Ohio man says he shot man who just robbed him

A central Ohio man told police that he pulled his gun and shot a robber who had just held him up at gunpoint.
Associated Press
Jan 8, 2013


Columbus police said 34-year-old Kelby Smith was robbed at gunpoint Monday night while with his 2-month-old son. Smith said the robber pointed a gun at his head as he bent down to shield the car carrier holding his infant son.

After Smith handed over some money, the robber fled and pointed the gun back at them. Smith — who has a concealed-carry permit — said that's when he pulled his gun and shot the suspect.

The robber got away, but a short time later an injured man showed up at a hospital matching the description of the suspect. He later underwent surgery.

No charges have been filed.




Good for him


Nice shooting. Too bad it wasn't fatal.

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Be careful, more to come here I think. I am all for dropping the guy but why would he turn around and point rather than just run? Did the guy get pi** and yell at him while having his firearm ready to go? Yes you really do want to shot the guy but he had his kid with him, it was not a good time to play cowboy. I hope nothing more comes of it other than the perpetrator learned a big lesson!


I wish he had killed the guy, but why did the robber turn around? He was home free, got the money and was leaving. Why would he turn around on a guy carrying a baby? I don't get that at all. Bet the guy yelled to him and then shot this robber. If so, he could get charged, right? OMG, what trouble he will be in now. It's one thing to shoot him DURING the robbery, but afterwards? Doesn't that make him the bad guy?


Maybe the criminal was having second thoughts about leaving witnesses and turned around to shoot the guy and leave him for dead!


That's what I think too.


Maybe the criminal was having second thoughts about leaving witnesses and turned around to shoot the guy and leave him for dead!


awful lot of assumptions here.

Whiskey Tango F...

maybe the victim couldn't get to his piece without getting shot. Once he had a split second to draw then he was able to defend himself. If the criminal has a gun in pointed at me at any time, he gets a state issued pine box. ESPECIALLY IF MY FAMILY IS IN DANGER! You can have my wallet but never point a gun at my child!


Sorry, but as far as I'm concerned, robbing somebody at gunpoint is just cause for a shooting. As long as he wasn't shot in the back, I'm calling it legit. And good for this CCW holder for letting ALL the bad guys know a very important thing: You never know who's carrying, buddy, so you might not want to chance it!

Dr. Information

You rob someone, you deserve to be shot...no matter if its right in front of the victim or as they robber is running away.


Unfortunately this is a he-said/she-said situation. The 2 month old is not a very good witness. Why didn't the dad give up his wallet instead of just money?? At least if the bad guy had his wallet there would be some kind of proof that he was held up by this jerk. There really isn't much on either side of this - other than the bad guy needed the hospital and that is the only shot fired in this case. He could just as easily say he wasn't doing anything but walking by and was shot. This could be really bad for the good guy in this case if push came to shove. You can't identify money and I'm sure he didn't have time to mark the bills before turning them over. I absoulutely believe the bad guy should have been shot, but in this case there is no proof who the real bad guy is other than hear-say.

Dr. Information

^because most sane people with a CC permit holding their 2 year old outside, just pull their gun out and shoot a random person. Talk about making assumptions that are at best dumb, steve.

How much you wanna bet this suspect has a track record? I'll bet my house.


I have to agree with those that say that this could come back to haunt him if the accused pulls through and has a different story to tell . This story could be completely turned around for all we know . just because someone has a ccw , or a baby with them doesn't make them a saint , for example the guy who shot and killed a pregnant teen along with another 19 y.o who so for has survived . He had a ( although expired ) ccw . Unless you are the type who believes everything others tell you , I think the jury is still out on this for now.

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he should have shot twice...


"pulls threw"? What does that mean?


Bettter ?


Yes. Thank you.