Ohio Senate committees to closely explore budget

The next leader of the Ohio Senate is restructuring the legislative panels that hear testimony and debate bills as lawmakers begin work on the next two-year budget.
Associated Press
Jan 7, 2013


State Sen. Keith Faber is creating the new committees to more closely reflect the complex issues contained in the budget.

The Celina Republican takes over as Senate president next week when the newly elected Legislature begins its work. The General Assembly will spend most of the first half of the year debating Ohio's spending blueprint.

Newly created sub-committees of the Senate Finance Committee will work on topics such as education and Medicaid. Faber has also formed a Workforce and Economic Development Committee.

Republicans will again hold a 23-10 advantage in the Senate when senators are sworn in Monday.



Don S

There is no ballance there. Hold on Ohio, for the attack on on the Ohio public. More weight will be added to shoulder and it will not be added the the rich people nor the rich corporations. Your governor has the state by the tail now, for sure.