Area hospitals restrict visitors to prevent spread of flu

Firelands Regional Medical Center in Sandusky and Fisher-Titus Medical Center in Norwalk are restricting visitors to prevent the spread of the flu virus to vulnerable patients.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 11, 2013


 “Many hospitals in northwest Ohio counties are considering or have begun limiting visitors to protect patients from influenza,” said Tami Binger, a Fisher-Titus registered nurse and infection control practitioner.

Fisher-Titus has restricted children ages 18 and under from visiting the Medical Center. The policy was set in place as a safety measure to protect patients as the flu starts to impact the community.  Anyone who is sick, especially if they may be coughing, sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, have a fever, or stomach problems including diarrhea, can help protect patients and community members by not visiting until their symptoms are gone, Binger added.

 “Any visitors or guests who exhibit obvious signs of illness will be requested to leave the facility for our patients’ health and well being,” said Binger.

Firelands Regional Medical Center is implementing a similar policy. It issued the following statement on its website Friday afternoon:

"In an effort to protect patients, their families and our staff this flu season, Firelands Regional Medical Center will begin restricting visitors to people 18 and older and immediate family or immediate support persons. The visitor restrictions will go into effect immediately. Firelands Regional Medical Center also asks that anyone experiencing flu symptoms (fever, chills, headache, cough, sore throat, muscle aches) refrain from visiting any patient in the hospital. Many of our patients are highly susceptible to infection. As seasonal influenza continues to unfold in the community, it is possible restrictions at Firelands Regional Medical Center will change. If you are planning to see a patient in the hospital, please continue to visit for the most current information about visitor restrictions."

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Unfortunately unless you stay home, someone will eventually give you the flu because as we all know, miminum wage employees cannot take time off and will be ringing up your purchases while coughing in your face and handing off their germs to you. Thanks.


Really? That's a pretty broad statement since I know quite a few minimum wage employees who have more liberal sick time benefits than I do.


Biggest spreader of infection? Transfer of cash. Watch the tellers as they use the antibiotic and anti-viral hand lotion after every transaction. Look how red and chapped their hands are.

Big plastic boxes of baby wipes everywhere in stores and banks.

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The Hero Zone

This is true, Luv, and throw into that mix in our situation a lot of cards being traded/played with and sitting in the same room with dozens of people all across from each other. That's why as a service to them all we put boxes of tissues and sanitizer pumps on almost every table. You can't be too careful, but as you said if it is used too much it does leave behind some irritated skin. Already had that once myself and backed off some.

I wonder if it would help reduce illness if some kind of a disinfectant tablet or spray could be used on the drawer/money? Every once in a while just give it a spray. Or put in a small UV light? Haha maybe I am over-thinking this and sounding like a germophobe!

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A good answer would be to have machines spit out brand new bills to the customer and receive the old ones into a shredder, eliminate coins. We all know Big Brother never stops printing money anyway : )


@reporter Wear a mask grumpy pants


How do you restrict an 18 year old?


Maybe the government should tell you to get the plastic sheets and Duck tape. BUBBLE PEOPLE.