US roasts to hottest year on record by landslide

Government meteorologists say 2012 was by far the hottest year on record in the United States.
Associated Press
Jan 8, 2013

The average temperature was off the charts at over 55 degrees. That's a full degree warmer than the previous record of 1998. Normally, temperature records are broken by about a tenth of a degree.

Scientists blame the heat on global warming and weather variations. That includes the drought that gripped almost two-thirds of the nation.

Last July was also the hottest month on record. The entire year was 3.2 degrees warmer than the average for the 20th century.

The tally was released Tuesday by the National Climatic Data Center.

U.S. temperature records go back to 1895. They're based on reports from more than 1,200 stations across the Lower 48 states.



The Big Dog's back

Nope. No Global warming here.

Licorice Schtick

Confronted with evidence refuting their kookiness, kooks just harden their stance.


Global warming or the deficit, which will kill us first?


Al Gore and Global warming are both FRAUDS, global warming is just another scam by some scam artists who have alot of lunatics as friends. I have heard global warming for over 30 years and still they say "the bitter cold is global warming", next year it's "the summer heat is global warming", pretty soon it will be "nothing is happening to our weather, that's global warming". Proven fact scientists who have spoken out against global warming are now considered to be quacks and before they were the smartest and brightest when they agreed with the global wackos.


You need to read the "junk science" report the Swedish scientists have on how all this started. You will love it. This is nothing more than a bunch of junk which started in England under Margret Thatcher.,2...

So it looks like falling off the fiscal cliffs will kills us all before this so called 'global warming' will. LOL


@ wired
So you let Fox feed you information/propaganda?
Try these two links.
I don't think they are influenced by big business.

--Your link didn't work


I was able to hyperlink: Written By Steven Milloy/Published March 19, 2007

"Steven J. Milloy is a columnist for Fox News and a paid advocate for Phillip Morris, ExxonMobil and other corporations. From the 1990s until the end of 2005, he was an adjunct scholar at the libertarian think tank the Cato Institute." (wikipedia)


From the article:

"Scientists blame the heat on global warming and weather variations."

Note: Two reasons - not one.

Love the use of "average" temp. "Real" scientific.

On "average" the Great Lakes never freeze.

Note that these are "government" meteorologists. No "possible" political agenda eh?


Strange that you guys can't figure out that no matter what you call this - it is still climate change. Can't say why - but it IS happening. They have been keeping track of weather for a century or more. You guys have for years now claimed this is cyclic. When records are set, I'm not buying that story either. What is the cycle then? every few hundred years? What, then is the peek of the cycle? Since you mentioned the Lake not freezing - let me remind you all of something. When I was in high school - the lake froze every year and deep enough that many people drove cars on the lake. For the past decade or so - it's been hard to even walk on the lake or bay to go ice fishing! Another thing - why do you think lake effect snow has increased over the past decade or so? Because the lake isn't freezing! Lake effect snow is generated when the cool air come across the water and picks up moisture. Stop the lake from freezing and you will generate much more snow. Exactly the opposite of your argument that we can be warming up because we have more snow! The climate is changing and during that change, records are being broken. This does, unfortunately, fit into the definition of climate change.


An article written by a columnist for Fox News and a paid advocate for Phillip Morris, ExxonMobil and other corporations?

No,of course not.
There's no "possible" political agenda.


David Keith - Harvard. Yea, probably no "political" agenda there.

Fact: If the U.S. stopped the production of all so-called "greenhouse gases," it would have little to no effect globally.

It's an incentive trap:

You refuse to charge anything on the group credit card, but you're still responsible for paying a percentage of the bill.

Where's the incentive to stop?

See also: The Tragedy of the Commons.


Is this from David Keith? > "Fact: If the U.S. stopped the production of all so-called "greenhouse gases," it would have little to no effect globally."

Send the link for proof since YOU have a "political" agenda, Yea.


@ 4shizzle:

No links for you.

If "possible," think it through:

So what are you gonna do about India, China and the myriad of other developing countries that are burning fossil fuels and will do so in the future?

In comparison, the U.S. is a drop in the bucket!

The Kyoto Accords are in a mess.

