LETTER: Immigration numbers

You left out some important information in your coverage of migrant workers on Nov. 1. You left out the wage rate of the immigrants
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


You left out some important information in your coverage of migrant workers on Nov. 1. You left out the wage rate of the immigrants from Mexico, the dollar figure paid by the Wiers Farm. Without this figure, no one can verify the truth of your statement that Americans will not do the work that migrants do.

By saying that Americans will not do field work, you are suggesting that they would not do it for any price. I'll bet they would for $25 an hour. So it just comes down to a question of money, not the questionable assertion that Mexicans are more ambitious than Americans ... because they aren't.

The migrants are able to accept a lower wage rate because they and their employers transfer so many other costs to the taxpayers in surrounding communities. They get free health care through the emergency wards of local hospitals. There is a high crime rate among migrants -- 25 percent of inmates in federal prisons are illegal immigrants. They rarely pay taxes and yet avail themselves of a wide range of expensive government programs including off-season welfare.

It is impossible for these low-skilled aliens to pay their own way in 21st century America. And, because America has been weakened by the global economy, we cannot afford to help them at this particular time.

As our own unemployment rate inches up to 9.8 nationally and 12 percent in the county, our senators, Sherrod Brown and George Voinovich, have done nothing to put a temporary stop to even legal immigration, which brings 124,000 new foreigners into the job market each and every month. That's 124,000 American jobs lost monthly, due to a failed policy. Was one of those jobs yours?

Carl R. Goodwin


Editor's note: According to the Immigration Policy Center's report "From Anecdotes to Evidence," the percentage of illegal immigrants in federal prisons was 27 percent in 2005 -- because, according to the report, those guilty of immigration violations are put in federal prisons, even if there is no other criminal offense. The think tank's report cites a University of California study that concludes the incarceration rates for immigrants in all prisons is lower than for those born in the United States.

Also, the story as printed in the Register stated as follows: "Field workers can make significantly more than minimum wage because their jobs are piece rate -- meaning they make a base rate of $4.25 an hour, but also are paid based on how many baskets of product they fill. But the work in the (packing) plants is almost all minimum wage."