Mom who shot intruder inspires gun control foes

A Georgia mother who shot an intruder at her home has become a small part of the roaring gun control debate, with some firearms enthusiasts touting her as a textbook example of responsible gun ownership.
Associated Press
Jan 10, 2013

Melinda Herman grabbed a handgun and hid in a crawl space with her two children when a man broke in last week and approached the family at their home northeast of Atlanta, police said. Herman called her husband on the phone, and with him reminding her of the lessons she recently learned at a shooting range, Herman opened fire, seriously wounding the burglary suspect.

The National Rifle Association tweeted a link to a news story about the shooting, and support poured in from others online, hailing Herman as a hero. The local sheriff said he was proud of the way she handled the situation.

"This lady decided that she wasn't going to be a victim, and I think everyone else looks at this and hopes they have the courage to do what she done," Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman said Wednesday.

Herman was working from home Friday when she saw a man walk up to the front door. She told police he rang the doorbell twice and then over and over again. He went back to his SUV, got something out and walked back toward the house, a police report said.

Herman took her 9-year-old son and daughter into an upstairs bedroom and locked the door. They went into bathroom and she locked that door, too. She got her handgun from a safe, the report said, and hid with her children. At some point, she called her husband, who kept her on the line and called 911 on another line.

In a 10-minute 911 recording released by the Walton County Sheriff's Office, Donnie Herman calmly explained what was happening to a dispatcher. His part of the conversation with his wife was also recorded.

"Is he in the house, Melinda? Are you sure? How do you know? You can hear him in the house?" Donnie Herman said.

His wife told him the intruder was coming closer.

"He's in the bedroom? Shh, shh, relax. Just remember everything that I showed you, everything that I taught you, all right?" Donnie Herman told his wife, explaining later to the dispatcher that he had recently taken her to a gun range.

It wasn't clear from the recording exactly when they went to range and Donnie Herman told The Associated Press on Wednesday the family didn't want to talk about the shooting.

After Donnie Herman told his wife police were on the way, he started shouting: "She shot him. She's shootin' him. She's shootin' him. She's shootin' him. She's shootin' him."

"OK," the dispatcher responded.

"Shoot him again! Shoot him!" Donnie Herman yelled. He told the dispatcher he heard a lot of screaming, but he seems to get increasingly worried when he doesn't hear anything from his wife.

Melinda Herman told police she started shooting the man when he opened the door to the crawl space. The man pleaded with her to stop, but she kept firing until she had emptied her rounds, she told police. She then fled to a neighbor's house with her children.

The man drove away in his SUV. Police found the SUV on another subdivision street and discovered a man bleeding from his face and body in a nearby wooded area. Police identified the suspect as 32-year-old Paul Slater of Atlanta.

Chapman said the hospital asked him not to comment on Slater's condition, but he said he is not certain Slater will survive. Authorities have a warrant but haven't formally arrested Slater yet. They plan to charge him with burglary, possession of tools for the commission of a crime and aggravated assault, Walton County sheriff's Capt. Greg Hall said.

A phone number for Slater was not listed and it was not clear whether he has an attorney.

Authorities believe Slater targeted a home in another local subdivision but left when confronted by the homeowner, Chapman said.




Hey, Dog, you are not actually expecting an answer to that one are you? Nobody has answered my repeated questions about australia and japan yet either - they do a lot of talking about China though - I didn't ask about China and don't know anything about China.

The Big Dog's back

If they didn't hear it on hate radio or fox they don't comment.


These changes have done nothing to reduce gun-related deaths in Australia.

Read more:


A few things - you haven't told about this article int he link. One is that Australia's gun death is 1/15th of that of America. The number since the passing has declined rather than increased as it has here. And although you cannot prevent ALL gun-related deaths, there has not been another mass murder by guns since the gun laws were passed in 1996. So, I'd say even YOUR link still proves their law was effective. And they did not ban all guns either - hunting is still allowed in Ausie and will continue to be. So, as usual, your proof only backs up what I said in the first place and I believe I said there has not been another mass murder since the law was passed - I was right in my statement - just because there are still gun related deaths does not prove me wrong - but - you stated that the changes have done nothing and that is wrong, they are still falling at a steady rate - your link states it pretty clear.


yes... the amount of gun deaths are lower... but so is their entire population... there are more gun owners in the states than australia has actual citizens... that's be like saying monroevile has less crime than sandusky and calling monroevile a better city because of it...

less people means less death... that's not a fact of anything other than the law of statistics...




Show me the link. All stats I am seeing have Alaska with one of the lowest violent crime/murder rates in the country.



he said she said

'The man pleaded with her to stop, but she kept firing until she had emptied her rounds, she told police. She then fled to a neighbor's house with her children.'

She didn't invite this man into her home and was defending her children from who knows what and he has the brass balls to beg her to stop shooting him? I would have emptied my weapon too!

