Sandusky police: Woman charged, shooting was a 'setup'

Sandusky police have charged Katie Wilson with complicity to aggravated robbery for her alleged role in Wednesday night's shooting at a Sandusky car wash.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 18, 2013


Sandusky police said Wilson, 25, most recently of Fulton Street, has still not provided any information on the gunman in the shooting, who is still missing.

She did, however, say — according to police — that the incident was a "setup." Police said she told them she arranged a drug deal with Bartt Carruthers, her step-father, with the intent to rob him.

Carruthers, 49, was shot Wednesday night three times at a car wash in the 500 block of Perkins Avenue. He drove to a counseling center several blocks away and stumbled into the building where staff called 911. He is recovering at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo.

Police said the gunman, whose identity has not yet been released, should still be considered dangerous, but they believe the violence to be isolated to the botched robbery.

Wilson is held on $51,351 bond on the new charge and two unrelated warrants served on her Wednesday night.

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Careful , It may hit back ; ))))


With the clap!


So-she arranged for some other guy (who she is keeping the identity of secret) to rob her step-father? Her stepfather gets shot 3X and this chic is still not talking? Wow.

Rod Farva

Is she single?




it's chick. chic is a word meaning stylish or fashionable. I hated my stepmother enough to kill her, but I refrained. we're obviously talking about people involved in drugs here, so it's not a giant leap from thinking about it to doing it. stepfather most likely realized it was a setup and therefore dirtbag shot him to get away.

Left Sandtown

I think her bio-father is the Great Khali,not for sure!Lock your doors and windows!


Kali is female. Maybe the Indians knew that, when push comes to shove, women can be more vicious than men. In this particular case, I don't know that this woman is more vicious, but she's certainly manipulative and just about as ice-cold as they come!


chick is not talking because boyfriend still has that gun.


Ooo weeee.. what kinda drugs is she on.


What is on her face and she really needs her hair dyed!


Well most people call them moles.......women who have them refer to them as beauty marks.<---lol


I stand corrected!!!! At least one of them is a piercing......maybe both. Either way, unattractive.

dire wolf

common people, do we really need to insult her birthmarks? Those are of no fault of hers. most of the people in this town are not beautiful people. with so much other material to insult her for, why go that low? show some class people.

Ellis dee

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what the hell is wrong with people these day's seriously ?

Professor Playdoh's picture
Professor Playdoh

Rode hard...And put away wet...

Woody Hayes

That's my Sunday School teacher!


I hope she can still babysit for me...


I used to know this person...seemed shady from day one...thank heavens for scraping off the deadweight


Gonna need a big scraper !




why does one person always ask what is wrong with people these days?


25? Katie its not too late, dont you have positive dreams, do some good ,be someone good in life. your choices are really bad ones, rethink your life, your relationships are, what you are, look at this guy , hes a mirror of your soul, ever read the book about Dorian Grey? wake up.

Ellis dee

Is she hot or am I on drugs too?


Of course she's not talking - do you know what will happen to a person with the label of "SNITCH" once he or she gets back on the streets?
Not good things, that's for sure.


where in the he!! do they find these people?

Ellis dee

Step dad should have been cooler


Her Mama must be so proud...all those past beauty pageant trophies she has of her daughter....LMAO !!!

Ellis dee



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onegirlarmy's really damaged you bad since the last mug shot.
Enuff is enuff!!
Those poor kids of yours!!!
Again another product of addiction and drug abuse.
Sad thats all she has ever known.
Now it will almost be the whole famn damily there!!!!
All drug related within the last year.
Dad Brother Sister Katie
What the ?
Its not sad...its SICK!



Ellis dee

Better lookin than u


funny she always ran her mouth when they busted her for drugs.WHATS WRONG NOW


Oh look! It's another productive member of society! *Eye Roll*


Very sad comments. We use to buy girlscout cookies from her. I hope she has learned a lessson and gets her life back on track.

The General

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How ugly can 1 person be?..Keep her locked up til she releases the name, she will get tired of sitting in prison 1 day..pretty simple if i say so myself.!!


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Lets hear the 911 call from the Chief that should be interesting!!!!!!!

Pastor Ron

Klamar was working a stakeout at Taco Bell waiting for drunk officers to pass out in the drive-thru


thats redneckicolis

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I understand from a law enforcement friend that heroin is making a new home here in Sandusky. This is not funny stuff because those drugs bring all kinds of crime when these people need a fix! A sad situation for our area and the innocent law abiding population. KEEP YOUR GUN CLOSE!

he said she said

No she's not the godess that some make think she is but neither are any of us. She's not ugly, just 'specially different'


She isn't going to talk as long as the guy doing the shooting has a gun. She may be dumb, but she isn't stupid....or vice versa. Bet the shooter sends someone to bail her out. She hasn't snitched. Will count for something with him.

Just another example of stuck on stupid!!!!!!


Women are powerful people when it comes to getting a man to do something for them. They know just where to go and what to do to get a guy to do her will.


It's true, sorry guys.


I'm a woman and I have to agree with you 100%. It however, does go both ways.