Toilet paper donated on behalf of Ohio $1M winner

Charmin is providing some toilet paper relief on behalf of one of Ohio's newest million-dollar lottery winners.
Associated Press
Jan 18, 2013


Regina Jackson has vivid memories of the aid received from Reach Out Lakota when she was out of work for seven months in 2008. The nonprofit organization provides food, clothing and other necessities to the needy in Butler County in southwest Ohio.

After winning $1 million in a New Year's Raffle by the Ohio Lottery, she said she'd like to donate a truckload of toilet paper, or at least enough cash for one, to Reach Out Lakota. Jackson, age 60, recalled that she and her 81-year-old mother had to ration the two rolls they got each month while she was laid off.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Procter & Gamble Co. executives saw her comments.

"When we heard about Regina, we were just inspired to give back," said Charmin spokeswoman Laura Dressman.

The Cincinnati-based consumer products company will donate 5,000 rolls of Charmin, with a retail value of more than $4,000, in Jackson's name.

Reach Out Lakota gave out 5,500 rolls last year. The donation means Jackson's own $5,000 donation will go to food and clothing instead.

"I couldn't wish for anything better," Jackson said.

Reach Out Lakota says it helped 2,445 needy families last year. Jackson recalled being reluctant to ask for aid, but found it was a major help until she got called back to her customer service job.

"In the beginning, I didn't want to come, but it ended up being a godsend because it took a lot of weight off my shoulders," she said. After winning the lottery — which will net her a lump sum of $710,000 after taxes — she immediately thought about giving back.

Jackson also plans donations to a church that helped out and also to animal protection groups.




Hats off to Regina Jackson for giving back {{thumbs up}}
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I need some toilet paper, we just ran out! How do I get on the list?


What's sad is, the poor/needy are ALWAYS more willing to help out then the rich slobs. A donation of any kind was awesome from a family that was in such need before she got lucky. Congrats and nice work.


We were they so conservative on TP use? You get like 6 rolls for $3. I'd probably cut down on, I dunno, food before butt paper. Also less food means less need for bath tissue. Plus, a lot a the time you can steal rolls from restraunts an businesses.


What is your point? Or is that the shape of the storage container you keep your brain in?


Did you read the second paragraph?


I have found, when I eat Frosted Mini Wheats, I use a lot less toilet paper.


Being decent is never wrong. Glad that Regina promted the executives to think.


God bless Regina!