Clinton attorneys to fight death penalty

Defense attorneys have filed more than a dozen motions on behalf of accused rapist and killer Curtis Clinton.
Jessica Cuffman
Jan 17, 2013

The 41-year-old faces the death penalty if he’s convicted of aggravated murder in any one of the three deaths of Heather Jackson, 23, and her children, Celina, 3, and Wayne Jr., 20 months.

The possibility of such a steep consequence requires specialized defense attorneys, in this case Cleveland lawyers Robert Dixon and David Doughten.

This month alone they’ve filed more than a dozen motions in the case, including:

• Motions to dismiss the death penalty, on the basis such a sentence violates constitutional and international laws.

• Motions to preserve all records in the case.

• Motions to obtain records that could help, or hurt, in Clinton’s defense.

• A motion for Clinton to appear in court without restraints, so as not to bias any possible jurors in deciding his guilt or innocence.

• A motion to keep all agents of the state from talking to Clinton about the case.

For more on the motions and what comes next in the case, pick up a copy of Thursday's Register.



DNA. I imagine they have plenty of proof or he would not be in jail right now. He has not confessed and never will. He will be found guilty. Or dead.


DNA will prove it but it was announced he molested the liitle girl before there was even time to do a DNA test so if he did not confess to it how did they know so soon that he molested the baby? I believe you are right on both accounts. He will be found guilty and dead if prison justice is what it is said to be. Remember though, Casey Anthony is a free woman today yet everyone was sure she was guilty and would be found guilty.


If memory serves me right he did not just molest her, he raped her. Penetration was involved. There had to be DNA because the sick SOB probably didn't use a jimmy hat!

Casey Anthony is a different case. They didn't bring a lot of evidence to light until they served her verdict. I for 1 think and believe she totally guilty. She will get her day. Hopefully sooner rather than later!


I believe she is guilty too but neither of us were on the jury so when will Caylee get her day? It is always about what you can prove!


AMEN and then some. I felt sorry for the jury in the Casey Anthony case. They had a tough decision to make. But you have to give them credit for following the rules. If it isn't proven by the prosecutors beyond a reasonable doubt, they walk.

I for one, think that woman should have fried, she killed her own child. But where can she go now where someone would not give her the death penalty right on the spot???


I totally agree! There are things to be proven, but there is a little thing called double jeapordy. She doesn't have much of a life anyway, all she is doing is hiding. Someday, somewhere, someone will give her what she deserves.




She is guilty...the justice system failed there!!! Happens all the time...our justice system sucks!!!Protects the guilty!!!




@ Randy_Marsh

how's those " constitutional rights " working for you right now?


Ok....if we can't get the death penalty, which is deserving to the family, let us get the satisfaction knowing he will be tortured and or killed in prison.




His past actions are proven. S.R. how about a poll for US. Should a swift death penilty be meted out for criminals like this?


Look at it this way. The lawyers are just trying to get this case to be shown on national TV to make a name for themselves. That part is easy to figure.




If that were true, they could call court tv tomorrow and make arrangements. Their family members could do it for them and no one would ever know the difference. CTV producers are begging for cases to have on tv.


One has to wait until the trial actually starts, wired. They won't get involved with this stupid preliminary BS.

Good 2 B Me

This clown should have been executed the first time! This would NEVER have happened again.


I can buy a box of .45 cal hollowpoints for $25 per 50 rounds....50 cents a round...takes only one...50 cents.


I have some Hornady Critical Defense in 9mm or .45ACP I will donate. Won't cost them a thing.


"constitutional AND international law"??????what the hell does international law have to do with this? is he NOT an American citizen? why is that even being discussed?


"The possibility of such a steep consequence requires specialized defense attorneys, in this case Cleveland lawyers Robert Dixon and David Doughten."

Really? What makes this POS so special? Others who faced the death penalty didn't get these high dollar attorneys. What judge called the shots to bring in these high dollar attorneys from Cleveland? Remember that this POS killed before and got a slap on the wrist.
"Misty Keckler was 18 years old when Curtis Clinton killed her in a Fostoria mobile home in 1997.

