Ohio Lottery restores national spelling bee money

The Ohio Lottery has reversed course and will restore funding for schools to participate in the Scripps National Spelling Bee.
Associated Press
Jan 5, 2013


Lottery spokeswoman Danielle Frizzi-Babb told the Akron Beacon Journal for a story published Friday that the restored money will pay spelling bee enrollment fees for Ohio schools.

In August, the lottery discontinued $178,000 in support for the spelling bee because of a cut in the lottery's sponsorship funding.

The lottery has sponsored the spelling bee since 2008, paying $115 enrollment fees for 1,579 Ohio schools last year.

This year's weeklong national bee begins May 26.




Instead of spelling bees, invest in teaching better spelling and grammar in schools. There are obviously some adults that missed out.


Ahhh , I believe that is the point of spelling bees , to teach kids to spell better . Haven't you ever watched the national contest ? There are some really tough words they have to spell . And yes , I agree many adults have missed out in that area. Especially , on this site ; )))


Yes, but the kids that can spell those tough words are usually not the ones that need teaching or practice. Mastering the simple words is a problem for many and they don't even get into the spelling bees. By the time kids get out of high school, they should know the difference between there, their and they're; then and than; lose and loose; except and accept and that plural words don't have apostrophes (hot dogs) (apostrophes are for possessive words like the dog's tail). I have seen college kids and working adults that don't know these rudimentary things.


The lottery hit that speed bump when Kasich stole the money for his
"Rainy Day Fund".

Now he will figure out a way to fund "Private Schools" with some of that cash.