Sandusky police respond to shooting

(UPDATED 2:50 p.m.) Area police are still looking for the suspect in a shooting Wednesday night at a car wash in the 500 block of Perkins Avenue. (Click here for 911 call)
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 17, 2013

Sandusky police responded to a counseling center at Hayes Avenue and Pierce Street on Wednesday night for a shooting incident.

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One person was seen being loaded onto a stretcher and placed in an ambulance. Police are taping off a section of parking lot near a gray sedan parked near the center.

(Updated 6:56 p.m.) Police believe the initial shooting occurred in the 500 block of West Perkins Avenue and the victim somehow made it to Hayes Avenue and Pierce Street. The gray sedan is a Mercury Grand Marquis. Police removed a German shepherd from the vehicle.

The victim suffered multiple gunshot wounds, police say. His condition and identity remain unknown.

(Updated 7:25 p.m.) Police are looking for two suspects believed to be involved in the shooting, a woman, Katie Wilson, and an unidentified light-skinned black man who is the suspected shooter. They are driving a red Chevy Monte Carlo.

Police said the man is armed with a revolver and should be considered dangerous. 

Anyone who sees the vehicle or suspects should not approach them and should call 911 or Sandusky police (419-627-5863) immediately.

(Updated 7:38 p.m.) Police say the victim — still unidentified — suffered at minimum a gunshot wound to the chest. He is being transported by medical helicopter to a hospital in Toledo.

(Updated 7:46 p.m.) Police now say they're also searching for a black Cadillac that may be involved.

(Updated 8:09 p.m.) Police say the Grand Marquis belonged to the victim. Officers found evidence of a shot fired into the vehicle.

(Updated 8:51 p.m.) Police say the victim suffered three gunshot wounds, at least one to the chest. His condition is still unknown. Police believe the victim was shot while in a bay of the self-service car wash between Grant Street and West Perkins Avenue in the 500 block of Perkins Avenue behind the closed Big O's bar.

(Updated 12:20 a.m.) The shooting victim is Bartt Carruthers, 49, of Sandusky. He is at a Toledo hospital, but his medical condition is not immediately available. Police have also arrested Katie Wilson, 25, of Sandusky. She was arrested on a warrant, as were two other people — Theresa Purcell, 26, of Sandusky, and Desmond Scott, 43, of Sandusky. The suspected shooter remains at large, Sandusky police detectives said.

Wilson told police she does not know the shooter's identity. Detectives said the shooting is likely the result of a drug deal gone bad.     

(Updated 10:50 a.m.) Police said the suspected shooter has still not been captured. Officers are speaking with witnesses this morning to obtain additional information. Bartt Carruthers, who is at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo, is alive but his condition remains unknown.

(Updated 2:51 p.m.) Police say the shooting victim, Bartt Carruthers, is recovering at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo. He has been stabilized and police investigators are on their way to the hospital to talk to him about Wednesday night's shooting.

Police are still looking for a red Monte Carlo in connection with the incident. Police say they have a "person of interest" and are actively looking for him, though they declined to provide more information about the person's identity.

Police are also interviewing Katie Wilson, who was arrested on unrelated warrants Wednesday night after the incident. Police say she has not provided information about the suspected shooter.

Pick up Thursday's Register for more on this story and check back for information as it becomes available.



"who's god was supposed to prevent those things from happening?"
But then there is this little thing the Bible calls free agency. Ever hear about it? Thus the reason we are judged by our deeds.

Philo Consult

The bible is a fictional screed written to enforce the required population training mechanism devised by John Dee and others, of inductive reasoning, not deductive. It is also an intelligence gathering system based on the confession. Obama's executive orders in the latest inductive scam is to have Physicians telling the government what was said in consultation. Their 'Oath' says it should be kept "secret", not private or confidential, but secret. That's why this is so important for him/them. Scumbuckets slaughtering each other over drugs or sex or whatever little thought leaked into their addled brain-stem isn't really our problem. Who cares, scoop them up, hose them down and dump them in a pit. Once they stop what they are doing I am sure the risk for them will decline. The reality is not complex, they all know what happened. But then these false prophets and lovemongers claim I am supposed to care? I don't.


Philo Consult
Are you currently suing for malpractice for a recent brain operation?


free agency... free will... if we have the free will to do what ever we please then what is your god supposed to do about the atrocities that happen? if, according to his book, he cant control what man does, then what is praying for him to deal with situations caused by mans free will going to do? like i said... prayer is the best way to do something while doing nothing.


There's an answer to what's driving the drug-related issue's such as what happened last evening, and it's not gun control. If our government truly cared about the health and welfare of it's citizens, it would take every necessary measure to stop the flow of drugs into our nation. The problem though is that there are too many influential interests that ensure that the drugs continue to be available. Just look at how many professional athlete's and TV actors/movie stars manage to survive their entire careers with the help of ever-abundant supplies of drugs, yet these same people rarely face any penalty for their actions. On the contrary, the low level users and pushers deal with the indignity of the disease and suffer the consequences daily of a life entangled in a web with no escape. It's sickening and extremely unrealistic to believe that gun control will provide a suitable remedy to these problems.


