of Middle Eastern extraction sneaking in in the midst of groups of illegal Mexicans, and for every one we've seen, I'm betting there are dozens who didn't get caught. As soon as a bomb blows up or an airplane crashes or an epidemic spreads, are you same soft-hearted fools going to be crying that the Border Patrol should have done a better job so as to save all of those innocent American babies? I'll bet you will...But the shame will be on YOU for doing your damndest (along with a bunch of short-sighted socialist politicians) to prevent them doing just that.

hancrack me up

Why all of a sudden the Border Patrol downtown? There wasn't anything for them to do 2 years ago when they weren't here & there still isn't.
What really cracked me up was one night there was a fight at the Crowbar & SPD, Cedar Point, Highway Patrol & a Border Patrol were all on the scene. I guess the brawlers must have been illegal aliens posing as C.P employees who didn't pay their turnpike fee.
Closest thing to "Bordewr Patrol" those guys are is being Taco Bell customers at 3a.m- making a "run for the border" themselves- or turning Brutus' parking lot on Boos Rd. into Inspiration Point.