Plan to ship wastewater into Ohio is put on hold

A Texas-based company wants to use river barges to move its potentially toxic wastewater in Ohio, but federal officials must first decide whether it's safe.
Associated Press
Jan 14, 2013


The Columbus Dispatch reports ( ) that Grapevine, Texas-based GreenHunter Water has its plan on hold as authorities investigate environmental questions regarding the wastewater from the gas drilling industry.

The industry uses water and chemicals to stimulate production of natural gas locked in shale. Some of that water comes back to the surface. It gets recycled or is taken by truck to industrial treatment plants or deep injection wells for treatment or disposal.

The newspaper reports that GreenHunter Water has bought liquid-storage tanks at an Ohio River terminal in New Matamoras in southeastern Ohio. The terminal could serve as a transfer point to truck the waste.




EFF you Texas! Keep your Effin' crap water there!!!


This unconscionable AP article is running all over the country. What's wrong with it? It strips the word FRACKING, obscuring the most significant aspect of this news. Intentional? Who knows? Still irresponsible.

This toxic waste is fracking fluid that leaks back up to the surface. But the industry still claims fracking can't contaminate groundwater!!???

The dirty little secret is the some fracking fluid is MADE WITH toxic waste, to get rid of it, not because it's needed, and to conceal that, the industry has claimed that the formulations should remain proprietary trade secrets.

On carefully chosen sites and with safe materials, there will be cases in which it is possible to use fracking technology with relative safety. But the way the industry has proceeded is reckless and is causing dangerous and permanent damage that will become widespread if it continues. And regulators are derelict in protecting us. Without an attitude adjustment and serious reforms, no fracking can be trusted and all fracking should stop.


I'm in Texas and I agree.Don't the residents have any say so in what they do to our environment.Money,money money.Texas is in a drought bad,you'd think they want the water here unless it's TOXIC.


The waste from these companies should stay in the state that produced them .



The Big Dog's back

The whole state of Texas is a dump.

Good 2 B Me

How about we use the entire state of Texas as a dump for OUR Waste? Although, I am not sure that it is not a dump already.

Rod Farva

Isn't there enough s*** in ohio?


Doesn't Texas claim the Lone Star State status and how they don't even want to be part of the USA? They just want to be their own country?


Put it on Bush's ranch.


Ohio better protect our drinking water. Snarky comments aside, that stuff has ruined drinking water in PA and has the potential to do the same here.

Unlike Nuke waste that is some future generations problem, this is a "Now Problem".

There is no "we need more time", the time is now...........


Let Texas decide what to do with their waste. No reason for it to come here other than $$$$$$MONEY$$$$$$$. Just goes to show that money is more important than health, enviorment or well being


Turn the water into beer. The alcohol kills the bad stuff.


A TX gopher has more brains than some of these posters.

Click on the link to the Col. Dispatch story, just don't mis-read the headline. LMAO!!!

Proof that the smart people are leaving OH.

"A Fracking Proposal From a Texan":


You could move to Texas, did you know that?

Not that long of a drive, but you should go now before Texas secedes.

Unless, that is you are a working person,,

Or are sick,


Yeah, gotta love Texas, where the REAL National Energy Policy is formulated (for the benefit of the Texas-based world petroleum cartel.) It's a GREAT place if you're rich, white, and like Joel Osteen and urban sprawl. And last I heard, concealed handguns in bars and open likker bottles in cars were perfectly legal.

Volunteerin' to help plan Contango's goin' away party. Yee-HAW!


@ Factitious:

And when all the wealthy and smart people move south to states like TX, that'll leave the poor and stupid people in OH. :)

Allied Van Lines ranks OH as an "outbound state."

Save your $ on the "party." You're gonna need it to pay more taxes as industry and business leaves the state and heads for RTW states with no state income tax like TX.


Speaking seriously now, I get your point, but it's a race to the bottom - do we really want a country in which your state's ticket to prosperity is to treat your workers the worst and to allow the most pollution?


@ Factitious:

Get outa the north sometime, your knowledge regarding the south is outdated.


You're so full of yourself. I was in Texas just last year, have been there many times. It's really a pretty diverse place, but don't feel bad about the stereotypes, because they celebrate them. What's to hate is that it's such an oligarchy, very un-democratic.

Regarding your analysis of the Allied data - It appears that calling OH and "outbound state" is your conclusion, not theirs, and it's wrong. OH ranks 13th in outbound traffic but 12th in inbound, and the volume difference is only about 0.1%, so we're just as much an "inbound state," or neutral.

And you didn't answer my question.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).

The Bizness

How does losing population have anything to do with the underlying element factitious was trying to state? He is stating that capitalism should not come at the cost of bad work place conditions and environmental degradation.

As for us losing population, that isn't true we are gaining population since 2010 just at a 1% increase. people graduating college in my age bracket are leaving to warmer climates only to find that it doesn't offer the jobs they want and are starting to move back to Ohio.


