Border patrol sued, accused of profiling, harassment

NORWALK A class-action lawsuit filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Toledo alleges U.S. Border C
Cory Frolik
May 24, 2010



A class-action lawsuit filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Toledo alleges U.S. Border Control agents at the Sandusky station and police officers in Norwalk, Plymouth and Attica engaged in discriminatory and illegal racial profiling.

Without reasonable suspicion or probable cause, the suit contends, police officers and border patrol agents restrained, interrogated and arrested people solely because they looked Hispanic.

"In none of those local cases were the people ever ticketed or arrested for anything," said lead counsel Mark Heller



WTF? Isn't that the point of their jobs? I hope they don't win that suit...they're beginning to take over everything in OUR country.

Erie County Resident

This lawyer must be an ambulance chaser to take this kind of a case on. He should be real proud of himself attacking his own country like this.

I would venture to guess the hispanic people involved in this lawsuit were dressed like, acted like, and were speaking nothing but spanish in public like illegal aliens would without ONE WORD OF IT IN ENGLISH!!!

Would make me take a closer look at them if I were doing my job right as a law enforecment officer.

If you don't want singled out then ACT like you belong in this country!!!



Kottage Kat

I agree, this is their job. Another frivilous lawsuit. And they will have to have an interpretor just to testify. Hope the lawyer speaks Spanish.


I hope an American is never racially profiled abroad.


Mum, that's different. We can't go to other countries without passports and doing everything legally. But somehow people can get into our country easily. So these people are just sneaking in here, then rubbing our own laws in our faces. It's an insult. I can't believe we stand for this. America needs to stop being the nice guy when it comes to this, because it's hurting our country, and our economy.


I thought they were also watching for those trouble making Canadians. I saw the boarder patrol boat in Sandusky Bay just this week! Goverment waste of money.

Ghost Town

Yep, looks like Obama "create more jobs" program is working. Now some bottom feeder attorney won't be out of a job and will make a quick 33% of any settlement.I wonder what would happen if I went to Mexico and tried to sue that country? I can hear the officials laughing as they threw my rear out into the street...or worse.

hancrack me up

I saw the Border Patrol truck sitting in the Taco Bell parking lot waaay out on Rt. 250 sitting there chit chatting with a Highway Patrol. 45 minutes later I was coming back & they were still both there, Thanks for all you do, Border Patrol.


@ scullebutt:
That's more about drugs and terrorists.
Wait until the day they DON'T due their jobs because of all of this PC horse $h!+.......

Chung Lee

Chung Lee know first hand how this work. Chung Lee and a Messycan friend go out on boat to barge party and then go to Lyman to find girls. Find no girls so we go to take boat out of water and we were stopped by border patrol. Not very nice experience. No probably cause they were there to make trouble. They then make Chung Lee walk home throuh ghetto back to Chesapeake. Not Chung Lee see these MF guys living in the Chesapeake!


I wounder who the lawyer is ? sounds like the Border patrol was just doing their job to me.

My Opinion is...

Notice the words "Without reasonable suspicion or probable cause". This country is founded on basic freedoms against unreasonable search and siezure and so forth. Nowhere did it say the litigants were illegals. It reminds me of the time immediately following 9/11 where anyone who even appeared to be Middle Eastern or Muslim was racially profiled as a terrorist and persecuted. There are many hispanics in this area who are here legally and, therefore, afforded the privileges and freedoms the laws allow. I would love for someone on here to be racially profiled, held, interrogated and arrested without probable cause just because an officer was having a bad day and see how happy you are about it. Ted Bundy was a middle-aged white male and the Oklahoma City Bomber (the name escapes me at the moment) was a white male in his mid-20's, so all middle-aged white males and white males in their mid-20's should be held, interrogated and arrested based on the possibility of domestic terrorism. For that matter, everyone should be held, interrogated and arrested on the possibility they're illegal immigrants from Canada, or England, or anywhere! Do you see the issues here? Most people need to start looking both ways through the 2-way mirror of life, but rarely can anyone these days see past the end of their own nose.


RE: 007........I like that. Burns me every time I contact unemployment and the first thing the recording says is, "To continue in English, Press 1."

I saw an interesting ad for U.S. Census takers.........24,000 part time census takers are needed in Ohio, with special consideration given to bi-lingual applicants.

Here's a thought.........Give Customs and Border Patrol the job. Let them weed them out that way. Give them something to do on their downtime.

You know the saying.......If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and talks like a duck.........


Mexico has stricter immigration laws than we do. Kind of interesting facts in that webpage.

My Opinion is...

No matter how thin you pour a pancake, it still has two sides - just like any story. Person A is standing next to Person B, but if something happens in front of them they each have a different point of view


The most American thing a citizen can do is to question authority in order to ensure it is fair and just for EVERYONE.

These comments make me laugh, but they are really disheartening. This part of the country is so uneducated and ignorant. What will you say when law enforcement start profiling the poor, white, uneducated like your? Then it will be unconsitutional, right?


re:My Opinion is... wrote on Dec 11, 2009 8:59 AM:


I was in a grocery store and saw a guy that
I know, that also speaks the same languages.
There was a border patrol guy buying cigarettes
at the register area.
Just for spits and giggles, I spoke to my friend in
Russian. He replied in English, "You trying to get
us thrown in jail".
The border patrol guy failed to see the humor.

Being an "ex smoker" I had the BP guy
profiled as a "not smart enough to quit".