Tell that to Lindsay Lohen.


These guys are in trouble if they disobeyed our great father in Washington's gun law directive. Tsk Tsk Tsk. Instead of alienating the NRA these bozos in Washington should be deputizing them to go in and roust all these thugs and punks and get their weapons. Only about 5% of the shootings in our country would be even remotely covered by Obama's directives and program. The laws are aimed at the good guys, not the thugs and punks that commit crimes such as this story relates. Start on Perkins Ave and head north searching every house and then you will solve the problem. Disarm the punks and thugs not the good guys. Is it that hard?


Actually it would cover less than that. They want to reinstate the same assault weapons ban that expired in 2005. The same ban that our own government researchers admitted had little to no affect on gun crime. It makes as much sense as Diane Feinsteins statement, "This assault weapons bill is the result of years of personal research of viewing pictures of hundreds of guns." Just like the first ban, they are banning based on which guns look scary, not on actual function. Gotta love the ignorance of Democrat politicians. Ms Feinstein also completely avoided a question related to her own possession of a concealed carry license and her own carry of a semi-automatic handgun. Imagine that, a politician that wants to ban guns for us serfs while retaining the right to continue to carry themselves.


Good comment KnuckleDragger. The powers that be want to keep their guns and their body guards with military grade weapons. Decades ago, civilians could posses the same firearms as the military had beginning with the muskets. If despotism takes over our country and sends in the military against the civilians, the civilians will be no match against the despots and their army. Compare the military weapons against what the civilians have today.


bart carruthers spent a while in prison he is a scam artist from way back i remember him when he used fake tip tickets in all the clubs in sandusky and took them for thousands of dollars bad checks forgery etc.... he had one of those mothers who spent her days drinking and gambling in all the clubs....


i find it funny that in the last 2 weeks there have been dozens of instances where home owners have protected themselves with their right to bare arms and yet, none of these make it to the national news level... funny how that happens... one guy shoots up a school every 10 years or so and it's national news... but people defending themselves and others get no attention?

being a gun owner i can tell you this... no matter what gun it is, finding yourself at the wrong end of one without any way to defend yourself is always scary, so trying to pick and choose which guns to ban because of their intimidation factor is nonsense... it's just a bunch of people with armed guards trying to tell us that we're all safe... hypocrites.

here's an idea to help show the necessity of gun ownership. how about we make it mandatory to post signs in people's yards that own guns. yeah, and also post signs in the yards of people that don't. i'll bet you a years salary that the people with "guns in the house" posted signs get robbed alot less than those that read "no guns in here." anyone wanna take me up on the bet? and for those of you that say no and yet are against gun ownership, you really should reassess your standpoint on guns.


Funny how your kind support putting signs in your yards but are absolutely against the paper in New York that published just that. I would bet that there would still be a lot of break ins when nobody was at home in the homes with guns just so that the criminals can steal your guns. And I still believe that if you own a gun - you should be responsible for anything and everything that happens with your guns - unless you also support gun registration complete with a sample of a test firing to id the gun if something happens with it and that until you cancel your registration due to a theft or selling it that you remain responsible for what happens with that gun. I don't understand why, if you gun owners are so "responsible" that you wouldn't want to do this. You register your car and anything that happens with your car is your responsibility unless you either sell the car legally by transferring title or report the car as stolen. And why not liability insurance for your guns? The more guns and the more powerful they are, the higher your premiums. I can come up with lots of good ideas for the legal responsible gun owner that could reduce the number of gun issues - or at least provide proof that responsible gun owners are not the problem. But, it would require well-regulated gun owners to make this system work. Won't get any support from the NRA or gun crazies though, because it makes sense and doesn't take away your rights as a legal responsible gun owner. You guys don't want your guns taken away, but you also don't want any increased rules and regulations to make YOUR guns safe. I can tell you, from what I have seen and heard from the right-wing gun owners, there is good reason that the NRA doesn't want mental evaluations to be used as criteria for purchasing guns.


im not against that steve. registration in a manner in which you speak would help me get my gun returned to me if it were to ever get stolen from my safe that only has 1 key cut for it. and most of my guns were test fired at the factory they came from. even came with the target they were shooting at to verify accuracy. who's to say that they haven't already matched the bullets with my guns serial number?

we're already under enough regulations, not just gun owner, but everyone. could we possibly be trying to set an example of how creating more legislation isn't always the answer? since 9/11 if you can name 10% of the legislation passed since then that have made our country better i'll give you $100. you better have your typing hands ready and reading eyes on because you'll be needing them to sift through the hundreds of newly appointed laws since 2001 alone. new laws aren't the answer if the old ones aren't being followed.

and the reason the paper in new york went over like a fart in a submarine was because it segregated against one kind of people. now, how well do you think it would have gone over if they only published all of the households that didnt have guns in them? not very well i'd imagine... checks and balances sir, if you're going to do anything in this nation is has to be fare and equal treatment, and only putting one kind of people out there was anything but that. in my world, everyone gets a sign to let everyone know whose house is armed and which ones aren't. steve, would you be willing to put a sign in your yard that says "no guns in here?" would you be willing to say publically that at your address there are no weapons to protect yourself, your family, or your belongings? just curious...


