Fall color in the Firelands, submit your own photos.

SANDUSKY Every year at about this time we try to de
Jason Werling
May 24, 2010



Every year at about this time we try to devote a page to photos of our area’s best fall color. Little did I know when we picked last week that it would be rain and clouds for a majority of the week.

Staff photographer Luke Wark was able to get some blue sky as a backdrop to the changing leaves early in the week. And photo intern Angela Wilhelm was able to get a bovine foreground for her yellow and orange background. The latter part of the week was a bit dreary with the clouds and rain. But, here we are. It is now Sunday and it is sunny, or so the forecast says. Grab your camera and take a quick drive to your neighborhood’s or county’s best fall color. We have even provided you with a community gallery on Funcoast.com for you to upload your photos for the world to see. What are you waiting for? Take a photo of a single leaf or a single branch or a single tree or a single forest. Our changing leaves always look better when the sun is shining and today is supposed to be the perfect day for sunshine.

You can find the gallery by clicking HERE at Funcoast.com.

Happy Hunting!