So I guess it can work both ways.


SP ck..
I speak more than one language.


A dark day in the annals of blogdom, I totally agree with Chung Lee. We are living in a police state. We have the local P.D.,Erie County Sheriff's department, Ohio State Patrol, local F.B.I., U.S. Marshals, Border Patrol, and Homeland Security. I can give you the name of a white blue eyed blond attractive woman who was stopped by a border patrol officer for a traffic offense. What really scares me is Obama's wish for a national police force. We have way to many big brothers watching over our shoulders. I have had good friends that were policemen. However as a whole, I don't trust alot of them. I don't know why, my only contact has been a speeding ticket, but I hear horror stories about the cops constantly. Anybody else have the same story please respond. DON'T TAZE ME BRO


yes i would like to know who this lawyer is
being a business owner i have asked the border patrol not to come in to my business and question, interrogate, etc my customers,Without reasonable suspicion or probable cause.
i also feared because they were always on my property it would harm my business,chase customers away.
i now feel like northern ohio is becomming a military state , with the presance of govt officals on every street corner , store , etc
so who is this lawyer?

brutus smith

Another moment of silence. goofus I agree with most of what you say. Choke, choke choke.


I know some people who work in the area of these Border Patrol folks and they describe them as a "wild and crazy" group. I have seen some around the downtown area and quite a few look more like high school kids. Probably a place for folks to go if the have exited the military which is not a negative either.

They have so many vehiles they are parked in the Erie County office building garage and they have them spread even out to the Perkins Fire Station on Campbell street.....maybe they have offices out there too.

I think it fine for the will be a very close look by superiors of Bordor Patrol and maybe these folks are doing just what they should be doing and that is fine. Maybe they are not following guidelines. Either way it puts them under the microscope and that is good with any government endeavor.....we are the taxpapers and we want to know things are being done correctly and efficiently at all times.

Chung Low

Ahh that chunglee she's at it again and she got the story mixed-up again here's what happened.....mira chunglee si usted no sabes lo que estas recuerdando no abres la boca llamame y yo te digo lo que yo se es la verdad!!

Chung Low

Happy Chanukah chunglee!!

Jack Imhoff

the huron coppers only harass white teenagers and old anglo women, they are afraid of criminals, burglars, and hispanics.

Rocketips Tesa

LOL I thought ChungLee was a %ag she/he must be a $esbo....


Way to go, Border Patrol!! We have at least 5 illegals listed in the police report every week, for no license.


A local Baptist pastor who was left bloodied and indignant Tuesday night after a stop at the Border Patrol's checkpoint on eastbound Interstate 8 wonders in a recent video, "Why is this happening in the United States of America?"

New Times readers who remember our February 2008 article on the infamous checkpoint know the answer: Because of a disputed -- but still potent -- U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

As the article states, the Border Patrol was granted an exception to normal Fourth Amendment procedures, allowing the agency to set up checkpoints with trained dogs on any road within 100 miles of the international border. Funding for drug-and-human-sniffing dogs increased after the 9/11 attacks, resulting in thousands of recreational pot users -- and few criminals or illegal immigrants -- getting busted at the Interstate 8 checkpoint.

Pastor Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church, 2707 West Southern Avenue in Tempe, presumably doesn't use drugs or smuggle undocumented workers into the country. His offense was to demand a Constitutional right that doesn't apply near the border.

In a YouTube video Anderson made and posted yesterday, the pastor narrates a tale that should send chills down the spine of any American.

While driving through the checkpoint, located about 70 miles east of Yuma, a Border Patrol dog "alerted" to the pastor's vehicle, and agents instructed him to pull his car over to an inspection area. Anderson refused, claiming the dog had seemed mellow and that the agents had no right to search him. Agents blocked his path for an hour until an officer from the Arizona Department of Public Safety showed up, Anderson says.

Anderson's Web site photo
The lawmen broke his vehicle's windows with hammers, shot him with a Taser and threw him to the ground, he says.

"He's got his foot on my head," Anderson says of one officer. "I'm shot by more Tasers again... They're just torturing me with these Tasers again and again."

Anderson doesn't make it clear who's doing the brutalizing, whether Border Patrol agents or state troopers or both. His vehicle was searched, but no contraband was found, he says.

His forehead bleeding from cuts, Anderson was arrested and driven to an urgent care facility in Yuma. A DPS trooper ignored his desperate pleas to be allowed to urinate until Anderson was in pain, he says.

The pastor received 11 stitches and spent the night in jail. He has an arraignment tomorrow at 10 a.m. in Yuma, at which he'll plead not guilty to whatever charge they try to throw at him.

Perhaps God will be on his side, even if the Supreme Court isn't.

(Click here for 4/17/09 update).

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I forgot, the article came from the Phoenix New Time. His dispute was illegal search and seizure 4th amendment rights. The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the border patrols right to setting up roadblocks. The other strike against the Pastor is he is a conservative and public in his disdain for Obama. The new rule for dealing with border patrol is say you love Obama and a liberal.

brutus smith

Stop it goofus, I am agreeing with you to much. You are hurting my image.

brutus smith

Ahhh, just saw your last post. You were doing so good sticking to the facts and then you fall off the deep end again.


