Clinton attorneys to fight death penalty

Defense attorneys have filed more than a dozen motions on behalf of accused rapist and killer Curtis Clinton.
Jessica Cuffman
Jan 17, 2013

The 41-year-old faces the death penalty if he’s convicted of aggravated murder in any one of the three deaths of Heather Jackson, 23, and her children, Celina, 3, and Wayne Jr., 20 months.

The possibility of such a steep consequence requires specialized defense attorneys, in this case Cleveland lawyers Robert Dixon and David Doughten.

This month alone they’ve filed more than a dozen motions in the case, including:

• Motions to dismiss the death penalty, on the basis such a sentence violates constitutional and international laws.

• Motions to preserve all records in the case.

• Motions to obtain records that could help, or hurt, in Clinton’s defense.

• A motion for Clinton to appear in court without restraints, so as not to bias any possible jurors in deciding his guilt or innocence.

• A motion to keep all agents of the state from talking to Clinton about the case.

For more on the motions and what comes next in the case, pick up a copy of Thursday's Register.



oh no they didunt!


but he deserves the death penalty....


I'm getting really sick of the Moderators removing comments that have no business being removed. It was only removed because the Register has their nose so far Obamas c*nt they cant think straight




Thanks, I thought it was pretty funny.


hopefully, they are doing this pro bono!

Julie R.

The evil s.o.b. strangles a young woman and two little babies -- not to mention molesting one of the babies --- and his attorneys are filing motions on the basis that the death penalty violates the scum-bag's contitutional rights?

How do some of these attorneys even sleep at night?


They don't. Zombies dont sleep.




That's a straight up +10. Best thing I've heard/read all evening!




Julie, honey, they sleep just fine and the next day they do it all over again. They get paid BIG BUCKS to do what they do....ever heard the phrase "laughing all the way to the bank"?

Do you think for one minute that these lawyers CARE about Clinton personally? Heck no, its a JOB for them, not personal. Just like the mafia: strictly business. They don't care what he did, or who he did it to. Its how they make their living.

Sickening, pathetic and awful as it is, this is the job they chose to do. What a way to make a living: defending scumbags for money. (kind of remind you of anything else?)

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Or just maybe, they care more about having a legitimate system of justice than they do one anecdotal case. Maybe they care more about not living in a nation where the government can arbitrarily kill one of its citizens just because a bunch of commenters on the SR website want him dead, than they do about satisfying a bunch of yahoos who don't grasp the very system that makes their lives better than those of most people around the world.


Why don't they just give him the key to the city while they're at it!


Funny that he shows up to court in a nice orange polo. That color looks good on you, Clinton, but 6 feet of dirt would look even better.


omg!!!! u have got to be kidding me!!!!!


I have no problem giving the guy proper justice but I need facts. I am not totally comfortable killing him without knowing the facts. I believe he is definitely not innocent but a proof of guilt is still required. Some may be okay playing judge, jury and executioner without facts but I prefer the facts first. How will they ever prove HE molested the 3 year old? I am not trying to start an argument here so relax people but I know from personal experience that you can be accused of things you did not do.


shut up!!!!


I get exactly what you are saying, deertracker. In law it only exists if you can PROVE it and not by inference. As sickening as this all is, your's is the truest statement of all. A hard thing for people to understand.

This case is SO explosive, how long do you think it will be before change of venue is requested? Then evidence limitations, etc?

As awful as this sounds, it may be better (oh, I can feel the heat coming on this one....and the knives in my back already) to plead it out than run the risk of mistrial or aquittal. Knowing that eliminates the death penalty, at least you know this scum bag will be in jail until someone THERE fulfills the death penalty.


You raise great points too and may I suggest that these comments full of vitriol only help the defense to get a change of venue. Oh, the knives, we all get an opinion and to those that don't like it......oh well!


that was my fear in Randleman and now this case. Attorneys have internet access too. Just a thought.


If the attorneys are watching and reading this thread.......kill yourselves. That is all :-)


You need facts!!?i bet i could give you a few about this SOB!!
from my personal experience!!
but i'm sure thay have many!!!!
how many rapes and how many strangulations does it take?!!
no you relax!
how dare you bring that up about raping that baby of all things!
maybe they already had his dna...maybe they know he's a rapest.
it was no accident that fostoria girl was hog tied...
just like this was no damn accident!!
we all know the roll!
lets just hope the courts dont fail again!!
so unless you are the judge and do the right thing...
just shut up!!!


DO TELL since you THINK you are the only one with a voice! NOBODY shuts me got that?


@deertracker....OMG, good for you. I know we do not always see eye to eye on things, but this IS and open forum and you have every right to express your opinion as do we all. It always bothers me when family members come on and take this attitude. I feel for them, but sometimes it is best to NOT participate when it is such a hot button issue.

Correct me if I am wrong, but the judge doesn't do the "right thing" here, its the jury, which is exactly why this will probably see a motion for change of venue? You go into a trial as a juror with an OPEN mind and without prior formed opinions, do you not? Just checking, but the last time I heard, that was the way it went. I am neither lawyer nor judge, but I always thought that was how it went.


Am not bet i have an attitude!
Correct i will Not participate in your casual...OMG..."hot button issues"
on the issue of "rape" and murder of an innocent child!
how dare you! and also to compare this case to casey anthony?
we all know she killed her child...Heather loved her children.
Lets pray the courts don't fail them and other victims as well.
this case is gonna be alot like you...a no brainer!!!


I GOT THIS...u think you can come on here with your "multiple molestation" comments and not be honest that this guy is a killer and a rapist!!!
There is a gag order and while the family is not already completely broken!
Adding insult and humiliation to devestaion and greif about the topic of "molestation" so freely?
The facts will remain the facts innocence is gone!
Im sure others feel me here.
I DON'T THINK...I KNOW!!I AM NOT ...the only voice here!
And HERE is NOT the place to discuss that.
RESPECT the victims and their family for God Sakes!!!
we all want justice,facts and answers.
Nobody shuts you up?
hmmm...i dont know that guy...tell him to do his damn job!
God Bless You HCW

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Yes, that's becoming fairly obvious.

Just a Girl

Oh, are we keeping score Deertracker? In my book, anyone who commits even one rape or murder deserves the death penalty. Because even if by some wild stretch of the imagination he didn't rape the little girl, he committed the same crime several times previously. And it doesn't change the fact that he murdered her too. We need to stop wasting time and start enforcing punishment that permanently prevents these monsters from re-offending.


i agree 100% with you it's all about FACTS. i mean ONE big fact....they did NOT even take his clothes from that night...? why?