NASA Plum Brook snags $22M in upgrades ahead of SpaceX testing

NASA will invest $22 million to upgrade the Plum Brook Station's Space Power Facility — the world's largest space-environment simulator.
Andy Ouriel
Jan 20, 2013


"People both inside and outside NASA increasingly appreciate how critical Plum Brook is to the world's aerospace future," said Kurt Landefeld, a member of the Friends of NASA Plum Brook, a local volunteer group marketing and supporting the station.'

A one-of-a-kind, world-class testing facility, the Space Power Facility can create a vacuum and temperatures found in space. The latest upgrades could eventually help astronauts reach destinations such as the International Space Station, the moon and possibly Mars.

For more on this story and a Q & A with NASA spokeswoman Katherine Martin on the upgrades and SpaceX, pick up a copy of Sunday's Register.



yea right

Now all they need is an airport..hmm wonder who is holding that up.

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When the 6,000 national guard are done guarding the presidential party tomorrow they can come over and dig the runway in one day by hand :)


I was wondering that as well. When will that be coming? A nice big strip out there top bring in planes. But you can bet it won't be for commercial jets....not yet.


Here's an idea. Let's take this 22 million and put it towards our national debt instead of testing for something we can't afford to do in the first place.


Amen, but it will never happen. Congress is drunk on spending other peoples money. They will never get spending under control.


Jamo, it is not the USA testing their space capsules, it is other countries sending their space satalites,and rockets, Here to NC Ohio for testing! Nasa Plumbrook will make that 22 million, back on just a few 0 gravity test for these other countries! We do need this new airport there to continue testing what goes up above our planet and into space! Let's face it we need the better than $8.00 an hour jobs here in NC OHIO! Bring on a airport,and all the benefits it brings, mechanics, security, pilots, airplanes, and support staff at good paying jobs!


Enough about this stupid runway! Seriously! Nobody has a clue here what goes into an airport and how much they cost. $22,000,000.00 barely scrapes the cost of a runway. Besides, it wouldn't be a public facility so we wouldn't get any use of it.

Really are you ...

NASA is looking to lease, or sell, some mission essential structures and items at the Kennedy Launch Facility. A space shuttle repair bay, a launching pad... Maybe they are going to build new ones at the Plum Brook Facility. If NASA sells off, or leases, the KLF wouldn't that pretty much end the United States space exploration program?

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Where is Free Man? We need his expertise on Plum Brook!

Free Man


Free Man

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Free Man

Well I see 22 Mill being spent. Lets see the jobs and a how this will help Erie county.
Maybe these folks will breath new life into this already dead site

And lets get a good return on our 22Mil.