@ The Bizness:

Ever heard of the Reverse Migration?

Professional blacks, who can't find jobs are moving south.

The 2010 Census showed a loss for OH. We'll see if 2020 proves your anecdotal evidence.

I kinda doubt it.

About the only area I see growin’ is Columbus. And that's at the expense of the rest of the state.

An economy need business growth in order to thrive and expand. Head south, lots of construction. OH not so much.


Yet we're still waiting to find out why you don't move there?

Apparently a moving van company recommends it and you hold there data dear, so why not make the move?


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).

The Bizness

He just likes to complain for the heck of it. He appears to just want a state that is open to industry polluting at will, workers having limited rights, sustainable technology/research to be squashed, and for all decisions to be purely made on whether or not it makes him money....Capitalism if left to its own unchecked ways does not work contango. You can disagree with me all you want but if we all just wanted the most money we could get we would all be just as negative about life, and this area as you are.


[edit - adding explantion for clarity because this comment responded to an above Contango comment that has since been removed by the moderator. That comment referenced an Allied website that gave data about number of shipments, which did indeed show that there were more trips out of Ohio than into it, and chided me by saying he was thus doing my work for me, or words to that effect.]

You're changing the subject. You claimed Ohio was an "outbound state" based on data that showed no such thing, but instead showed it to be neutral based on volume.

Now you claim you were right all along, based on number of shipments, not volume. Citing the data that supports your prejudice is YOUR work, not mine.

But nothing you cite shows that WEALTHIER people are leaving as you claim. Could it be that instead, poorer people are leaving to get jobs?

You like to beleive that all would be well with politics you like, but Ohio has lost Congressional representation twice in a row under largely Republican rule. Oregon just gained, and the state of WA did twice in a row, and they're both much more progressive that Texas or Ohio.

The truth is that that the shift has more to do with structural issues than politics.

When I referred to your narcissism, that was in the clinical sense, not the name-calling you like so much. Try not to get so angry when someone threatens your reality.

Don't even waste your time talking to your shrink about it, though. It's typicallly hopeless. Just try to stay out of jail. If you like, I can furnish an email for the death threats, so that your comments don't get deleted when you melt down.

Hey, that reminds me - I haven't heard from "Libertarian" in ages - about when YOU came on the scene. Wait. a. minute......

The Bizness



send it to cali.

The Bizness

While I am against all forms of fossil fuels personally there is great short term economic benefit to fracking.

However, we should not be taking in other states waste to deposit into deep injection wells. These wells do fail, and they do contaminate ground water supplies.

We should use nat gas as a bridge to our future of solar and wind and other renewables. We can use our areas infrastructure to become the manufacturing center for these next gen technologies.

Truth or Dare

"Is Fracking Safe? Debate on Controversial Natural Gas Drilling Technique as NY Moratorium May Expire." - Jan 4, 2013, WATCH IT!

Texas and Texans can't store their own poisonous, toxic wastewater? They don't want it anymore than they would in Cali, with good reason! Why in God's name would other States want it? Oh, right, $$$$$$'s to store or dispose of! Gotta raise revenue however we can in these harsh economic times, even if it means accepting poison from other States and becoming nothing more than a Nation's Toxic Dumpsite! Hooray for the Ohio River Valley folks. They must be estatic at the possibility of becoming the recipients and keepers of this waste!


@ Truth or Dare:

Click on the Col. Dispatch link. The co. is TX based, the waste water is from PA. Sheesh!


The article is about fracking waste, and the state it came from is a red herring that has little to do with the issue, but YOU as much as anyone made the discussion about Texas. Sheesh, yourself!

And you never did answer my question - do we really want a country in which your state's ticket to prosperity is to treat your workers the worst and to allow the most pollution?



Really are you ...

Send it to China and tell them it came from the fresh water aqua ducts feeding the great lakes. Then maybe they will stop taking that fresh water from the lakes to China. Sorry forgot we can not do it to them, but as long as we try to pollute, contaminate, and spread disease amongst the people of the US, thats fine.


You guys have gotten off topic a bit. This brine and fracking water has dangerous chemicals in it that will eventually get into the groundwater
and contaminate the drinking water. The state of Ohio is unfortunately
accepting this stuff from other states. As Truth or Dare stated, Ohio is
accepting this poison from other states for the all mighty dollar and is
quickly becoming a big toxic waste dump. I bet that the people the live
down in southeast Ohio are just thrilled to find this out. Just because it
is not happening here doesn't mean that it isn't a problem. This needs to


You're right.

In addition, even if they were fracking with distilled water and nothing else, they can still contaminate perfectly good groundwater with whatever is down there.


Why ship it way up here?
Isn't there any room in Texas?


All you that made fun of global warming let them put their stinky H two O in your backyard.