How do you think you would like it if there was no BP. I would much rather have them here doing their jobs then to be without them. If you are legal or an American Citizen and do not try to show up the BP when and if stopped you have nothing to worry about. When that Pastor refused to do as told by the BP person he put himself in the light as doing something wrong. I have been stopped before and followed their instructions and nothing happened. It is when you try to show them up or refuse a command that they will put you through the wringer. Keep up the good work BP and as far as I am concerned you are more then welcome to continue to do your jobs. Those who make all these claims against the BP usually do not tell the whole story. They think they did nothing wrong.

Chung Lee

Chung Lee hear another story about border patrol have training exercise in San Diego. Area agents involved had to drive out with their dogs and did not fly. Apparently it took some 3 days to drive there for the 3 day training and then 3 more paid days back. How much money wasted on gas, hotel and food. Chung Lee think they not too bright and no care about wasting money. These people are worse than drunken sailors. This type of waste is criminal.......and they are responsible for catching criminals? Why not let child molesters into schools to find child molesters?

j o r d a n

Let them do their job, the less illegal immigrants in this county-the better

La Mafia

@ jordan u forget u are the illegal in this MY native land!!

Truth or Dare


Hey Chung; I'm to understand the BP is receiving temporary (supposedly) housing at the Chessie, of which is being paid for them, their spouses and children by we the Taxpayers.

Had an interesting conversation w/a Border Patrol officer one evening, about a month ago. He flashed his badge and I thought he was a U.S. Marshall, so I asked, that's how the conversation started.

He commented that it isn't like it was when his Grandfather came over here from Ireland. Well, no duh! It isn't early 1900 anymore either! However, the reasons haven't changed as to WHY most come here, to escape poverty, war, threats of violence, suppression, to get an education, the ideals of FREEDOM! He stated that "these people" want to bring their culture here with them, rather than "assimilate" to the American culture. He was referring to Mexicans, South Americans, Latinos in general. As if they're the only foreigners, or things coming across our borders. Hmmm. My Grandfather came here in 1913, becoming a citizen in 1932. My Grandmothers' family even earlier, as she and her siblings were born here. They certainly didn't give up their entire HERITAGE, culture, call it what you will.

I asked this man to explain American Culture to me, he looked at me kinda wierd. He either couldn't or wouldn't answer, I don't know which. I then commented regarding the principles this Country was even began upon, cause many people came from many places, although there were many RACES, ETHNICITIES already here and for centuries at that!

Then I questioned him regarding the illegal substances that are flowin across our border from Canada into the U.S., or visa-versa, like illegal drugs, weapons, laundered money, etc., and what they're doing about that"? He stated " because it becomes political, their hands become tied". Nice, eh? I told him that only makes one wonder how much $$$$ is going into the pockets of our political powers. He agreed!

Not everyone void of blonde/light brown hair, blue or green eyes, fair skin and speaking English only, is an illegal alien, or a terrorist from abroad. They may want to SERIOUSLY start paying closer attention to the Domestic (homeland) Terrorism that is going on right within our own borders, from east to west, and north to south? Seems they've been being warned, AGAIN, for about 10 years now, as there has been a huge resurgence right here in America!!

Just a tad food for thought; The Volume Library #1- copyright 2001 by the Southwestern Co., Subject: Social Science; Science of Sociology/Social Problems, ie: Social control; Social Stratification; Classes in the United States; Poverty; Racial and Ethnic Inequality; Prejudice-discrimination......due to copyright infringement, you'll have to do tad bit of research yourselves if you wish.

This country believes in "Social control" through encouraging conformity and discouraging deviance. Example; Prison is referred to as a "total institution", others included are mental hospitals, MILITARY TRAINING INSTALLATIONS and RELIGIOUS ORDERS. Their purpose? To strip initiates of their old identities and taught new roles. Kinda like brain-washing!

Social Stratification; "When a Society is structured so that inequality affects whole categories of people". There are three componants of which this is based upon; wealth, power and prestige. White, middle-aged Protestant males, about l/20,000th. of our population wield a great amount of power within our country, controlling most American institutions, including corporations, GOVERNMENTS and education.

Classism in the U.S.; Although our Declaration of Independence states that "all men are created equal", depending upon what CLASS you are born into, equality ends at BIRTH! Today we still fight many obvious inequalities found in the U.S..

Poverty in America; The most stricken groups are racial minorities, women and the elderly. You can include CHILDREN along with them! There is a huge misconception that it's due to laziness, idleness, but the real FACTS are the majority of the poor do work and there are many other factors that play into why the poor remain so, such as unemployment, discrimination, etc.. Poverty in the Modern U.S. is one of our nations' most intractable problems we face, and we're suppose to be the richest, most powerful nation!

Racial and Ethnic Inequality; Classic definition of a minority (formulated by Louis Wirth): "a group of people which are singled out by others in society becuase of their physical and cultural characteristics, for differential and unequal treatment".

The American Experience regarding Racial and Ethnic Inequality; As I said, the U.S. before being settled and TAKEN OVER and re-settled again, already had a racially and ethnically diverse population. However, the NEW America hasn't learned the concept of TOLERANCE, as you can see by what has happened to the following in this country;

Native American Indians; dispossessed, displaced (both territorially and culturally), as well hunted and exterminated!

Blacks; Kept in slavery (until mid 1800's), also dispossessed, displaced, hunted and exterminated, and to this day still systematically deprived of basic civil rights, especially within the U.S. Judicial System, most all states, Ohio included having a major problem w/this!

Asian-Americans; arbitrary exclusion during WWII by being placed in internment camps.

