Sandusky, Perkins fire and ambulance calls up sharply in 2012

Sandusky and Perkins firefighters together fought blazes that destroyed more than $1 million in property in the 44870 ZIP code throughout 2012.
Andy Ouriel
Jan 13, 2013


What's even more concerning for Sandusky and Perkins fire departments, however, is the sharp increase in emergency calls.

Collectively, fire calls soared 10 percent and ambulance runs jumped 5 percent in 2012 compared to 2011.

"As peoples' disposable income and income availability for medical and preventative care diminishes, typically the fire service will see an increase in runs," Sandusky fire Chief Paul Ricci said.

For more on the uptick in medical and emergency service calls, pick up a copy of Sunday's Register.



Chief Ricci says, "As peoples' disposable income and income availability for medical and preventative care diminishes, typically the fire service will see an increase in runs,"

That is the politically correct way of saying, as more people suck from the government teat, they quickly find out that getting a ride in an ambulance will save them from having to pay cab fare for a ride to the ER for their weekly tune up. Once these people are discharged from the ER for their non-emergency then they insist that Firelands either pay for a cab to take them home or call an ambulance to give them a ride. Firelands actually stopped paying for cab rides because of the widespread abuse (it was costing them an arm and a leg). You should have heard these people cussing in the ER when they found out that they were no longer providing free rides home.


You cant really believe this bs you write can you. Once again i ask you why make things up and why do you hate people so much because they may not be well off as you. My wife works there so i visit when i can and all this you are saying is a lie come on man get over it. If you dont like anything about sandusky why concern yourself . Notice they said sandusky and perkins but you took to yourself to somehow make this lets blame low income lets blame firelands for the only reason its in sandusky



Sorry but its not a lie. Spend some time in the waiting area of the emergency room. Filled with people expecting everything for nothing. They can't be turned away so every cold and runny nose expects to be taken care of over more serious problems. It's that old entitlement mindset.

The same people use ambulances as their own shuttle service.

Rod Farva

Well said knuckle dragger, though i do see taxis at frmc still.. they are big white and have a red stripe


Those so called Red and white taxis do more 911 calls per year than all the fire departments in Erie County combined. The transports subsidize the 911 service so that communities that cannot afford to have their own full time Paramedic service will still have coverage at a reasonable price to the taxpayers. You should be so lucky as to have such a high quality non-profit EMS providing care and transportation in your county, namely North Central EMS.

T. A. Schwanger

I wonder how many of the fire calls are repeat false alarms--especially business'.

Sandusky Codified Ordances::CHAPTER 717
Excessive and Nuisance False Alarms:

(a) The purpose of this chapter is to protect the emergency services of the Police and Fire Departments of the City from misuse, by responding to defective alarm systems, excessive false alarms and nuisance 9-1-1 telephone calls.

(b) If the inspecting police officer or firefighter determines the signal to be a false alarm, the police officer or firefighter shall make a report of the false alarm to the respective Records Section. A notification of the false alarm report shall be mailed or delivered to the alarm user, at the address of the alarm system, advising the user of the false alarm.


(a) If more than two false alarms occur at a particular location in any calendar year, then the Fire Chief or Police Chief shall invoice the alarm user as defined in Section .02 for reimbursement of a portion of the costs of responding to the third and subsequent false alarms pursuant to the following schedule:

Number of Excessive False Alarms Fee 3rd $25.00---4th $50.00---5 or more $100.00.

According to Fire Department 2011 records, 4% off all fire calls (excluding EMS), or 171 calls, were false alarms.


It is truly a shame that the city does not have a charter amendment or codification for the police who are called out to homes to discipline children. It seems that since this city has excessive false alarm fees of $25 and up, what a shame the SPD cannot charge the same for being called out to discipline children for parents either to lazy or too incapable of dealing with their own children. It seems as if the police, too, have better things to do than run to someone's house to do such things just as the fire department should not have to run and answer false alarms.


@ Wired,
Good idea, though I guess in most of the cases they would have to have one of the card swiper thingys so they can swipe the Ohio card to get paid. LOL!


@wiredmama, it wouldn't work. Most people would rather dole out the discipline needed by their kids themselves. The problem in today's society, is that the psychology, social services, and educational institutions has instilled a mentality in children that they are untouchable. What I mean by that, is that the schools now beat it into the childrens heads that if a parent even lays a hand on them, that they should call the police or immediately report it to a guidance counselor at the school. I've even had my kids tell me that they told them that it was illegal for a parent to spank them, an act that is perfectly legal in Ohio. These children won't waste anytime telling you to your face, that there is nothing you can do to them, because they KNOW that we aren't allowed to touch them. That is why many people throw their hands up and call the police, for the simple reason, whoever calls the police first gets to be the victim. Faced with a society and a justice system that is in bed with the social services machine, that sees every parent as guilty of child abuse even when they are not, what do you expect? Are you going to risk them taking all your children because of one unruly teen? I think not. Until we as a society insist that our ability to adequately discipline our children without unjust intrusion be restored, people will continue to call the PD to deal with these little monsters.

Paul E. Ricci

Excellent question T.A.Schwanger. False alarms are coded into several categories, including malicious false, unintentional false, alarm malfunction, good intent alarms and so on. Many of these calls were actual smoke or heat detector activations that did not produce a sustainable fire, such as burnt food, smoking products, steam or excessive heat. The detection device performed as designed. Please stop down and I can provide you a print out of every false alarm in 2012 and the code for each. The ordinance was created to address excessive false alarms, primarily due to the failure to maintain and or monitor the system and the components. We review the historical data to determine applicability of the ordinance. There were 4495 ems calls and 855 fire calls (non-EMS) in Sandusky in 2012. 4% of 855 equals approximately 34. I can get you exact numbers tomorrow. Again, please call or stop in. Thank you again for your question and your concern.


Chief Ricci, can you tell me why some fire calls are dispatched from the main station to calls on Venice Rd or Venice Hts when there is a station ON Venice Rd and their equipment is not out of the bldg? I have often wondered about that? We have often seen the vehicles in station on Venice but been passed by the FD coming from downtown? Just curious? Thanks.

You guys always do when heck of a job. Good work.

Paul E. Ricci

Certainly. Station #7 and Station #3 (causeway) have two pieces of equipment each, an ambulance and a fire engine. Each station has three personnel assigned. Depending on the type of call, EMS or Fire, the three personnel take the fire engine for fires or the ambulance for EMS calls. This concept is call "jump company" because personnel can jump between vehicles depending on the need of the caller. This concept is used in many departments to maximize the use of personnel. The reason you may see a fire engine in the station is because the ambulance is out on another call and there are no personnel available to take the fire engine. Thus, additional personnel and equipment must come from downtown. Ideally, we would like to have 5 personnel at each of these stations to fully staff both vehicles but current funding levels do not allow us to do that. Thank you for your question and please have an enjoyable evening.

T. A. Schwanger

Thanks for the invite Chief. I will follow up with you soon.


@ Paul E. Ricci, Thank you for the comments. I consider you and others who use their real names as unpaid SR online news or opinion writers.

@ Sandusky Register, I did see comments where the SR wanted to charge people who post comments to the SR online site. Don't be so stingy SR. Give all of these people a free complimentary E-paper for contributing writers. It may encourage more people in public office or in former public office to write. This also includes government watchdogs like Tim and Sharon.

E-paper? You can't beat the real thing like a printed paper version of a newspaper, magazine or a book.