Perkins to wrestle with finances in 2013

The world didn't end on Dec. 21, 2012, the last day in the Mayan calendar. So now Perkins Township trustees must face a different kind of doomsday scenario: Raise new revenues or cut services.
Andy Ouriel
Jan 14, 2013


Trustee Mike Printy, selected as the new board chairman earlier this month, said the board must work through some challenges to keep on budget.

That will include a close look at:

• The township's general operating levy. 

• Slashing about  $1 million from township revenue streams in 2013, compared to 2012.

• Renegotiating labor contracts with township employees expire later this year.

For a look at each of these issues, pick up a copy of Monday's Register.




didn't they just put up a new building?


Yeah, that's probably why they now are in need of money. I feel sorry for all those elderly people on fixed incomes in Perkins, they are about to get taxed out of their homes.

The Answer Person

Well at least they have an ugly new building to wrestle in.



Dont Worry Be Happy

The building is paid for.


Don't worry,

So how was that building paid for? The sale of property and taxes. So that money couldn't have been used for services rather than a building?

It's a never ending story of government officials building new offices and not providing the services needed in the community. Why do we trust these ego maniacs? The school in Perkins is following the same model. Build a new school, without being voted on by the public, and then crying they need new operating expenses.

Vote down all operating expenses. Don't be fooled by their smoke and mirrors.


They should institute a toll for overly loud motorcycles driving up and down Bogart every time the weather is nice. That would bring in hundreds of thousands a year. There's nothing better on a nice spring day than hearing someone elses's mid-life crisis an/or purchased subculture membership card thundering down the road every 30 seconds for 20 hours a day for 8 months a year. Truly, every week is bike week.


I heard that for every kid brought into the Perkins school system from some other school system, Perkins received $5,000. Is that true? And where does that money go?


It goes to the school district not the township government.

my oh my

Oh the poor residents of Perkins Twp.Taxes keep going up and up and what are they gaining in return???? NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We have plenty of middle age men on loud motorcycles cruising down smooth, snow free roads.


@ WiredMamba666
Are you related to wiredmama222 ?
I see a resemblance.


Here's the doomsday scenario.

Perkins township trustees build a new building and ask the taxpayers for more operating funds.

Perkins schools build a new building and ask the taxpayers for more operating funds.

Both votes go down in flames. It's the new doomsday model of public funding.


I wonder how much that new building cost... about $1 million ?