Second Jimmy John's slated for Sandusky

A “Freaky fast” sandwich shop is coming to Sandusky.
Melissa Topey
Jan 10, 2013


Jimmy John's should open its doors before the summer at Hayes Avenue and Tyler streets across from Firelands Regional Medical Center.

Kula Hoty Lynch, of Hoty Enterprises, said construction crews will break ground on the site in about four weeks. A 3,500 square-foot stucco building will house three businesses.

For more on the building project, pick up a copy of Thursday's Register.



What a great idea. FRMC has a good food operation but their hours are limited. This store should be a very welcome addition for families of patients.


I agree that there is a need for a place of eats down there, but Jimmy Johns? Come on. Their sandwiches are skimpy and over priced. Just my opinion.


I read their menu once, then went to Subway.

Licorice Schtick

Skimpy? I think not. Sat in my stomach like a rock. Got my money's worth - wasn't hungry again for 24 hours.

I'll go back, but order "easy on the mayo."


I always thought that if I were to start a food service business in town, I would put it near the Hospital.


LOL Hoty puts these strip malls up and half stay empty.. Wonder how many windows will be broke out of the new empty store fronts.....


3 Businesses is a strip mall? OK


So 1.5 stores will be empty....


The area is a little dicey. Isn't this close to the same location a police officer was shot and killed last year? Probably pretty safe in the day but the night would be a different story.


I wouldn't suggest going there after dark. Unless you carry a gun with you for protection.


Sorry but I'm a woman, and I walk down Hayes Ave. quite often LATE at night on my way home, and there's nothing bad that's going on that yields for the need to carry a gun for any type of protection. More often than not the street is QUIET, no people, and hardly any traffic for that matter. So PLEASE, unless you're privy to being in that neighborhood in the daylight OR at night don't pass NEGATIVE judgment, because it definitely is not needed. That is the problem with people around here who THINK they live in "better" neighborhoods, and who look down their noses at everyone and everything else that isn't "like" them, rather than seeing the POSITIVE of anything, folks seem to always want to throw negativity and "dirt" on something. It's called a clue, get one!



So FRMC providing a security guard to escort employees and visitors to their cars is not protection? What do you call it? Lived in the area. Worked at FRMC. Where did your purchase those rose colored glasses. Will those protect me?

Licorice Schtick

The escorts are as much about how people FEEL as much as about the facts, and comments ripping on Sandusky make things worse.

Predictions of Sandusky's demise could become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Sandusky's crime rate is not particularly high for a city its size, and moving elsewhere is not necessarily safer if it means driving more, because 40,000 people in the U.S. alone die each year in crashes.

Smugly scaring people from the "safety" of your pretigeous Perkinstucky abode is self-defeating, because your fate is closely tied to that of Sandusky city proper. You're part of Sandusky. Deal with it. The poorest people live in the cheapest housing. Some day, that will be in the suburbs, like it is in older European cities. The hottest housing in Cleveland is right downtown, and the fastest crash is in the "white flight" East suburbs. Same story in most large U.S. cities.

People who solve their home town's problems by leaving, and then have the gall to brag about it, are the worst kind of citizen.


You FEW have your own perspective, whereas MANY others have a different perspective. However, I would like you to name any crime that has taken place to any employee OR visitor AT Firelands that would REALLY call for there to be a need for a security guard to escort people to their cars? Then the only other two crimes that anyone can name that occurred in the surrounding area are the shooting of officer Andrew Dunn (however the shooter was NOT from THAT part of town), and the murder of the young woman and her two children (by an acquaintance of hers). Other than that, PLEASE give me an example of how TERRIBLE Hayes Ave. and its surrounding area is, because my grandmother lived on Prospect Street, right on the corner across from Firelands, for over 20 years, and not once did we/she ever experience, nor were we witness to any type of problematic issues on THAT side of town. In my opinion it seems that IF employees and visitors are being escorted to their cars it is purely out of feeling privileged to have that, NOT out of necessity for protection.


