Could janitors be one school's line of defense?

A rural school district in Ohio is drawing attention with its plans to arm a handful of its non-teaching employees with handguns this year — perhaps even janitors.
Associated Press
Jan 14, 2013

Four employees in the Montpelier schools have agreed to take a weapons training course and carry their own guns inside the district's one building, which houses 1,000 students in kindergarten through 12th grade, school officials said.

"It's kind of a sign of the times," Superintendent Jamie Grime said Friday.

The Toledo Blade reported that the employees were janitors, but school officials would not confirm that to The Associated Press, saying only that they are employees who don't have direct supervision over the students in the northwest Ohio district.

The four employees who will carry guns all volunteered to take part, Grime said. The school plans to pay for them to attend a two-day training course.

"Putting a firearm in a school is a huge step," Grime said. "We're going to do it properly. These people need the proper training."

The move comes as districts and lawmakers across the nation weigh how to protect students following the school massacre in Newtown, Conn., and after the National Rifle Association called for an armed officer in every U.S. school. The gunman in Newtown used a rifle to kill 20 students and six educators.

Lawmakers in South Carolina, Oklahoma, Missouri and South Dakota are looking into legislation that would allow teachers and other school employees to have guns.

Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst called Friday for state-funded, specialized firearms training for teachers and administrators. School districts would decide who would carry weapons but not be required to participate, and training would include how to react during a shooting.

In Arizona's Maricopa County, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has said he plans to post armed volunteers on school perimeters.

Residents in a Dayton, Ohio, suburb crowded into a school meeting this week to talk about whether staff members and teachers should be armed. Reaction was mixed, according to The Dayton Daily News.

"We need more good guys with guns. That's the sad reality of the situation," said Jim Rigano, a Springboro school board member.

Other states are trying clamp down on gun sales and bans on assault rifles.

In Montpelier, school officials began reviewing security plans after Newtown and decided teachers should not be armed because their first priority in an emergency should be locking doors and protecting students, Grime said. The school already has security cameras and locked doors, and requires visitors to be buzzed into the front entrance.

The proposal was not announced until just before the board voted unanimously Wednesday to arm a select group of employees after consulting with the local police chief and attorneys who reviewed Ohio's concealed carry law. The law prohibits guns in schools except in a few cases, and allows education boards to authorize someone to carry a gun inside schools.

No members of the public spoke out on the measure at the meeting, board President Larry Martin told the Blade. Grime said three people attended.

A letter was sent out to parents after the vote. Only three complained, while close to 150 called or sent emails supporting the idea in Montpelier, a remote city of about 4,000 residents along Interstate 80 near the convergence of Ohio, Michigan and Indiana.

"It's a place where people hold the Second Amendment close to their hearts," the superintendent said.




You never heard of mass stabbings, come on now. Happens all the time in the UK and China; even here in America. The UK banned Samurai swords. LONDON (AP) — A 30-year-old man was arrested Sunday on suspicion of stabbing six people to death on the British island of Jersey, police said.

6 killed over Xbox dispute in Deltona, Florida, US: 8/6/2004. 6 killed. 4 men (all old enough to legally purchase firearms) bludgeon 6 people to death with baseball bats over purloined Xbox.

Alaska teen slashes 5 family members to death, California student slashes ex-girlfriend at school.

A Michigan prosecutor said Tuesday that stabbing attacks in his state that killed five people are linked to similar attacks in Virginia and Ohio; Total is 16 victims. 8/2010.

Akihabara Massacre, Chiyoda City, Tokyo, Japan: 6/8/2008. 7 people killed (3 struck by car, 4 by stabbing), many more injured. Man slammed into a crowd with his car, then jumped out and began stabbing people to death.

heck ya, better ban steak knives, much deadlier than butter knives,


Yea,the UK is banning kitchen knives !


Help Wanted: Custodial worker with knowledge of floor buffing machine and nine millimeter operation; must have CCW permit and clean background check. Prefer associates degree in criminal justice with a minor in housekeeping.


Funny thing is that they will likely be more effective at neutralizing a threat than a schoo; resource officer.


20 years on Police Force and 20 as a Custodial Officer,good retirement !

Taxed Enough Already

I just happen to know a School Custodian/Janitor who is an excellent marksman with a gun....I say go for it. Shooters would never expect the janitor. SURPRISE!!!!!


And by the time arming school employees goes through all the red tape like compensation for those carrying the guns , insurance concerns , and keeping up with safety and training . Guess where the cost will end up . SURPRISE !!! You the taxpayer.

Dr. Information

@bluto...but wait, I thought it was all about the children? Anything to protect our children right? Which is it?


It was a sarcastic response to T.E.A . Get it , Taxed, Enough , Already . Always crying about their taxes and not wanting to spend anything on anything . Duh!!!


The reality is that HIPPA law forbids medical employees from talking about any patient without written permission. Most of the people who have murdered others were recognized as having emotional or mental disability and the medical professionals came forward after the killings. We need to remove the threat of loss of their jobs, so medical staffs can come forward before the problem occurs. This would have prevented Columbine, Newtown, Virginia Tech and many of the postal killings. Congress created this mess, not Winchester, Bushmaster, Colt, Glock or any other manufacturer. As the old adage goes.... People kill people. Guns are simply a pieces of metal, plastics,carbon fiber and wood that are fashioned into a useful tools for use by mentally competent citizens.


Useful tools designed for what purpose ? Guns only have one purpose . As far as mentally competent citizens . Let me ask you this . Who exactly are judging these peoples' mental competence at the gun shows or individual sales from private owners ?


Argue all day long, but just have a look at what works elsewhere in the world. There are more threats to schools in 3rd world countries, yet they don't have massacres as we do here. I've only been to 5 or 6 different poor countries, but it was always the same at schools. One entrance, with an armed security guard, and the rest of the school was fenced in and outer doors locked. Once school started, the whole place is locked. You can't shoot the guard and walk in. That will work here too, as the usual perps of these crimes walk right in with no resistance. One guard at the one entrance takes care of the whole problem. Other doors can be electronically locked so they can be opened remotely by the guard or principal in an emergency. No one gets buzzed in. No one walks in loaded to the teeth. Banning weapons and ammunition won't alleviate this problem, there are thousands of automatic weapons out there, and criminals won't turn them in.