Two charged in Bellevue beating

BELLEVUE A pair of Bellevue men face felony assault charges for viciously beating a man with a menta
Cory Frolik
May 24, 2010



A pair of Bellevue men face felony assault charges for viciously beating a man with a mental disability, authorities said.

The pummeling left Chris Martin, 21, who has the comprehension of a second-grader, with a brain contusion and serious face swelling and bruising, a police report states.

The beating allegedly took place after Martin made remarks about the girlfriends of one his attackers.

On Wednesday, a Huron County grand jury indicted Andrew Ohler, 26, 100 block Wood St., and Joseph Hebert, 19, 100 block Orchard St., with felonious assault in connection to the Oct. 13 incident.

According to a Bellevue police report, Martin was hanging out at Hebert's home sometime after 10 p.m. when a furious and intoxicated Ohler showed up and began choking him.

Ohler then threw Martin to the floor and started slapping him, authorities said.

After that, Ohler dragged Martin outside to the street and began punching him in the face, police said.

At some point, Hebert allegedly started punching Martin in the head, too. Hebert also took Martin's brand-new Nike shoes during the attack.

Bellevue police Sgt. Don Miller interviewed Martin the day after the attack. He noted in his report that the young man had a pair of black eyes, a swollen face and bleeding from his right eye.

"The entire ride side of his face was deformed," Miller wrote. "(He) had bruising behind the ears that was indicative of a skull fracture."

On Miller's recommendation, Martin visited the hospital where doctors determined he had a small brain contusion with a small bleed, the report states.

After receiving medical treatment, Martin told police Ohler attacked him because he thought Martin said "something about him and a 16-year-old girl."

Ohler was arrested without incident, and in an interview with officers, he said he wanted to confront Martin about comments he made about his girlfriend.

Ohler, who admitted he was intoxicated during the confrontation, also allegedly confessed to beating Martin and was charged with felony assault.

When police officers located Hebert, he took off running and managed to dart inside his home before he could be apprehended.

But officers executed a search warrant on the home and caught Hebert trying to escape by jumping out the second-floor window, police said.

Hebert told police he aided in the attack because Martin had stolen from him in the past. He also said that is why he took Martin's shoes. Police recovered them from a duffle bag at Hebert's place.

Court records show Hebert has faced criminal damaging, theft of drugs and vandalism charges.

He was convicted last year of possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.