GM closing Grand Blanc Weld Tool Center in July

General Motors Co. says it's closing a Flint-area plant this summer and will offer its workers jobs at other plants.
Associated Press
Jan 18, 2013


GM spokesman Tom Wickham told on Thursday that the Grand Blanc Weld Tool Center will cease operations in July. The plant is in Genesee County's Grand Blanc Township.

The plant employs 323 hourly and 28 salaried employees.

Wickham says the plant's employees will receive offers of jobs at GM's Flint Tool and Die plant and Warren Tech Center in Michigan and the Parma Metal Center in Ohio.

The center opened in 1942 and was used to produce tanks.




Will Pres. Obama be travelling to Flint to campaign and tell 'em that he stands with them?

Wait, he "won"! He doesn't need 'em anymore. He got what "He" wanted.

So sad...

Probably those d*mn Republicans fault anyway.


Their not losing their jobs , just relocating . This happens all the time , but go on stir the pot if it makes you happy .


@ Bluto:

"Relocating"? You naively make it sound soooo easy.

And what about Flint? Another lost taxpayer and employer.

See Flint:


That's the way of the business . My grandfather , and my brother-in-law's mother both have had to work in other plants . My Grandfather was lucky enough to only have to commute from Sandusky to Mansfield for a year or two before he retired . My brother-in-law's mom has worked in Lorain , Avon , and Kentucky . It happens .


@ Bluto:

Understood. However, I don't think that some will be commuting from Flint, MI to Parma, OH.

That's movin' the whole family. Good luck sellin' the house.

2cents's picture

(Their not losing their jobs , just relocating)

Like the State Department? LOL


But they have a right to work in Michigan.

The Bizness

Maybe Flint needs to work on attracting new industry there rather than relying on old tech. Just like this area, we need to start investing in solar, wind, and alternative fuel technology now so our area can be involved in the future.


@ The Bizness:

Investing with "whose" money; yours?

Lots of ETFs to invest your money in. They're doin' lousy.

Without capital it's fantasy.

Good luck competing with the Chinese. Besides, the future of U.S. mfging is high-tech, high education and robots.

The low price of nat-gas is driving the price point, makin' alt energy expensive.

The Bizness

Disagree completely contango, there are two solar manufactures in Toledo alone...Another one in South Eastern Ohio would have added more jobs if Kasich's administration approved a solar farm down there. Just keep having your carbon emission dreams and when I am old like you my children and I will be cleaning up your mess.


@ The Bizness:

Are you referring to First Solar in Toledo?

Buy some shares of stock and put your money where your mouth is.

Since you're so knowledgeable, get on up there to Flint and/or MI and tell 'em how to do it. :)


You say the future is high tech , high education and robots . I don't disagree with you . My concern is that not everyone will be able to fill limited high tech jobs . A manual workforce is still going to be the backbone and main customer for these manufactures . You eliminate them and you also eliminate companies main source of income . Without their workers to make and also buy stuff the manufactures won't exist . These corporations that look down upon their employees like parasites don't realize that without workers with good incomes to buy their product they might as well close their doors .

Good 2 B Me

Smart Statement


@ Bluto:

I don't totally disagree.

With Pres. Obama's 99 week unemployment extensions along with the current and growing millions on disability, welfare and food stamps, we may be breeding a large permanent underclass who will depend on govt. "hand outs."

The high-pay, low-skill jobs of yesterday are gone forever and have been replaced with low-pay, low-skilled jobs.

Like it or not, we compete on a global scale and our wages remain too high.


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