Willard man to be deported after biting ear

NORWALK An illegal immigrant who bit off a piece of another man's ear pleaded guilty on Monday
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



An illegal immigrant who bit off a piece of another man’s ear pleaded guilty on Monday to attempted aggravated assault.

Lauro Perez, 22, who lived in Willard, will be deported back to Mexico after serving whatever punishment he receives in connection to the toothy crime.

He faces up to one year in prison.

Prosecutor Russ Leffler said Perez got into an argument with another young man over a barbecue, which led to them wrestling on the ground.

It was while on the ground that Perez bit off a chunk of the man’s ear, Leffler said.

“I don’t think you should bite someone’s ear off unless your life is really at risk,” Leffler said.

Perez originally faced felony assault and aggravated assault charges, but they were dismissed as part of his plea agreement.

Leffler said crimes involving biting crop up from time to time, since some people unwisely choose to use their teeth and jaws as dangerous weapons.

Back in June, Dwight Druckemiller, 37, was sentenced to seven years in prison for biting a man so hard on his arm that he ripped flesh from the bone.