Sandusky police respond to shooting

(UPDATED 2:50 p.m.) Area police are still looking for the suspect in a shooting Wednesday night at a car wash in the 500 block of Perkins Avenue. (Click here for 911 call)
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 17, 2013

Sandusky police responded to a counseling center at Hayes Avenue and Pierce Street on Wednesday night for a shooting incident.

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One person was seen being loaded onto a stretcher and placed in an ambulance. Police are taping off a section of parking lot near a gray sedan parked near the center.

(Updated 6:56 p.m.) Police believe the initial shooting occurred in the 500 block of West Perkins Avenue and the victim somehow made it to Hayes Avenue and Pierce Street. The gray sedan is a Mercury Grand Marquis. Police removed a German shepherd from the vehicle.

The victim suffered multiple gunshot wounds, police say. His condition and identity remain unknown.

(Updated 7:25 p.m.) Police are looking for two suspects believed to be involved in the shooting, a woman, Katie Wilson, and an unidentified light-skinned black man who is the suspected shooter. They are driving a red Chevy Monte Carlo.

Police said the man is armed with a revolver and should be considered dangerous. 

Anyone who sees the vehicle or suspects should not approach them and should call 911 or Sandusky police (419-627-5863) immediately.

(Updated 7:38 p.m.) Police say the victim — still unidentified — suffered at minimum a gunshot wound to the chest. He is being transported by medical helicopter to a hospital in Toledo.

(Updated 7:46 p.m.) Police now say they're also searching for a black Cadillac that may be involved.

(Updated 8:09 p.m.) Police say the Grand Marquis belonged to the victim. Officers found evidence of a shot fired into the vehicle.

(Updated 8:51 p.m.) Police say the victim suffered three gunshot wounds, at least one to the chest. His condition is still unknown. Police believe the victim was shot while in a bay of the self-service car wash between Grant Street and West Perkins Avenue in the 500 block of Perkins Avenue behind the closed Big O's bar.

(Updated 12:20 a.m.) The shooting victim is Bartt Carruthers, 49, of Sandusky. He is at a Toledo hospital, but his medical condition is not immediately available. Police have also arrested Katie Wilson, 25, of Sandusky. She was arrested on a warrant, as were two other people — Theresa Purcell, 26, of Sandusky, and Desmond Scott, 43, of Sandusky. The suspected shooter remains at large, Sandusky police detectives said.

Wilson told police she does not know the shooter's identity. Detectives said the shooting is likely the result of a drug deal gone bad.     

(Updated 10:50 a.m.) Police said the suspected shooter has still not been captured. Officers are speaking with witnesses this morning to obtain additional information. Bartt Carruthers, who is at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo, is alive but his condition remains unknown.

(Updated 2:51 p.m.) Police say the shooting victim, Bartt Carruthers, is recovering at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo. He has been stabilized and police investigators are on their way to the hospital to talk to him about Wednesday night's shooting.

Police are still looking for a red Monte Carlo in connection with the incident. Police say they have a "person of interest" and are actively looking for him, though they declined to provide more information about the person's identity.

Police are also interviewing Katie Wilson, who was arrested on unrelated warrants Wednesday night after the incident. Police say she has not provided information about the suspected shooter.

Pick up Thursday's Register for more on this story and check back for information as it becomes available.


Whiskey Tango F...

i sadly agree. If only they were better shots, we would have saved the life flight bill, and a good honest american might have needed care while this slime was plugging up the hospital. Just put it on the taxpayers tab!


Bart Carruthers? Trouble is this guy's middle name. Convicted felon. Multiple time resident of our jail system. Last time I heard his name mentioned he was in trouble for sniffing glue.Guess he upgraded his troubles.


My Husband has washed his cars there for 30 years, This weekend he left his car mat there and the owner drove to our house to return it. The owner is a great guy, and its sad that you cant even go to the car wash in this town and be safe. Its also sad that this owner will most likely lose business because of these idiots.


The owner won't lose my business. Thugs shooting thugs. Could have been anywhere. If the drugs don't kill you, the dealer will.


What's wrong with people these days? Drugs, no jobs, no way to support themselves; desperate times call for desperate measures. It will probably only get worse. My advice: stay home for the most part, stockpile at least 3 months worth of food and other needed items; plan for the worst. It will very likely happen. Wait until they have no money to pay for the foodstamps. Rioting in the streets.


Apparently they are finding money through entitlements to buy drugs. Cut of entitlements to people who are not legitimately disabled and watch how many will magically become employed.


This place is starting to make Disney World look like a friggin bike ride.

Floyd P

This is the reason we need gun control in this country. Any idiot can get one. There was a murder two houses down from my mom a month or so ago. You better believe i'm moving her out of that area as soon as possible. What's this town turning into, Cleveland?

Whiskey Tango F...

You are so right! If only the gun ban were alredy in place, this never would have happened!!! I am sure these honest law abiding citizens would have turned in their guns. Ignorance such as this is what our government runs on.


Oh yeah because gun control will most definitely make the drug dealers, robbers, felons etc feel sooooo inclined to turn their guns in! *eye roll*

Seriously WTF, you best believe I'm a good guy with a gun and if I was out somewhere you were and a bad guy came in with a gun, would you rather me beg and plead for our lives while he's shooting, or draw my weapon and shoot him with one bullet to stop him??? How many people choose option 1 and how many choose option 2?

Sorry I'm not begging, I'm saving!

Whiskey Tango F...

Sarcasm sir, sarcasm. I carry everyday everywhere.