Latinos (Spanish speaking peoples), whether Puerto Ricans, Mexican-Americans, or others found that because of their brown skin their opportunities would be very limited. They to experience unfair treatment regarding basic civil rights.

Jews; anti-Semitism (not anti-semantic) kept them out of certain neighborhoods (blacks as well), schools and professions. Our U.S. Govt. even tried to limit the immigration of certain "white ethnics" from Eastern and Southern Europe. Had they been completely successful, I and my family wouldn't exist.

Now we scrutinize anyone that may have a name that sounds like it may be Middle Eastern, or observes the Islamic Faith. Funny thing is, if people really study the origins, the history of the faith, it's a peaceful one, just like Christianity is to be!

Sex Discrimination; (especially regarding women and now the Gay Community, who face discrimination and violence, as well denial of basic civil rights in this country). I find it rather interesting that "the Judeo-Christian TRADITION is patriarchial, anti-female". It explains alot in regards to what's going on in our country, and it makes me wonder, are males truely the stronger of the sexes, or are they just a buncha bullies, selfish cowards, who'se only desire is to be in control of all things, especially SOCIETY as they see fit?!


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@ cashdummy.........Last two words in the last sentence. Or can't you read English?

You obviously have a computer. Google the name Mark Heller.

Sounds almost like the guy that got booted from the library.

Mrs. Smith

Truth or Dare: Thank you. Finally, someone that get it.

To the rest of you, unless you're a Native American, your ancestors weren't born here either.


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If there are so many of the Migra and they are so powerful and intrusive how do we have so many illegals left running around. And illegals, thanks to Cedar Point and the hoteliers in the area, can come in very european hues.


Sounds like 1940 nazis Germany to me. Just shut up and do what you are told to do. It's for your own good.All undesireibles will be deported and or put in jail.Learn from the past or be doomed to relive it.

brutus smith

Grayghost said: "If you are legal or an American Citizen and do not try to show up the BP when and if stopped you have nothing to worry about".

Somewhere I thought you innocent until proven guilty in this country. Oh well, must have been a bad dream.


" Moderators have removed this comment because it contained racist or discriminatory remarks. Discussion Guidelines "
and all i asked 4 was the lawyers name


Doesn't really mattter who was here first, fact is it's not like that anymore. There are laws in place regarding illegals.

Mexico is pretty strict with their own immigration laws, ironic isn't it?

Chung Lee

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Un believable. A story about people's contitutional rights and they are pulling comments left and right. Just for the record, before someone says I am an illegal, I was born in Jelico Tennessee. Chung Lee was at Tienamen square and risked his life against commie tanks and he is not free to speak his mind in the USA


The point here Brutus is the minute you step onto American soil and do not have the proper paperwork you are guilty. It sounds like you think those that do break the law coming into this country are ignorant of this fact. There is no other country in the world that takes in as many immigrants as does the U.S. Try sneaking into other countries to live and find out what happens to you. So by your theory, when a person robs a bank or kills someone or rapes a young female the police should not go after this person because they would be committing a crime of profiling. It is people like you that cause many of the problems in this country. Wake up before your job is taken by an illegal or one breaks into your house and injures someone. We have laws and no one is supposed to be above them, or do you think we should not have laws and let everyone do as they please, or maybe you would like to pick and choose which ones you obey.


The Military could maybe learn from these illegals.
Last I read, President said there was 12 million in the United States, and Immigration can not find any. Or the people harboring 12 million Criminals. Giving them jobs outside the FEILDS. They know STELTH?


We need to fix the "leaking dam" before we start "scooping" out the water. Otherwise it is totally pointless!

Ned Mandingo

They should be profiling, it makes their job easier. Their is a problem in this country and its illegal mexicans, period. Not mass numbers of illegal africans or europeans. Its simple, if there is a APB out for a red van they look for red vans. If there is a problem with illegal mexicans they look for mexicans. Keep up the good work law enforcement and thank you for deporting these illegals.
Does anyone know what citizens can do to help? Who can you call if know where illegals are living at. Is there any groups like the Minutemen who volunteer to watch the mexican border around here?
Maby if you removed the mexican flag stickers and all the other stuff you people put on your cars you people wouldn't stick out.
I encourage all americans to watch the special this sunday by Lisa Ling. It is a documentary about the mexican drug murders how they are spilling over into our country. They call one city in mexico Bagdad of north america because all the violence.
People should look at how mexicans treat illegals in thier country. I don't think our officers beat them, rob them, merder them and rape the women do they. The mexican police do. Wow the U.S. Border patrol is all that bad after all

brutus smith

Being submissive like you grayghost is what is eroding our Constitution. People crossing the border illegally is one thing. American citizens who have done nothing wrong is another. People like you like to drape yourself in the flag, but in reality you would rather have it like Nazi Germany where only the s@ck butts can go about.


Border Patrol setting up roadblocks, the local police and Highway Patrol setting up roadblocks. How soon before we need papers to travel from one town to another?


The problem, as I see it, is that there is NO way to tell a criminal from an honest, law-abiding citizen, just by looking at someone. Criminals come in all colors and can be male or female.

The criminals take advantage of this and blend so well into the culture that they can go for years without being caught.

If I have to put up with a few more restrictions to feel safe in my life, then so be it, as long as we keep trying to catch the criminals.


