Perkins police search for masked, armed robbers

Two masked men robbed a convenience store clerk at knife point late Thursday on Perkins Avenue.
Emil Whitis
Jan 12, 2013


The clerk wasn't injured.

Two men wearing black ski masks, gloves and clothes burst into the Convenient Food Mart at about 11:30 p.m. in the 1900 block of E. Perkins Ave.

One man brandished a knife while the other aimed a mace can at the clerk's face. Both demanded money from the till.

The clerk opened the register and the men grabbed an undisclosed amount of money.

The suspects then ordered the clerk to put her face on the floor, Perkins police Chief Ken Klamar said.

After she bent down, one suspect tried to spray the woman in the face with mace. They both took off.

Police showed up soon after and scoured the area but came up empty.

The clerk described the robbers as being about 5-feet-9 inches with skinny builds.

Klamar said officers got surveillance video from the store Friday.

"The detectives are working as hard as they can to try and solve this," Perkins police Chief Ken Klamar said.

Klamar refused to release a report on the incident citing it was an "ongoing investigation."

The robbery wasn't listed on a call log sheet printed Friday morning.

Anyone with information on the robbery can call Perkins police at 419-627-0824.



Whats with the picture thats not at the store...


The store sits in front of a large area of low income/metro housing. Can't believe this is not a common occurrence.

Licorice Schtick would feel better if it were? Why is it that we're unhappy when low-income people inadequately reinforce our stereotypes and prejudices?


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Hmmm lay down on the floor and let me hit the back of your head with mace... sounds fishy to me.**Just saying** N where's Perkins K9 Unit, he still on brievment from the lose of the Vermillion K9?


If that was meant to be funny about the K-9. It wasn't.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Remarks that discriminate based on age, race, religion, disability, etc..

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I lived in that neighborhood for a few years. We know who and why, it happens. Maybe the new store owners should put in bullet proof check out chamber and a tear gas with dye release spray system from on top and over the front doors, just wake them boys up a bit when they run!


so a crime was committed without a gun? i don't believe it.


It is Perkins Township. Maybe the gun craze has not migrated into the burbs yet.

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They trade their guns for booze, smokes and crack. LOOOOOSERS living off momma!


It's time for the clerks to arm there self there this is the second time in a few months


...not armed robbery, just theft.


"One man brandished a knife while the other aimed a mace can at the clerk's face."

Not armed robbery????


had a KNIFE...that is ARMED.


this is what the stores in sandusky need --->


it never gets any prettier in here..


There has always been problems out there......its close to that Pioneer Trail and Sandusky Police seem to be out there all the time. I think at one time years ago SPD has a substation out in that housing area on Pioneer Trail. Just always an ongoing problem.

That area around Herman's Furniture just to be the same. Think it has lessened of last few years. Infact, you might remember it so bad there that Wendy's closed their store and moved out and built the new Wendy's at Rye Beach Road and Route 2 in Huron. That Wendy's on Cleveland Road was being robbed every little bit.


Yes...I remember the substation in that area. Is that where Ex Officer Fitzpatrick met the 15 year old girl he later raped?


You have a good memory. Is that police substation on Fox Run Trail still in operation?


Let me get this right everytime a store gets robbed in jerkins people want to bring yo sandusky . Is people that blind thinking jerkins doesnt have problems and that people from jerkins cant comjmit crimes because businesses in jerkins seem to be getting robbed more than sandusky, For those idiots that want to bring race into it you need to look at past articles where whites have commited robberies so please dont start.


Okay, We won't start if will stop posting this gibberish. Please use punctuation and spell-check. That was terrible.


Maybe all of us in Perkins should start calling Sandusky sandumpy or just what it is "the ghetto to the north" since you can't keep a civil tongue and call it Perkins?

he said she said

Robbery is robbery whether a gun, knife, or mace is used. The locale of the store has nothing to do with it. How many times was Hi Miler on Perkins and Columbus robbed? It doesn't matter if it was Perkins, Sandusky, or the moon, the place got 'robbed'.


Really now. I've said this before. Most people in the outlying area around Sandusky and Perkins just consider it all Sandusky. Sorry bout your luck, but we don't see any lines.

PS Any of us who have been to Sandusky and basically, have a good idea of the areas, know where to go and NOT to go in Sandtown and at what time...


What, no surveillance cam video at this store? That's invitation to all thugs to rob it.