My apologies then. Sometimes it is hard to tell through text. :)


And what exactly will gun control have done in this situation? It's not like they were performing community service singing kumbaya when they guy was shot. Drugs are illegal so how did that work out for the guy that got shot? So we need even more Drug control? Wait a minute, because drugs are such a big problem some are advocating for making them all legal believing that this would help with the epidemic.

So I ask why?? Why make drugs legal? Those saying we need more gun control probably don't even know the gun laws as they are. Drugs are illegal and that doesn't stop people from using them. Ban guns and that won't stop bad people from using them. With any law, it only effects those that choose to follow the laws of the land. Laws can't fix Evil.

Just Thinkin

We have gun laws, but they aren't used ,Blame the lawyer's and judges, Oh I know lets ban DRUGS, they seem to be the problem, Still two upstanding White woman geting a fine upstanding Black man in trouble, Evil, evil white women, Tsk, Tsk, maybe the daddy's ought to be daddy's and the Mama's be Mama's. instead of trying to have to biggest welfare family Just saying,

Whiskey Tango F...

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Some of you make the MOST RIDICULOUS comments even when you know almost nothing about what happened! SAD!


In a comment I made a couple of days ago about the man from Sandusky who killed and dismembered someone, I said "I see more and more violence in this world". A reply to that was "there is not more violence in the world", it is just shoved down your throat more" ( I assume they meant by the media). I must have had blinders on when I was young because I never saw or read in the Register things like this happening on a daily basis.


More random gun violence in Sandusky. It's getting harder to avoid specific areas of the city. The police are not able to maintain order. The courts are a revolving door. The downward spiral is increasing.

The once beautiful small city is no more.


Something needs to be done about all the violence in Sandusky, I hope the City of Sandusky does not give them a slap on the wrist, even though the man has been in and out of prison that was shot, this is getting rediculous. I do feel bad for his mother though of the man shot. And as far as the gun laws are concerned, we the people who do follow the laws have to carry against the people who do not follow the law to stay alive. Also, The people all on here complaining about the spelling, I find it to be petty and makes YOU look stupid and I am quit tired of reading the blogs referring to this, obviously some people probably blog on here with their cell phones, and as we all know they put words you didn't even say on there and people who type at a faster rate may put the wrong spelling. And obviously your parents probably were rich enough to send you to college, there are men and women posting on here that probably had to work for their families and were not able to go to school. Look at the big picture, people. And I'm sure you will find a mistake in mine,so Quit complaining about spelling and start helping police catch these criminals. Now did the cops look on the birth certificates of the womens' children to see who's name is on there, could be the daddy (the shooter), she's not giving info and right now we have a potential bomb running the streets. And Patches you were in all rights praying for our policeman and our fireman, They have to deal with these off the hook, crackhead people running our streets. And you can't blame videogames and bad parenting. I'm just tired of hearing people blame everything else but the people whom are responsible and thats our all mighty government! Now they are talking about raising SS to 70 yrs old. really, how many men and women who have worked all there lives get to use that, Get these lazy butts on our welfare and make them get a job and take a drug test to be on welfare. Thanks for listening and do enjoy your day!


The City of Sandusky will have nothing to do with the final outcome of this. It will rest with the County Prosecutor (Kevin Baxter) and Erie County Common Pleas Court.


Sounds like a personal problem to me. I've worked full time since I was 14. I managed to hold down full time employment, raise a family, and obtain both a Bachelors and Masters degree. You can't use having to work as an excuse for not getting an education. Being able to obtain higher education while working and raising a family is challenging, however it comes down to motivation and determination more than anything. I do commend you for working and being a productive member of society. Unfortunately, there are to many people in this area who are permanently retired on our dime (no I don't mean the elderly on social security). Until we make it harder on them to sit around and cause trouble, they'll be more of the same.


Sadly, not one of the above comments wish the victim to be okay. It doesn't really matter what he was doing there. What matters is that he was shot and could possibly die. No matter what happened, no one deserves that....

Whiskey Tango F...

Take a look at who he is. Punhed his grandmother in the face? Society does not benefit from his contributions.


that depends... if he was there to sell drugs and got robbed, would you be praying for the life of a drug dealer? because i know i wouldn't be.


I am sure we will learn this guy and his friends were perfect angels....NOT!! Hey, if you are committing or participating in an illegal act of feloneous nature you get what you deserve.


Here's your hero a real butt head!! Now what do you say? hero


I dont know anything about this guy - was just saying that it is unfortunate that anyone got shot.


I am not worried about this idiot. He put himself in that situation. I am wondering if the dog he had with him is ok, though.


No, what is unfortunate is that he chose to conduct his "business" in an area that put other innocent/law-abiding citizens at risk. This didn't take place at 2AM--it was around dinner time. Kids from the school were leaving after functions; those who live in the neighborhood were coming home from work or going to dinner; someone might have decided to rinse their car off after stopping by Kroger, etc. Not to mention the owners of the two businesses are going to lose biz because of this.

Sorry, but the "victim" gets NO sympathy or well-wishes from me, nor do the others who were involved. You want to play the game, you best be ready to pay the price. Just leave everyone else out of it.


yes... the gun ban... which centers around semi-auto's... and yet.. this guy used a revolver... which is not a semi-auto (for those that dont understand the difference)...

laws only work for those that obey them... and judging by kate's rap sheet... she's not one of those kinds of people... and going by this story the people she associates with dont follow the rules either... so what's more ink in a book going to do to prevent things like this from happening when the current laws are already proving to not work as a deterrent?

and one last thing... 2 hands at work do more to create change than a thousand hands in prayer. prayer is the most effective way to do something while still doing nothing... feel as good or as bad about yourselves as you want, but even the churches are having their problems with their own priests and catholic teachers... who's god was supposed to prevent those things from happening?