Originally charged with murder, Clinton pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter two years later as part of a plea agreement that included a maximum sentence of ten years in prison."

10 years for murder? 8 years for an Ottawa County, Ohio attorney and political activist who tried to expose Ohio corruption?

"• Motions to dismiss the death penalty, on the basis such a sentence violates constitutional and international laws."

What a joke!!! Are these two attorneys drunk?

" A motion for Clinton to appear in court without restraints, so as not to bias any possible jurors in deciding his guilt or innocence."

Amother big joke!!! Let Clinton go back to Cleveland with the two attorneys to meet with their wives and children.

Political activists get arrested, thrown into jail, denied their rights and the newspapers spread false lies about those who try to expose corruption.

Here is a hint. Give Clinton a neck tie and allow him back into his jail cell with it. Better yet, give Clinton a tux and limo and allow him to go live with the attorneys back in Cleveland.

This is the most stupid list of appeals that I have ever heard! Clinton the 4 time murderer is treated like royalty. No restraints and no orange jump suit for this killer.

What if Clinton snaps somebody's neck in court? It only takes seconds to kill somebody in the court.

"Curtis Clinton, 41, appeared for a brief arraignment hearing before Judge Tygh Tone, represented by court-appointed Cleveland attorney Robert Dixon."
"Robert Dixon’s final bill: More than $56,000."

Randleman had the same attorney. I feel a plea bargain is in the works again.


I said the same things weeks ago. And have you caught all the info in the SR about the cost of prosecuting and defending these scum bags?

I felt a plea deal weeks ago, before those articles and even more so now that the "dream team defense" has filed all these motions.

They aren't trying to get him released, just not put to death. They want life in prison for this guy. I wonder how long before these "Zomibes" as one called them, apply for a change of venue before this trial starts if they don't get a plea deal????

If he does just get life, it sure won't take long for someone to find out kids were involved and his "death penalty" will be swift and complete.


He dished it out like a man, now he needs to take it like a man!!! He has killed before and will again I am sure if given the opportunity. When a dog bites people repetitively we put it down - it is time to put this dog down!!!!


No people. You're all wrong. He is a great American citizen who has been a productive member of society. He has more Rights than law abiding citizens because he is being accused. And he will be taken care of by the State better than he could ever do for himself. He is also entitled to appeal, after appeal, after appeal to prove his self-worth even after he has been convicted by a jury of his peers. Don't you all get it?? Continuing to breathe the air he snuffed out of 4 peoples lives. How many chances do you get Clinton? Situations like this are becoming a common occurance. Enough is enough.


Doesn't matter how it all turns out in court. This P.O.S. gets to live another 20 to 30 years, guaranteed.
He is one of those that actually like the routine of jail and really can't live on the outside. For some, prison is better than welfare, or living on the street.


I think this guy just doesn't want some COURT telling him he will die. So his "Zombie" attorneys will do all they can to get a plea deal to life in prison without parole. But this time, he killed two kids and a mother.

Life in prison for THOSE fools usually doesn't set well, especially IF (and I believe he did) he raped a child. So there is such a thing as "prison justice". His routine is sure to be cut short quickly and painfully.

This is plea deal work at its worst. I was afraid of this..."lets negotiate to life in prison without the possiblity of parole" is the song being sung here.

The cops should have shot this fool on sight or let the brother of the victims have a "chat" with him for about 10 minutes. Case closed.

This just makes me sick.


@ Wired,
I say this based on 10+ years working in the DR&C.
Clinton has nothing to fear in prison. Everytime I hear this statement about prison justice I have to laugh. Actually with a LWOP (life w/out parole) he is in a better position to do what he wants. What are they going to do, send him to prison?


Really? Wow, that is a tough job. My late uncle was a guard at a prison. Doesn't it depend on where they ARE in that prison?

I guess I am thinking of people like Jeffrey Dahlmer and others, who, after being sent to prison, got exactly what he deserved. That happened in a shower I believe! So I just wonder about Ohio prisons, given the stories my uncle used to tell. Some were pretty gruesome about what prisoners did to guys who raped and hurt kids. Not nice. He had 30 years of it.