Ohioan's online post about shootings led to charge

A suburban Cleveland man has pleaded not guilty to inducing panic for a Facebook posting that cheered the school shootings in Newtown, Conn.
Associated Press
Jan 10, 2013


The plea was entered on behalf of 20-year-old Joseph Resovsky of Columbia Station in Municipal Court in Medina, where he works.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio on Wednesday said it will defend Resovsky and called the posting protected free speech. The ACLU says the posting may have been in bad taste but made no direct threats.

The Medina Gazette (http://bit.ly/WtLj2W ) reports police said the posting on Dec. 14, the day of the Connecticut shootings, concerned people who thought it was an endorsement of school violence.

No public phone listing could be found to contact Resovsky.




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Need more on this story............


There is nothing to celebrate about any shooting. I do however wonder if there is more to the Newtown story than we have been led to believe.

Licorice Schtick

Probably not. This wouldn't be the first time authorities, when offended, misused their power.

As stupid as the comment was, no reasonable person would think it constituted a threat. Perhaps he should have been charged with "inducing intense anger." Oh, wait, there's no law against that. Although, we can be sure that some of the ensuing responses will constitute hate speech.

The police chief is obviously punishing comments he finds odious (as does any reasonable person.) Inventing violations when no law was broken is the standard tactic.

Most cops are reasonable, but a few behave badly when they get angry. In this case, there's a political dimension to it, too. Which is why we need the ACLU.

I'm no libertarian, but this is why I like the ACLU - they protect Freedom by standing on principle, not emotion.


Why would you think that ?


They to must not believe in freedom of speech


too....no big deal

John Harville

With every freedom comes accompanying responsibility. You can keep and bear arms but you can't commit murder with them. You can say whatever you want, but if it incites violence you can be charged with inciting riot. You have the right to drive a car but not without a license, while inebriated or going the wrong way.
And I'll bet if someone calls you an effinsob or says you performed some lewd act on Shoreline Drive or comes on here and calls you names or makes racist comments, there will be 'retribution' if only by Sarah,.


I and others didn't like Joseph Resovsky's comments but were they unlawful? Little by little the powers that be are taking your rights away. Some people held signs and yelled to kill Bush. Was that protected speech? Some people want their own kind of rights but want to deny the rights of others.

Ron Paul gave an excellent farewell address. For some 30 years, he tried to tell the American public of what the powers that be were trying to do to this once great country.

What about these people who advocated killing Bush? Were they arrested?


Licorice Schtick

Wow, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that someone figured out how to turn this into a partisan issue.

Yes, there are wackos on the left as well as the right. The difference is that the left-wing extremists are completely marginalized and no one cares what they think. The right-wingnuts, on the other hand, are running the Republican party, and are holding the House of Representives hostage as well.

The Big Dog's back

centauri always tries to claim he's not a right winger, but only posts right wing sources and material.


@ Big Dog, If you had paid attention, you would see and read that I do post some left wing and from progressive sources.

Perhaps you need somebody to set you straight?

The Big Dog's back

No centauri, the only thing you posted was from Common Dreams when they were talking about the BUSH Presidency.


I have never seen Centauri for dems or repubs. He is more or less in the same crowd that I reside in. We vote for who is best in our eyes. And that can mean ANY party.


Some "rights" are dangerous and uncivilized.

John Harville

It will be dismissed. If the actions of Westboro Baptist Church can be protected by the Supreme Court as free speech, then comment on facebook without a specific threat are not actionable.
Get over it folks. That doesn't mean people shouldn't go on FB and tell the guy he's an asp.

The Big Dog's back

Has anyone wondered why the NRA never uses Alaska as an example for their "Gun rights" crap? 94% of adults in Alaska own guns. Alaska's crime rate % is higher than than the US combined %. The murder rate % is higher than the US combined %. What gives righties?

John Harville

Didja see the story out of Portland Oregon of Tbaggers in their snake shirts and carrying their assault parading on the street - where there were young children who were terrified? 911 calls resulted in 'free speech'.
So. More Guns! Scare the bejeeeezus outa those little kids. Better yet, pass out guns to them.


John I think it's funny that people like you have such opinions if you can even call them that about a topic that YOU HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT!! Maybe try doing some research on what an "assault rifle" or "assault" in your words whatever that might be?? But just an FYI for you and any other sheep who might read this. #1 You CAN NOT buy an "assault rifle" being a civilian like you and I are. WHY do you ask?? Well because a TRUE "assault rifle" is capable of being FULLY AUTOMATIC meaning that all you have to do is pull the trigger ONCE and it will empty the magazine OR it is capable of three round bursts. Which means ONE PULL of the trigger fires THREE rounds for each pull of the trigger until the MAGAZINE (NOT CLIP) is empty. Now take for instance CIVILIAN rifles or again for people like you, Obama and the rest of the gov't and the BIASED media "assault rifles". CIVILIAN rifles that you can buy at most gun stores and Walmart's etc, only fires ONE BULLET for EACH PULL OF THE TRIGGER and ARE NOT capable of full automatic or three round bursts!! Because dating back to the early 1960's there was an actual assault weapons ban put into place that is still in effect to this day that BANS ALL fully automatic weapons! So just because it has some scary looking stuff on it like a flash light or a optic/scope or dare I say pistol grip, IT DOES NOT make it an assault rifle!! So you like so many other people need to get their FACTS straight and stop believing everything that comes on the 6 O' clock news!! Because I got news for ya chicken little... THE SKY IS FALLING THE SKY IS FALLING!! As per the background checks and things like that, that don't include banning ANY firearms just because they LOOK scary then leave LAW ABIDING citizens alone!!!