This is right down the street from where officer Dunn was shot and killed, and around the block from where a girl, her two children were murdered and the child rape.. So what part of Hayes ave you walking down, or referring too?


Look, there is a difference between "isolated" incidences and rampant crime going on on a daily basis. Hayes Ave., Tyler St., Prospect St., and John St. are NOT overrun with crime by any means, NOR is it necessary to carry a weapon for protection just to walk down the street on that side of town. Get over yourselves, and get off your high horses. As I said UNLESS you've lived over there ALL you can do is assume what you think you know. Mostly, the reason why most of you think the way that you all do is simply because Hayes Ave. is prominently African-American. Let's just be honest.

Whiskey Tango F...

officer dunn had a gun and a bullet proof vest. Rule one of gun fighting survival... Avoid all areas and situations that have a high likelyhood of resulting in a gun fight. Shady Sandusky neighborhoods after dark meet all of the criteria. I have very limited reasons to go into town... I have no reason to go after dark. Sorry in advance to all those that are hurt by the truth, but I tells 'em like I sees 'em!

Licorice Schtick

You sees 'em stupid. Heart disease or stroke is about 50-100 times more likely to get you than murder, so you're worse off getting in a car than walking, especially if you're fat. The truth is that the riskiest thing most peope do is eat a bad diet. Homocide is not even in our top 10 causes of death. Heart disease is #1. By far.

Think you're doing the world service by "warning" them of the dangers you're so wise to avoid? I think you're just trying to validate your own prejudices. (Sorry if I'm undermining your smug feeling of wisdom.)

Sandusky is not a dangerous place. Keep scaring people, and maybe you'll succeed in making it one. You're not helping, you're making is worse.


I think that store will do great! Jimmy johns is so much better than subway. Subway uses the lowest quality meat, cheese and vegetable, unlike jj's (who use much higher quality ingredients).


Says an employee of JJ's lol

The Bizness

It is a couple more jobs...why are we arguing?


Because its 2013 and thats what we do now. Get with it.




Jimmy Johns over Subway any day of the week. Subway has gotten worse and worse and prices only going up.

Whiskey Tango F...

Jobs make minimum wage for part time employees, rent crappy houses, and enhance low income areas. Careers and trades raise families, provides benefits and insurance, buy houses, buy cars, and secure the future of our community and children. Seems pretty simple, but our area leaders can't quite see it for some reason.

The Bizness

Someone needs to manage this shop...managing is a career is it not?

I do get your point though. We need more industry here, I think that if we can get that technology center started on 250 by NASA it would be a boon for the area.


I must be living in a cave, it says second one coming. Where is the first one at?


LoL it's out on RT. 250 across from the mall, next to the AT&T store, it's fairly new, I think maybe it has only been open a little over a year. Could be why you didn't know about it. I have never eaten there personally, but in going to the AT&T store it looked to be highly populated, because I saw a line of customers waiting to get in (it was during lunch hour).


What took 'em so long? :)


Jimmy John's over Subway! Subway's prices are skyrocketing!


A person can be killed anywhere. Doesn't matter if it's a good neighborhood or a bad one. I lived in a neighborhood for several years that had a bad reputation, but never had anything bad happen to me or my family. Many looked down their nose at us and made comments if I gave my address but obviously they had never had the experience of living there. They just assumed I was bad as well. Small minds equal ignorance. I think it might be a good idea to carry a gun wherever I go and I just might get a CCW permit. As a woman I would feel much safer if armed.


At least it is not another pizza place!


Ding Dong The house is on fire...


Now where are the people going to park for this new strip mall???


all cold sandwich. no oven warmed..booo..overpriced for cold food


JJ doesn't toast the sandwiches ? I think I may stick with Subways flatbread chipotle chicken, then.


2 JJ's & no Chik-Fil-A in this town (besides the 1 @ CP for the guests of the park) ?!? Ridonculous.


This is a great idea!!! <3 Jimmy John's