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countrycowboy, excellent and high marks on your post, but it will not last long. You are absolutely correct about the proportion in the prison population. 69% are minorities. But, the response by the racist groups is the entire United States is racist. Imagine that? I always attributed people being sentenced to prison as an individual trial by peers, NOT a nationwide conspiracy. It is really the "crybaby" BLAME syndrome. If you run the statistics and conviction rates, you can almost predict, without racial profiling, who will be involved in violent crime, sneaking across the boarder, or involved in narcotics.


Mrs. Smith:

No, my ancestors weren't born here. But the difference between my ancestors and the criminal element sneaking across the border to day is a pretty obvious one: My ancestors came here LEGALLY. The fact that they then worked hard, learned to speak English, and ASSIMILATED didn't hurt their cause, either.

My Opinion Is:

The article quotes the lawsuit as ALLEGING "without probable cause." It doesn't say that there wasn't.

and to too many others:

All of the bleeding hearts who suggest that these people are "just trying to find a better life!" need to get a grip on the fact that these trespassers are committing a real crime. I mean, the truth is that if I had more money, I'd have a better life. So is it okay with you if I rob a bank? I mean, since it's only to give my kids enough food and keep the heat on? Is it okay for me to break in and steal your big screen TV to give my invalid father a better life? If not, WHY not? There's no difference... (And never mind the fact that 12 million or more working illegals are taking 12 million jobs at the height of the worst unemployment we've suffered here in decades.)

Just WAIT until the next terrorist attack on this country, and you had better believe that there will be one. We've already seen those of Middle Eastern extraction sneaking in in the midst of groups of illegal Mexicans, and for every one we've seen, I'm betting there are dozens who didn't get caught. As soon as a bomb blows up or an airplane crashes or an epidemic spreads, are you same soft-hearted fools going to be crying that the Border Patrol should have done a better job so as to save all of those innocent American babies? I'll bet you will...But the shame will be on YOU for doing your damndest (along with a bunch of short-sighted socialist politicians) to prevent them doing just that.

hancrack me up

Why all of a sudden the Border Patrol downtown? There wasn't anything for them to do 2 years ago when they weren't here & there still isn't.
What really cracked me up was one night there was a fight at the Crowbar & SPD, Cedar Point, Highway Patrol & a Border Patrol were all on the scene. I guess the brawlers must have been illegal aliens posing as C.P employees who didn't pay their turnpike fee.
Closest thing to "Bordewr Patrol" those guys are is being Taco Bell customers at 3a.m- making a "run for the border" themselves- or turning Brutus' parking lot on Boos Rd. into Inspiration Point.

brutus smith

One of the most darkest days in the history of the United States happened 9 years ago today. It was a day our Constitution and states rights were trampled upon. What a disgrace. And now we have people on here wanting our rights trampled upon some more. These same people who like to cloak themselves with the flag.

Oh, and what happened 9 years ago today? That is the day the Supreme Court violated our Constitution and States rights by crowning George W. Bush President of the United States. What a horrible day in our history.


Is the border patrol worth the cost? Take the number of arrests divided into the cost of the Lake Erie operations and tell me the cost per arrest. Basic math.


While I feel that the Border Patrol may be necessary..........I just ran into one of their nit-wits at BP on Washington St.

He didn't impress me in the least with his thick gold chain around his neck and 2 female passengers in that nice taxpayer furnished Blazer or whatever it was. Nor his big mouth, boisterous attitude. He stared at me and I stared right back. Seemed like a punk. Almost was wanting him to shake this born and bred USA citizen down. He was grossly overwieght in both his physique and ego.

I can see why so many are down on this agency.


The fools in Washington don't have a clue, about the consequence of calling for another Comprehensive Immigration Reform package. Has anybody really got any conceivable idea of the ramifications, once President Obama and his political troops whisper AMNESTY. It will be like the final Marconi radio SS (Save our Souls) urgent message from the sinking HMS Titanic? Those perpetrators who want to pass a bill of Immigration reform, are completely ignorant of the masses of humanity that will be pushing against the border fence. From the tip of South America to the huge continent of Asia, new peoples are already biding their time? It will not matter if E-Verify becomes a permanent fixture or even if Homeland Security fully empowers once again the uniformed police 287 (g) federal immigration detainment bill. Even a sudden surge in ICE raids or any enforcement matters will be completely obsolete, as millions more will be stampeding at the border barrier. It might as not exist, for all the good it will do against millions of destitute, sick, handicapped, pregnant, criminal and just illegal immigrants looking for a better life. Then once settled here they can sponsor most family members including their progeny. Tell me who is going to stop this sudden surge in numbers, that will start moving towards the fence in Canada and the Southern border line. Then we have tourists and students who have arrived for years by aircraft, but never returned to their home country. People trying to cross the undermanned border will never end. Knowing that there is always a chance of another AMNESTY, those who cannot make it in their own country will keep on coming--and never STOP?

Has anybody with at least one brain cell in their head, considered that once somebody yells AMNESTY--everybody and their Grandmother are going to be slipping across the border or boarding a jet to come here. Neither the Border Patrol, National Guard or Jesus Christ himself are going to stop, the millions of destitute, uneducated, unskilled foreign labor and all the rest in this behemoth deluge? They will wait for the call to go out and just like the 1986 AMNESTY, they will appear with fraudulent documents, that indicates they have been here 5 years or more. Those 3 million people who were legitimized, turned into 5 million after the Simpson/Mazzoli bill was ratified? We already are subsidizing 20 to 30 million foreign national families, whose going to pay for the unknown number waiting just across the fence? Its going to be the unmentionable mass numbers, exiting from every far corner of the impoverished countries on this Earth to be departing for America. GOD HELP THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND ITS SURVIVAL.

