Bus service expands throughout Erie County

The local public transportation system recently enacted a great deal on wheels, costing less than a gallon of gas or a Big Mac combo meal.
Andy Ouriel
Jan 7, 2013

For less than $3, anyone can board a Sandusky Transit vehicle and zip to any destination in Erie County and as far east as Ohio 58 in Lorain. The one-way trip on the transit’s Demand Response offering includes curbside pickup, allowing people to call in and request a ride. A ride to and from any place in Sandusky is still $2.

The Demand Response program previously went to locations only in Sandusky, Huron and Perkins Township.
Now, for instance, people can dine at the Margaretta Township McDonald’s, pay $3 to travel 20 miles on a transit vehicle and chug a milkshake at the golden arches chain in Vermilion.
The expanded services to Demand Response comes after the Ohio Department of Transportation began overseeing Sandusky Transit services Tuesday.
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Not exactly, tk. I was addressing somebody else's complaint about the lack of detail in a story (which was just a sentence or two followed with a "buy the paper for more."). My response was that it was teaser to get you to buy the pape, which, in fact, it was. It's up to everybody to decide whether or not they want to spend the money. I don't, and I didn't. I did NOT say that the Register should make all of their stories available online.


@SamAdams, I apologize if I misunderstood you.


question is, can this bus run on time?

Don S

All of you complain about howmuch this system costs. That is not the answer to any of the monitary problems. Cut, Cut is not the answer. Jobs, Jobs is the answer. Jobs will pay for programs for the less fortunate. Jobs will secure Social Security. Jobs will bring retirement. Jobs will build roads and bike lanes. Jobs will make public transportation possible to all in the community. Jobs will bring more police and firemen. Jobs will secure the future of our youth. It's jobs people !!! Tell it and scream it to your state governments and US congress. Tell them to fund job producing programs. Tell them to have everyone that has an income to pay into FICA the whole year, regardless of howmuch they make in income. It's jobs and everyone doing their fair share to carry the burden. It's jobs, people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes, jobs are a big part of the answer. But there won't BE new jobs if businesses continue to be hit so hard with taxes and fees. The rich, neither individuals nor corporations, are NOT the enemy. Certainly there are bad examples of both, but in general terms, it's the rich who spend and invest, and it's the companies who hire based on what's selling. Stop penalizing success, and start DEMANDING personal responsibility (by limiting handouts to those who CAN'T work), and there will be a dramatic upswing in the economy. But until Washington truly understands that it's the out-of-control spending and the draconian regulation that's the root of all evil here, don't hold your breath.

Anybody ELSE more than a little dismayed when the President, in a terse debate with John Boehner, insisted, "We don't have a spending problem! We have a healthcare problem, and I fixed that." Never mind that Obamacare will cause more problems than it fixes (a LOT more problems!) and consider that the so-called "fiscal cliff deal" ALONE increased the deficit by another $1 trillion and you start to see the issue here. Too bad the White House and too many in both parties apparently can't (or won't)!


I agree with the jobs comments.


I also agree with the jobs comment.
And a couple of days ago "Big Dog" posted a link to Business Insider with an article about the impact on the economy during a recession of lowering taxes and cutting spending. I found it to be interesting reading and recommend it. http://www.businessinsider.com/i...



Not against public transportation. Against public transportation that is not self sustaining.


This service is much needed in the area. I am glad to see that it is here in the area. It serves a big void that we had in transporting the elderly, disabled, and low income where they need to go. A lot of elderly are own their own and greatly depend upon the service. A lot of people are not as well off as others in the area. Things happen in life and you have to make the best of what comes your way. Some day you may need the service and it will be there for you when you need it because the bottom can fall out from under you at any given time.



I agree the service is used by the groups you mentioned. But, every ride is supplemented by the local taxpaying public at over $7. So the person using the service pay $3 and the taxpayers pay $7. Something is out of whack. Most buses are close to empty as they travel our roads. Like our federal and state government we cannot sustain this deficit spending.


"Don't penalize success" Does that mean lower taxes for the wealthy? Should it be those in the middle or lower income brackets shouldering the burden of running the country? "Demanding personal responsibility", I agree with that but most times it's not that people don't want to pay their house payment,rent, utilities and other bills, and put money away , they simply don't earn enough to do so. "limiting handouts to those who CAN'T work". Really now, perhaps the word should be WON'T work. I don't consider my Social Security and pension a "handout". As I said before, I EARNED them. Those who will work but can't afford a car should have public transportation available to them so they can, at least, get to their jobs. It seems that the "cuts" always come at the expense of those who can least afford them, those who are most vulnerable. I once read that one can judge a nation by the way it treats it's weakest citizens.


I hope those of you who are complaining about these transport programs had better hope you are NEVER in the position of having to use them, even once.