31 Fountain

She should have had a bigger Cal.he would have stoped after the first shot,rember 1 shot fired 1 person dead' OUT


What evidence do you have that he kept coming after her after the first shot??? If, in fact, he was begging her to stop, he apparently wasn't much of a threat anymore - nor would he have been still coming after her and attempting to do her harm.


then let someone into your house and you dont know if they are there to rape or rob you and we'll see if you stop going after them until they are out of your house... and since you obviously don't believe in gun... i'd love to sit by and watch that slapfest... i highly doubt that just because the guy gell that you'd let him just lay in a place that he has no reason to be in in the first place. again steve... one of us here is telling you to get real...


What do you expect him to say....keep them coming?


then what did he expect the mother of the story to do? leave the guy that didnt belong in her house alone just because he dropped? just because he hit the floor doesnt mean he still cant harm someone.

Dr. Information

After seeing this guy wasn't dead she should of put one right in his skull to finish this scum bags life.


I am begging thieves and what have you not to break into My house. If they do, no amount of begging on their part will I show mercy. If I run out of bullets (Very Very unlikely) I'll beat them with a club. There will only be one story. For those of you who haven't figured it out, the "Honest and Law Abiding Citizens" who have recently bought the asssault weapons and 30 round magazines aren't protecting themselves from thieves and the like. They are worried (and rightfully so) they will heve to protect themselves from our own Government. History has a way of repeating itself, we aren't any different. Better to have them and not need them than wish we had more fire power.
By the Center of disease control and the F.B.I.
Firearm deaths-11,493 Non-firearm Homicides 16,799
Unintentional poisoning--31,758
Medical Erorrs--195,00Tobacco--529,000
unintentional falls---24,792
Lives saved by American guns--at present over 300 million in the United States alone and not counting all those we have defended. Yes, American guns are feared World Wide, take away our guns and we'll become more of a Third World Country.


The national debt is nothing in size compared to Liberal hypocrisy! Now they stand on a pile of dead school children, but still haven’t cleaned the blood off their hands from abortions.

That being said, "self-defense" is something afforded by the law of the land, not by the teachings of Christ.

For those worldly people that live in fear, why is it necessary to own more than a sidearm or rifle to alleviate those fears?

Perhaps owning high capacity magazines and assault style weaponry, like riding a Harley, are phallic substitutes for men lamenting the insignificant endowment nature cursed them with…


yes... because i choose to shoot a gun make that is not only capable of holding a scope and a flashlight at the same time for hunting, or chose to not have to reload my gun manually every time i fire because some of the animals i hunt travel in groups... means i have a small phallus... good one... continue the name calling... oh, it must be the fiscally responsible nature of the ar-15 platform that means i have a small one... because i can change out barrels depending on what game im going after instead of having to own multiple complete guns... that must be it.

when will you poorly educated people learn to read... we've gone over this a dozen time... assault style weapons are fully automatic ones... the only difference between my ar-15 and that wooden thing you all must be seeing in your head as a hunting rifle is i don't need tool's to switch barrels or attach scopes, lights, or slings... again... 1 trigger pull, 1 bullet... and high cap magazines aren't exclusive to rifles... they make them fun just about every style of gun there is... the ruger 10/22, the most famous rifle known to man because of its size being good to teach children how to hun, is a low cal. rifle that has hundreds of different types of high cap. mags... even for the wodden stocked ones... they also have high stock mags for pistols, shotgun, and even some revolvers have more than 6 available shots... so you all need to quit acting like high cap. mag.s are a rifle only thing... again... educate yourself on what you're all talking about before you open your mouths.. you might fare better in an argument with the grownups...

oh, and it's not living in fear... it's pertinence... people carry around condoms for the same reason they carry around guns. it's better to have one and not need it than to need it and not have it... so by your definition of fear, anyone that prepares for anything is living in fear... i guess i have to tell my daughter that the only reason i saved up for a college fund for her all of her life was only out of fear instead of pertinent thinking...


Very well put!!!! You def know how to tell it. I agree with everything you have posted 100%. Now to make the president listen to all of us responsible gun owners... Let's start with you :)


Rambling reductio ad absurdum gobbledygook…at least you admitted you have a small one… :)


no, your generalization of what people choose to do some how shows a reflection on the girth of their anatomy is ignorant and obtuse thinking. and based on your response of incoherent prattle and yet another insult shows more ignorance.

i own only side arms and rifles. im not guarding my house with machine guns or rocket launchers. i use the best tool for the job that needs being done. i do agree, private ownership of fully automatic assault weapons would be absurd... but then again i guess that's what it's already mostly illegal.

it should be a standard that anyone that wants to comment on how a gun works in order to regulate it should have to shoot that kind of gun first... it would save time trying to explain the difference between assault weapons and sporting rifles... but alas... people would rather blather on about something they know little about than do their due diligence before opening their mouths.


If you're not a crazy person, and your guns are locked away from children, people who are not in their right mind, and criminals, then you're not who most people are worried about.

What the gun nut ilk are really saying is, they will refuse every healthy attempt for a safer society solution. You can cry a river but new strict gun control is on the way.

Cracked Cherry

If your going to shoot someone, aim for the heart or the head to stop them in their tracks.