So get on the phone and demand as a voter for your lawmaker to vote for THE SAVE ACT (H.R. 3308) and be relentless. The number to call is 202-224-3121. Also bombard the House-Senate policy makers with 28 cent postcards, to stop the open border organizations from engineering another Path to citizenship or AMNESTY. Tell them to amend the 1986 Immigration Reform Act, not another facade that was a bloated with fraud. Understand that THE SAVE ACT will protect American jobs and remove illegal immigrants from working locations over time. Those who believe in America’s survival, without OVERPOPULATION as stated by the US Census bureau better read the facts, not the lies at NUMBERSUSA. Those who want details of corruption in WASHINGTON and state government go to JUDICIAL WATCH. For Overpopulation statistics, should go to CAPSWEB. Other sites of interest on Immigration enforcement is ALIPAC and AMERICAN PATROL.


Hey, Patrol Dudes pick on the White males we have no rights, We cant sue, All we can do is press one because we cant speak Mexican, It's time we white guys get our own group Stupid Punks In Cauasian Suits [SPICS} LOL Really come on you want to work here act like you want to belong you people keep your selves in the bulls eye Either speak up or press one


Would these same individuals be so arrogant without the badge, gun, and extra long leash ?.....

....,I think not. I think there's a fine line between confidence and narcissism.


Anyone over the age of 18, can perhaps sit back and remember a time or two, being carded for any controlled product, and, without a blink, may have immediately put the anger towards the teller, simply because that minor didn't hold proper credentials. Now, that same person tries after crossing the "legal" age of consent, and gleefully hands over the ID without reluctance...point being, if suspicion is a factor, no matter the age, race, or creed, SIMPLY HAND OVER THE PROPER CREDENTIALS, with a smile, and continue on your way. I believe a person whom dispises the law, just may be breaking it.


I wonder who is minding these guys. The way this dude presented himself to me this evening....Almost makes me believe that harassment does take place.


Re Brutus smith the darkest day in history is when Obama and his team of bail me out started to try to run this
country and I know what your reply is going to be Bush was the one who started this recession well this may be partly true but at least Bush didnt make a record defeceit and mess up peoples health care.The problem in this country is people like you thinking as long as I am polically correct than Im right.


I wonder when people are going to stop using their race to get out of trouble they get into.These days if you
use the race card you are able to do things and get away with it because no one wants to be labeled a racist.I
wonder what excuse white people will be able to use when something happens to them that isnt right.White people cant use the race card so they have to deal with the Bulls&&t thats dealt to them.


@ Louie.........Bush set more than a few records as far as the deficit goes. Is it only a record when you wind up with someone you don't like? I think this time last year we were facing a record deficit as well. Do you think McCain could have done a better job with a point, a wave, and a thumbs up.

I don't care who would or could have been elected. Nobody is going to undo the damage that Bush and Cheney caused with thier own little war and the no strings attached bail outs of big financial institutions.

The job market was also going down the tubes.......GW even started the unemployment extensions. At the end of Bush's term, unemployment was at the highest level in years, wouldn't that be considered a record as well? Bush recommended the bailouts of the big three as well. Obama has no choice but to run up a bigger bill.........Is he doing the right thing? I don't know. Regardless, he is the president for at least the next three years. We all may as well see what happens until next election.


I would like to ask the question, "Are they really suing the Border Patrol?" The beginning of the article states that Border Control is being sued and there is no such agency in the Federal Government. I think real victims are the readers of the Sandusky Register. We are all victims of poor proof reading on the part of this writer and the editor-in-chief (or as it may say on his door "editor-in-chef").

I would like to see some tax payers file a class action suit for emotional, psychological and financial anguish against FLOC and ABLE. The amount of tax dollars used in order to support the illegal immigrants in this country is insane, and by illegal immigrants I mean anyone who entered or overstayed visas illegally. I believe it has cost the taxpayers of this country a lot of anguish and organizations like FLOC, ABLE, LA RAZA, etc. are all responsible for allowing this to continue on our dime.

I do agree that if there are 4th Admendment rights being violated then it is a legitiment case. If they can violate the 4th admendment rights of illegal aliens, then they can also violate the rights of U.S. Citizens. However, if we allow them to enter illegally we have no way of verifying who they are when they enter this country. We already have enough people here legally that drink and drive, burglarize, rape, kill, and molest children. That is to say that not all illegal aliens are doing this, but there are enough of them doing it that it costs the taxpayers dollars and puts people who are here legitimately in danger.

Richard Bebb

Read the police logs if you dont think the border patrol is beneficial in this area. Their work deporting those who are illegally in this country is one thing, but they also serve a purpose by assisting local agencies who are being forced to make cuts in staff. One of the areas this suit names is norwalk/huron county, is there one person on here honestly going to say that there is not a major illegal problem in that area.


This isnt Arizona or Texas. These guys are bored driving around in their SUVs soooo........they profile. What do they have to lose but boredome soooo score an arrest or ....polish up on protocol.

Don S

If the Border Patrol are looking for Mexicans, do they pull over black people????? What am I missing ?

