Honda will build hybrid Accord in Ohio

Honda will add about 50 new jobs at its central Ohio assembly plant as it starts building a new hybrid Accord sedan there this year, the company announced Thursday.
Associated Press
Jan 10, 2013


The Japanese automaker said it will invest about $23 million in outfitting the plant in Marysville, near Columbus, to build the 2014 hybrid Accord. The third Honda hybrid to be built in the United States, the car will go on sale nationwide in the fall. Pricing has yet to be announced.

"Expansion is under way, and as we get into the spring and summer we'll start trial production and start hiring the new associates," company spokesman Ron Lietzke said Thursday.

The 95,000-square-foot Marysville plant is being fitted to house assembly processes for production of the two-motor Accord hybrid. That includes lengthening the main assembly line and adding space for additional assembly and parts.

A plug-in version of the hybrid Accord, built in Japan, will go on sale this spring. The company builds the Civic hybrid and Acura ILX hybrid in Greensburg, Ind.

In Ohio, Honda has assembly plants in Marysville and East Liberty, builds engines at its Anna facility and transmissions at Russells Point. It also operates a research and development center in Raymond, the largest such facility outside of Japan.

In November, the company announced it would make more than $200 million in new investments at the Anna and Russells Point plants, creating at least 200 new manufacturing jobs. Honda says it has announced investments of more than $800 million at its Ohio facilities in the past three years. The company employs 13,500 Ohioans.

Honda reached a milestone last month when its 1 millionth vehicle built for export, a silver Accord, rolled off the line in Marysville. It came 25 years after the first U.S.-made Honda, also an Accord and also built at the Marysville plant, was exported to an overseas market.




Good thing Barry bailed them out.......wait a minute.


Where is Winnie to spin this?


I think he drives a Honda.

Where are the left wing whack-jobs to complain they aren't UAW?


I'm a Democrat, but not a liberal. I think this is great; more jobs for Ohioans, and just another example that our economy is improving. The degree to how fast it will improve is contingent on how soon the silent moderate majority of the Republican party will begun to stand up to their OWN right wing minority whack-jobs. You know, those tea party folks?


@ coasterfan:

The economy is "slowing" improving because of:

#1. The business cycle

#2. Mr. Bernanke buyin' $85 billion of Treasuries and MBS monthly.

So in your mind everything will be hunky dory when the Repubs act more like Dems and support more printing, borrowing, taxing and spending?

The Dems need to quit listening to that nut job Paul Krugman.


How about this:
I will work on making the Tea Party go away if you work on making the Far Left nutjob Progressives irrelevant?
While I agree with some T P points, they have gone too far.


Honda is a Japanese company, all profits go to Japan.

We then borrow money from Japan and China to pay our politicians to do little or nothing of value.

Save money so China and Japan can loan it back to us...........


So GM and Ford shouldn't have operations overseas either?


Yo Pete how is Christine doing these days?


Dunno where ya get the Christine idea. But if it floats your boat go for it. Last one I knew was HS. And that was a very long time ago..


You answered my question thanx......


Glad I could help!


Great news!


@ Pete: '12 Nissan Altima 3.5 SR plus a '04 LeSabre.


@ Kimo:

The Japanese yen is gettin' trashed, so the automakers have been moving production closer to their markets.

So where are ya gettin' any yield on investments these days? The govt. is savaging seniors and savers in order to help prop up Wall St.

S&P up 16% w/ div'ds. Had a good 2012!


The U.S. trade deficit expanded in November to its widest point in seven months, driven by a surge in imports that outpaced only modest growth in exports.

The Commerce Department said Friday that the trade gap widened 15.8 percent to $48.7 billion in November from October.

Sooner or later the USA will run out of ink and paper........


@ Kimo:

Not-to-worry, the Fed and U.S. Tres'y "print" electrons. Ain't technology grand?

That's why they need to trash the USD so our exports cost less. "Exactly" what the BOJ and others are doin'.

We're gettin' back to the 1930s where the monetary policy of most major countries was: "Beggar thy neighbor."

After WWII, the U.S was the largest creditor, now we're the largest debtor in the "history of the world."

China is now the world's largest creditor.

This will not end well.

Got gold? I like (GLD) for the liquidity.

"God bless the child that's got his own" - Billie Holiday


The only thing "golden" Billie Holiday had goin' for her, was her looks and that sweet voice. She ran outta both way too soon.