Ohio ranks No. 12 in Education Week rankings

Ohio's public schools are 12th in the country in Education Week's annual rankings.
Associated Press
Jan 11, 2013


The publication released its 2013 Quality Counts rankings Thursday. Ohio's overall grade was a B-minus. Its 79.6 percent score was up slightly from last year's 79.5 percent, but Ohio fell among other states for the third straight year. It was 11th in 2012 and 10th in 2011.

The national average score this year was a C-plus, or 76.9 percent.

A spokesman for the Ohio Department of Education said the state continues to perform well and remains above the national average.

The report examines a number of factors, including elementary reading scores, high school graduation rates, college completion rates and per-student education spending.

Maryland ranked highest in the survey, followed by Massachusetts, New York and Virginia.




Ohio: still better than Texas.


Ohio Department of Education believes the state is performing well at being 12th out of 50 states.

I can hear the chant now, " were number 12 were number 12" . It's awe inspiring.


The bottom six states (S. Dakota, Nevada, Idaho, Mississippi, Alaska, and Nebraska) have Republican governors and are RTW states.

Four of the top five states have Democratic governors and Arkansas is the only RTW state.

Spin that one.


It's true, I haven't seen many Ohio pupils that are fit for college in my visit to their schools. The reading and writing level have greatly decreased since last year. I blame it on the Internet.