T. A. Schwanger

Here is something for all the freedom sellers commenting. Rub some light brown shoe polish on your bearded face and wrap a turbin around your fead. After being stopped 3 time within days by the Border Patrol you'll get fed up ready to call the ACLU.

Sounds like we have too many of theses cowboys and cowgirls running around with idle time. Seems there are more Border Patrotrucks than Sandusky has police cars. Can you say over kill??

dorothy gale

Many valid points made here, on BOTH sides of the argument. The fact remains, though, that if you are here ILLEGALLY it is a crime. Illegal = against the law. Yes, I want a better life for my family but as an American citizen, I am expected to achieve that through LEGAL means or suffer the consequences. And I think it's hilarious that Mexico has such strict immigration laws; Mexicans don't even want to be there! Don't know about anybody else but that would be a huge red flag for ME! "Racial profiling" is a necessary evil, I believe, so if you are a Mexican it is very simple --- expect to be questioned and if you are here legally and can prove it, no problem. If you don't want to be sent to jail or deported then don't break our laws. And a tip to illegals of ALL nationalities: at least make an attempt to look like you "belong" here by learning to speak our language, which is ENGLISH!

brutus smith

Louie, There is 1 little problem with your 2009 deficit theory.But there is one rather important detail that makes a big difference. The chart is based on the assumption that the current administration should be blamed for the 2009 fiscal year. While this makes sense to a casual observer, it is largely untrue. The 2009 fiscal year began October 1, 2008, nearly four months before Obama took office. The budget for the entire fiscal year was largely set in place while Bush was in the White House.

And going by your math unemployment has only gone up only 1.9% since Obama took office.


this article doesn't give the story.

apparently, this vehicle was pulled over when police noticed the brake lights weren't working. legal stop. there were 5 people of mexican descent in the auto. the police asked for any id showing them to be legal. perfecty legal question. some of them could not produce documentation. that is when things went bad for those people. so, i say that the police were within their guidelines. so some documents and this doesn't happen.

Chung Lee

Chung Lee would like to make some valid points. Chung Lee is not PoPo or never claim to be but Chung Lee sees a couple things missing here. First of all when big fight break out at Crowbar or Underground 5 Sandusky Police cars show up and one unmarked Sandusky Police car and sometimes the Sheriff and other times Chung Lee see Highway Patrol. How come Chung Lee not see Border Patrol...especially since their office is only 1 block away? Are they too busy to help out?

Secondly, they catch illegals and arrest them and end of story? How come when crackhead gets busted they tell on supplier and get reduced punishment and police go after the supplier and crackhouses? Chung Lee is no Horatio Kane but wouldn't it make sense for the border patrol to go after the employers?

The problem as Chung Lee see it is that there are too many competing agencies.... maybe one should be administrative and crack down on the people who employ them. Seems fishy (not in good way) that only one type of lawbreaker is being punished. If these illegals can't find jobs here they go away but until the employers are held to account.... this will no happen.

brutus smith

If they would enforce the laws already in the books about employers hiring illegals then there would not be a story. Stop employers from hiring them and about 95% of your illegal immigration problem is gone.

Ned Mandingo

Chung Lee

When Chung Lee have ant problem.... Chung Lee don't go after the ant but the food that brings them in Chung Lee house.

Ned Mandingo

Why was my coment erased? I want law enforcment profiling, its the law of averages. Its called being efficent. Why waste their time with Americans when they can target the problem people, mexicans. I pay taxes that pay law enforcment salaries and i don't want illegal mexicans around here. Thank you officers for sending these criminals back where they belong.

SR watcher

United States v. Arvizu, 534 U.S. 266 (2002) is a leading Supreme Court case deciding the issue whether respondent's Fourth Amendment rights were violated when a Border Patrol officer conducted an investigatory stop of a vehicle after the officer noted unusual behavior of the occupants.

Courts must determine from the totality of the circumstances whether law enforcement had an objective and particularized basis for suspecting criminal wrongdoing. United States v. Arvizu, 534 U.S. 266, 272, 273-77 (2002).

While reasonable suspicion must be based on more than "ill-defined hunches," officers may "draw on their own experience and specialized training to make inferences from and deductions about the cumulative information available to them that 'might well elude an untrained person.' " Arvizu, 534 U.S. at 273, (quoting United States v. Cortez, 449 U.S. 411, 418, (1981)).

hancrack me up

Parking downtown is bad enough, but with this fleet of vehicles in the garage, it's a complete waste of space. Maybe fill in that giant hole & empty lot between the garage & Second Hand Rose so these "officers" (?!) can park there. I'd like to see the daily (& nightly) activities that go on in their "office" from day to day. It looks really professional flirting with/driving around female gas station attendants at all hours of the day & night. Ship them all back to Port Clinton where they were originally supposed to set up shop. At least over there they could get some action with the Bowling Green & UT girls at Nick's Roadhouse parking lot.


SR watcher
So isn't it the same as when an officer sees you weaving or erratic driving they have the right to pull you over, or if there is an APB on a certain height or color or nationality of a suspected person they have a right to pull anyone that might match that description over to question them. I see nothing wrong with the way things are happening and the way the law enforcement people have to go about doing their jobs. Why tie their hands more.

SR watcher

To Grayghost:

Probable cause is a hard concept to define. In Brinegar v. U.S., 338 U.S. 160 (1949) the Supreme Court declared that "in dealing with probable cause...we deal with probabilities," but the Court did not identify the degree of probability needed other than to say that "more than bare suspicion" and "less than evidence which would justify...conviction" was required.

