Second Jimmy John's slated for Sandusky

A “Freaky fast” sandwich shop is coming to Sandusky.
Melissa Topey
Jan 10, 2013

Jimmy John's should open its doors before the summer at Hayes Avenue and Tyler streets across from Firelands Regional Medical Center.

Kula Hoty Lynch, of Hoty Enterprises, said construction crews will break ground on the site in about four weeks. A 3,500 square-foot stucco building will house three businesses.

For more on the building project, pick up a copy of Thursday's Register.



Jimmy John's over Subway! Subway's prices are skyrocketing!


A person can be killed anywhere. Doesn't matter if it's a good neighborhood or a bad one. I lived in a neighborhood for several years that had a bad reputation, but never had anything bad happen to me or my family. Many looked down their nose at us and made comments if I gave my address but obviously they had never had the experience of living there. They just assumed I was bad as well. Small minds equal ignorance. I think it might be a good idea to carry a gun wherever I go and I just might get a CCW permit. As a woman I would feel much safer if armed.


At least it is not another pizza place!


Ding Dong The house is on fire...


Now where are the people going to park for this new strip mall???


all cold sandwich. no oven warmed..booo..overpriced for cold food


JJ doesn't toast the sandwiches ? I think I may stick with Subways flatbread chipotle chicken, then.


2 JJ's & no Chik-Fil-A in this town (besides the 1 @ CP for the guests of the park) ?!? Ridonculous.


This is a great idea!!! <3 Jimmy John's