The Bizness

We should not just ignore the issue however. Brazil already is working on cutting its emissions, China and India are having environmental issues already and it will only be a matter of time until the people revolt or demand change.

I am not saying a carbon tax is the way to fix it, I think it has to be more from the bottom up.


@ The Bizness:

The leaders of both China and India are more concerned with economic development. Gotta crawl before you can walk.

We're talking several "decades," if not centuries.

Look at Cleveland, the air is much cleaner, the environment better than it was back in the 60s and 70s - but no jobs.

Wait'll the welfare checks and food stamps stop that help support that economic depression of a city because of rising debt and then multiply that nationally.

We've got much more pressing economic issues than "global warming" as do India and China.


I remember well one of the last protest in China, Tiaeminem Square. Will China have solar powered tanks to run over the enviromental protestors and the chinese demanding change LOL Keep Dreaming!!!!


China has thousands of protests annually. Their press surpresses the news.

The people need jobs! They have millions of people moving from country to city each and every yr.


@ con

I knew it wouldn't make any difference if the USA stopped because OTHER countries are polluting the air.
You made it sound like there are no consequences from burning fossil fuel.Sounds like you're going back and forth.
Coming from you, it's NOT "possible" to think about it or to understand it .


Honestly, I'm not too sure this climate change has anythign to do with greenhouse gases or fosil fuel. I'm not completely sure what it is - but the most drastic climate change has been in the past few years. And I think the track of the sun on the earth's surface may have something to do with this caused by a slight change in the tilt of the earth. Another topic that many beleive is not true - it definitely would explain what is happening - including the unusual weather on the eastern coast which was limited mostly to the west coast. Just one example of several that could be used.

Dinghy Gal

Palm tree's in my yard??? Ok.


Bar-b-que on Christmas while wearing shorts!

The Big Dog's back

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Erie County Resident

Sure thing puppy belch.
Your leader in this cause of Global Warming Al Gore just tried to beat the Obama tax man to dodge paying his fair share.

He sold his global warming/tree hugger network "Current" to Al-Quida however you spell it. Now they can broadcast their attack plans over the air.

You remember them, the people that have attacked us many times around the world and have gotten their money to buy this from Gore by selling that nasty old oil.

Seems more like the left-wing wackers are at it again.. Yep it's all about the money to them and definetly NO sense.

The Big Dog's back

Al Jazeera. No different than foreign owned fox news. Besides, Progressives don't spend all their time in front of a TV or radio.


One more thing - Al Jazeera has NEVER attacked the US or anyone else that I'm aware of - it's a tv network with more fair and balanced news than Fox could ever present as they don't have an agenda from either political party.

The Bizness

The problem is real....all scientific evidence points to the fact that it is made worse by human CO2 production, and now with fracking, and melting tundra more and more methane is being admitted. Not too mention our love for meat...

We must use less fossil fuels....
We must eat more organically grown veggies...
We must eat less meat, and what we do eat should be grass fed...
We must move towards wind, solar, tidal, and other renewable energy sources...

It really is that simple


@ The Bizness:

You're back to the "incentive trap."

If you do it and few follow you - it doesn't matter.

Truth: I don't eat beef. I'll bet that really hurts McDonalds eh?

The Bizness

Ghandi said, "be the change that you wish to see in the world."

So I disagree with your statement. I think that by being an example to others and getting a couple people to listen, it can expand... not too mention using the internet.


The Bizness writes:

"Ghandi said, "be the change that you wish to see in the world."

His name was spelled: Gandhi.

His practice of "non-cooperation" works for me and many other anti-collectivists.

Dr. Information

There isn't enough data to prove anything. Our climate, other planets climates go through change and cycles that last much longer than our data has been collected and much longer than you or I will ever live.

So if this summer is much cooler, will it still be global warming?

The liberal left, like Al Gore was so embedded in Global Warming for one reason. Money. His global warming stats were about as factual as him "creating" the internet. He's made millions off of investments into the global warming scam and that is ok to the left, because the left will side with anyone on the left at any cost.

You can't win with global warming advocates. Cool warming. Hot warming. Above avg warming. Blizzards in the warming. You just cannot reason with them.