I'm not really aware that I said I didn't have a gun. And if you think about it - publishing the homes that have guns IS publishing the homes that have no guns. The solution isn't to sue the newspaper for printing public information though - it's to get the law changed so that the gun owners information is no longer public information. I believe most of the new laws since 9/11 (which is another interesting topic if you want to discuss something concerning a really huge setup to start a war, which it was) were laws to infringe on our rights - including but certainly not limited to the Patriot Act and Bush's warrant-less wire-taping rules - which for some dumb reason the courts and congress decided were legal. We did not need the Patriot Act and certainly did not need a lot of other things that came with the 9/11 attack. But, it worked in the favor of the government, especially since the government facilitated the attack in the first place. Although you may agree with that registration process, most gun tool do not - especially the NRA. I'm not sure that Bush thought of everything that would follow if the attack didn't take place in 2001. But, he was only interested in finishing the job his daddy started a few years prior. And to set the record straight, there are guns in my home - but I don't carry them around town as two jerks did in Oregon (I think that was where it was) - I'm not sure there is any need to advertise that you have a gun - it could actually set you up for being attacked by someone else with a gun.


so you agree that more laws arent always the answer...

and no, declaring that there is a gun on premises wouldnt encourage others with guns to come knocking on the door... just as a beware of dog sign doesn't encourage other dog owners to bring theirs by for a play date.

all thats happening with this new wave or legislation is the people's knee jerk reaction to a tragedy reinforcing the government to pass more oppressive laws and regulations... just as it did in 2001...


How about just getting the cops to actually do something about the drugs in Sandusky for a start? However, taking the guns away from the druggies would also help. If they can't have guns in Sandusky, then they won't stay in Sandusky. If the cops start shutting down the drug houses in Sandusky, the drugs AND guns will leave as well. Where were all of the "legal" CCW holders when this guy was shot? And don't tell me the gun didn't injure him. It was a direct result of the gun and the ammo that he is in the hospital. There is nothing that a CCW holder would have done to protect this person from the bad guys and I'm guessing that they wouldn't have even tried. It's a phoney excuse to have a gun. Where did this bad guy get his gun? Did he purchase it from a gun shop? Did he get it without any kind of checks at a gun show? Is there a mental issue with this guy? My guess is that the gun he used to shoot this person was completely legal and he most likely purchased it at a legal store as well. OR.... it was stolen from someone who had it legally. In my opinion, the legal owner of the gun should be held responsible for the use of his legal gun. Too much of the excuses and not enough responsibility.


Drug Dealer or Buyer he did not deserve to be shot. I think they should start doing eye for an eye and see how many people keep messing up. I know that sounds dumb but im meaning Rapist and murders. Instead of living off of every working person In and out of prison.When someone commits a murder they should be killed SORRY,this is what i feel would work i know you will all have something smart to say about this,but jeez,just imagine the results it would have.. With the system they will be living off of us for another 20+ years till the death Penalty or plead Insanity And Basically getting off scott free knowing their as* is just Fine.
But on A diff. Note its only going to get worse ever since they took all the fun things for kids/teens to do that is affordable(surfs up-Osborn pool)I bet if you look at the stats. Crime sky rocketed since then.


What I want to know is where is the dog now and is he/she okay?

nightroller's picture

That's what I would like to know too ..... is the dog ok right now .... all them other clowns they can put to death for all I care .... I am more interested in the dog .....


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yes, i did see that video about a week ago... it raised a ton of interesting questions...

like how could the ar-15 have been used if it never left his moms trunk, what ever happened to the other 2 men that were arrested trying to flee from the school after lockdown, why were parents laughing and joking just minutes before their "heart felt" interviews, and why were many of the benefit websites and facebook remembrance pages for sandy hook created a few days before the incident even happened?

definitely a must see for those that believe everything the mainstream media says is truth.


Now it all makes sense, you are a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. No wonder you are such a fearful, paranoid gun nut.



Good 2 B Me



yes, i question the antics of the government and facts that don't line up and that makes me a lunatic...? good one... i bet you're also one of those people that think our entrance into the middle east was to spread Democracy and had nothing to do with the oil.


We have a tin foil hat in your size in a few different colors.


im glad to see that you all have the made up already, you must have been expecting more to join your ranks. i'm going to respectfully decline though... i like to keep my head clear, but you all can keep your hats.


Really? Keep allowing your nose to be drug by the media. That will get you far.


Donutshopguy: Please don't stop volunteering for Stein Hospice. You will find out when this is all over that the people involved knew each other. There have been things happening in that area for ever! Most things that happen in Sandusky aren't by chance. They are between people that are involved together somehow. Random acts of violence against strangers in Sandusky are rare!