So...I believe the short answer to your question is yes, law enforcement does not violate a driver's Fourth Amendment rights when they stop that driver pursuant to "probable cause," i.e., stopping someone who is driving erratically (crossing center line), has a tail-light burned out, is speeding, etc. The traffic violation is the probable cause for the initial stop. As the officer aproaches the vehicle, that officer can look into the vehicle to observe anything in "plain view." If the officer detects odor of alcohol, sees drugs or drug paraphenalia in plain view, or observes a crime taking place in the vehicle (say, for example, some kind of violent act), then those observations would give rise to the officer having probable cause to continue the "seizure" of the driver, passengers, and vehicle, and to effectuate a subsequent arrest based on the plain view observations. No arrest warrant is needed here, and that makes sense. Arrest warrants are not needed for arrests "in the street."

Once the occupants of the vehicle are arrested, the officer may search the passenger compartment of the vehicle and any containers therein contemporaneously to this lawful arrest per the Belton rule: New York v. Belton, 453 U.S. 454 (1981)).

However, a recently decided SCOTUS case, Arizona v. Gant, 129 S. Ct. 1710 (2009) held that police may search the passenger compartment of a vehicle incident to a recent occupant's arrest ONLY if it is reasonable to believe that the arrestee might access the vehicle at the time of the search or that the vehicle contains evidence of the offense of arrest. Id. at 1712-1713.


Enough, If no Green Card send them back at their expense, No money or not first time, Then Screw the goody too shoes give them Hard Labor and no easy living Give the ones who hire them Time in jail and remove their right to own any company, let the LEGAL Employees take over the bussiness PS do not agree with this post? don't read it LOL cause I could'nt care less what the Bleeding Hearts have to say.


If you have nothing to hide then whats the big deal???? You should be happy the Border Patrol is hear to get rid of the illegals!!! ILLEGAL ALIENS are taking our jobs, working cheap for cash as everyone cries about the economy........think people!


I just read a story on the Shelby Globe site that their lawyer said that it was irrevelent that these people were illegals. They still have to have their contitutional rights. Bulls#$%!!!! They don't have any constitutional rights if they are illegals.


I just read a story on the Shelby Globe site that their lawyer said that it was irrelevent that these people were illegals. They still have to have their contitutional rights. Bulls#$%!!!! They don't have any constitutional rights if they are illegals.


House Dems Introduce Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill
Democrats on Tuesday begin their new push for an immigration bill, hamstrung by the image of legalizing millions of illegal immigrant workers at a time when the unemployment rate stands at 10 percent -- more than twice what it was the last time Congress tried to act.

"It certainly will confuse the debate a lot more, but at the end of the day what we have to understand is fixing this system will be good for American workers," said Eliseo Medina, executive vice president of the Service Employees International Union, which is one of the major advocates for legalizing illegal immigrant workers.

Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez, the Illinois Democrat who has taken over leadership on the issue after the death of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat, plans to introduce an immigration legalization bill Tuesday, and backers are planning a strategy to avoid repeats of the failed attempts of 2006 and 2007.

digger nick

Entering the United States illegally is a crime pure and simple. The deterrent to crime is punishment. Right now there is no punishment, just a slap on the wrist and a free bus ride back to the border if caught.

If you break a law in other countries you go to prison. Why not establish work camp prisons where if you are caught here illegally you are incarcerated and you work at prison wages producing crops and products that can be sold to offset the expenses of the governments border patrol. This could be a great deterrent to stop the flow of illegal aliens. After all they are illegal. Until there is a punishment they just get off the bus back when they are caught and try again. We cannot catch them all

I suppose the ACLU lefties would have a fit but until I hear them come up with a better idea? (And NO that does not mean giving them amnesty!)

Chung Lee

Isn't hiring illegals also illegal?


I have one question, "What border?" (yuck, yuck, yuck)

Truth or Dare

Hey Chung; Of course it's illegal. What's even more illegal are the means used by large corporations to get those people here! They use someone known as a "Recruiter". They go to Mexico, make lots of promises, then once here the immigrants are denied their pay or housing promised, then threatened by the very same companies that brought them here! They're not all jumping the fence at the border and getting here by foot! It's called Human Trafficing!

Before Bush left office, he and his administration's Dept. of Labor, pretty much destroyed any protections guestworkers (legally here) and U.S. workers had. A giant step backwards for all! These regulations went into effect Jan. 18, 2009 and concern the H-2B guestworker program, which is used by businesses to hire low-skilled, temp. foreign labor. Prior to this, businesses/employers "would have to acquire certification from the Dept. of Labor, stating that there is a shortage of U.S. workers". Not anymore, making it much easier for them to just say, "there is a shortage of U.S. workers", therefore justifying the hiring of immigrants. Go figure!

There is a company or companies in just about every state that is guilty of doing this, and they just seem to think they can get away w/it, even when judgement has been made and they continue to be held in COMTEMPT! So, not only are LEGAL as well ILLEGAL immigrants getting the shaft by being denied their fair, just pay and everything else promised, but so to are U.S. citizens, because these companies aren't even trying or are just flat out lying regarding not being able to find enough U.S. workers!


re. "truth or Dare" RIGHT ON DUDE!!!

it's the big companies bulying the Meican, we Americans and eventually....the Cinese workers.

Coroprate American motto:

"Give me profits or give them death."