Ohio colleges set threshold for remedial classes

The state is establishing minimum ACT and SAT test scores that will guarantee that students entering Ohio's public universities and community colleges won't be placed into remedial classes.
Associated Press
Jan 4, 2013


About 41 percent of all public high school students entering a public college or university in Ohio are currently taking at least one remedial course in English or math. Students must pay for these classes, which don't count toward their degree.

Under new uniform standards announced this week, students would need an ACT sub-score of 18 in English, 21 in reading and 22 in math to be guaranteed placement into credit-bearing courses.

The SAT scores are 430 for writing, 450 for reading and 520 for math.

The standards take effect the next academic year, or as early as summer for some students.




It never fails that the exact group that has caused all the problems again decides to try another "fix."

Eventually the tests will be changed in order to accommodate adequate enrollment numbers, so this is another exercise in futility.


I see a lawsuit written all over this by some liberal group. It doesn't make us all equal. How can that be? Some citizens have been given special allowances for generations to make us all equal. What's up now?

How are the stupid, lazy and entitled going to get ahead?


There's that misinterpretation of "equal" again ! It was not meant to mean that everybody is entitled to everything, it means that everybody is entitled to a chance to earn things.

Whiskey Tango F...

traditionally you take an entrance exam that tests your current academic abilities. If you scored high enough you could test out of some classes. It sounds to me like they are lowering the bar to let others in. The enrollment comment is quite accurate above. God forbid our numbers drop and we lose funding. Look at the graduation rate, not the enrollment. Not everyone is "entitled" to a college degree.


In keeping with Democrat "New Think":

Simply "redistribute" a percentage of the ACT and SAT scores from the higher number students to the lower number students in order to bring them up to the minimum necessary number.

Thus, making every student more equal. :)


Whiskey, the ACT/SAT are entrance exams. Most colleges do not give their own. I don't see anything wrong with this at all.